The Top 10 Best Harry Potter LEGO Sets (2022 Reviews)

Best Harry Potter Lego Sets

“You’re a LEGO, Harry!”

While that’s not the exact quote, it’s surprisingly appropriate. LEGO and the Potterverse have joined forces in a big way. There are tons of officially licensed Harry Potter LEGO sets available. But the Wizarding World is intricate and expansive. Many Muggles (especially parents) can feel lost when buying a Potter-related gift for their kids.

We’ve used a Tracking Spell to find the best Harry Potter LEGO sets in 2022. No matter what specifically your child likes about the Potterverse, our guide will help you find a gift they’ll find truly magical.

Our #1 Choice – Hogwarts Whomping Willow

Although maybe not the flashiest set, it’s a solid choice for Potter fans because it contains both the famous school plus minifigs of all the main characters.


  • The set features Hogwarts, Ford Anglia, and Whomping Willow
  • Includes Harry, Ron and Hermione minifigs (plus four others)
  • Whomping Willow has rotating branches
  • Hogwarts castle is three stories with a working gate


  • The Whomping Willow scene is relatively minor within the larger story

While the Whomping Willow is certainly a cool aspect here, the real reason this set is our number one pick is that it features the three main characters plus the Hogwarts school.

It’s a 753-piece set which includes the Hogwarts magic castle, the Whomping Willow and the magical Ford Anglia car. You also get a whopping seven minifigs: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Seamus Finnigan, Argus Filch, Severus Snape and even Hedwig the owl.

Each main piece is filled with features. The three-story castle has a working gate while the Whomping Willow has spinning branches. The set also features a variety of accessories such as wands, potions, and other magical items.

The Whomping Willow is featured in the second film, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. But the set is a great choice for any fan in the early stages of building a LEGO Potterverse collection.

Our #2 Choice – LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle

This isn’t just one of the biggest Potterverse sets; it’s one of the most elaborate (and most expensive) sets Lego sells.


  • Absolutely gigantic, super-detailed Hogwarts castle
  • Includes four minifigs, 27 microfigures, and other accessories
  • Assembling the 6,020-piece set provides days (or weeks) of family fun


  • Expensive
  • Best for kids over the age of 16 (or requires adult supervision)
  • Microfigures aren’t very detailed

Second in size only to LEGO’s Millennium Falcon, the 6020-piece Hogwarts Castle is one of LEGO’s most famous sets. And, yes, you read that right. This magical castle has just over six thousand pieces. Assembly is a serious project worthy of the entire family.

The level of detail is magical. The school has classrooms, towers, five boats, Hagrid’s hut and even the Whomping Willow from the second film. When assembled it’s 22 inches high, 27 inches wide and 16 inches deep.

Aside from the castle, you also get a huge selection of figures. The set includes four minifigs: Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Salazar Slytherin, and Rowena Ravenclaw. While important to the lore, they’re admittedly not especially popular among kids.

The set also includes 27 microfigures, which are smaller figures with less detail than minifigs. Unfortunately, the set isn’t built to minifig scale, so other Harry Potter sets are much larger. While the individual bricks in the castle are compatible with existing LEGO sets, the castle mainly exists as its own thing.

Our #3 Choice – LEGO BrickHeadz Harry Potter and Hedwig

The 180-piece BrickHeadz set features the famous boy wizard and his loyal pet owl Hedwig.


  • Fun, goofy BrickHeadz design
  • Includes Harry and his owl Hedwig
  • Highly detailed
  • Great for collecting and display


  • Figures have almost no articulation
  • Characters are much larger than minifigs

The BrickHeadz are a bit different than traditional Legos. They’re single characters with large, silly faces. With no moving parts, they’re similar to Funko collectibles.

This 180-piece set includes both Harry Potter and his pet owl Hedwig. Once assembled, Harry stands two inches tall. He has his trademark lightning bolt scar, red-and-yellow scarf, and round glasses. Hedwig is white with yellow eyes and a smiling face. Both figures include stands for easy display.

The individual pieces will connect with all other Legos. However, building other things with the pieces can be difficult as they’re specifically designed to create the BrickHeadz figures. The set is a great choice for kids who collect BrickHeadz or otherwise enjoy collectibles but might not be the best option for fans of traditional Lego sets.

Our #4 Choice – Harry Potter Quidditch Match

Create your own Quidditch matches and chase the Golden Snitch with this 500-piece set featuring six minifigs.


  • Detailed, 500-piece Quidditch arena
  • Includes six popular minifigs such as Harry and Snape
  • Accessories include brooms, Golden Snitch and trophy


  • Requires knowledge of Quidditch rules

Played on top of flying broomsticks, Quidditch is the most popular sport among wizards and witches within the Potterverse. This 500-piece set includes free-standing rings, a trophy and four towers (one for each House).

Plus, the set includes a whopping six minifigs including Snape, Harry, and Hermione. Each minifig has a broom which fits in their hands.

Keep in mind the set will be the most fun for kids who understand the basic rules of Quidditch. Otherwise, the rings and towers might not be particularly interesting on their own.

Our #5 Choice – Aragog’s Lair Building Set

Recreate Harry and Ron’s battle against the giant Aragog spider with this 157-piece set.


  • Features giant, poseable Aragog spider
  • Includes Harry and Ron minifigs
  • Minifigs have four total accessories


  • Set is relatively small
  • The tree isn’t particularly interesting

Aragog is a relatively minor antagonist in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, but he’s far more popular in LEGO form. Kids apparently love to play with giant Lego spiders!

The Aragog’s Lair Building Set includes a large spider, several smaller spider minions, a spooky tree and a large web. It also includes both Harry and Ron minifigs. They each have a wand while Harry also has a torch and Ron has a lantern.

Although the set itself is rather sparse, the main attraction here is the giant Aragog spider. He’s much larger than Harry and Ron, just like in the movies. Plus, his eight legs move independently.

Our #6 Choice – Hogwarts Express

Begin your magical journey just like Harry did by stepping onto Hogwarts Express. The 801-piece set includes five minifigs and several small set pieces.


  • Detailed Hogwarts Express train with Platform 9 3/4
  • Includes Harry, Ron and Hermione minifigs (plus others)
  • The train has rolling wheels and removable side panel


  • Train isn’t motorized
  • Character designs are from early in the series

As fans know, Platform 9 3/4 is where it all began for Harry. The Hogwarts Express set includes the famous red train complete with a removable side panel and roof. The set also includes a railway bridge and Platform 9 3/4. Its recommended for kids eight and up.

Five fan-favorite minifigs are included: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Remus Lupin and the Trolley Witch. It also includes Dementor and Scabber figures.

When assembled, the train is three inches high by 18 inches long and one inch wide. It has enough room inside for the minifigs to sit. Plus, it rolls on its own. Guide the train through the arch to reach the magical platform! It works on bare floor or most existing LEGO tracks.

Our #7 Choice – Fantastic Beasts Newt’s Case of Magical Creatures

Don’t forget about the expanded universe of Fantastic Beasts. This set features Newt’s Case of creatures from the first movie.


  • Detailed 694-piece Newt’s Case with ladder, nest, and egg
  • Includes Newt, Jacob, Tina and Queenie minifigs
  • Includes large, detailed creatures


  • Characters and films not as popular main Harry Potter story

The two Fantastic Beasts movies are well-represented in LEGO simply because they’re relatively recently released. This 694-piece set includes Newt’s Case of Magical Creatures complete with a ladder, nest, shelter and Occamy egg.

The set also includes four minifigs: Newt Scamander, Jacob Kowalski, Tina Goldstein, and Queenie Goldstein. Plus, you can build a variety of the Fantastica Beasts from the story such as Erupent, Occamy, and Thunderbird. Each creature is large, detailed and fully poseable.

This set is a good choice for fans of the prequel films because it includes a nice round-up of the main characters and major creatures.

Our #8 Choice – Grindelwald’s Escape

Recreate Grindelwald’s famous escape, as seen in Fantastic Beasts, with this carriage set which includes two minifigs and a winged Thestral.


  • Carriage set with moving wheels
  • Includes Grindelwald and Seraphina minifigs
  • Winged Thestral hooks to carriage
  • Thestral wings move up and down


  • Set is small

Inspired by one of the more action-packed scenes from Fantastic Beasts 2, this set includes a carriage with opening doors and removable roof which is pulled by a winged Thestral. Of course, the real star here is the Gellert Grindelwald minifig, who is making his escape.

It’s a 132-piece set suitable for kids seven and up. The set also includes Seraphina Picquery. Although the movie itself wasn’t incredibly popular, the escape scene is often considered a classic.

Our #9 Choice – Harry Potter and the Forbidden Forest

It’s a showdown with Lord Voldemort in the Forbidden Forest.


  • Minifigs are all major characters
  • Spooky tree has a slam action feature
  • Includes a variety of spooky accessories


  • Set is small
  • Accessories can be a choking hazard for kids under eight

It’s a small set inspired by a big scene. This 64-piece Forbidden Forest set is where Harry faces Lord Voldemort as he attempts to rescue a kidnapped Hagrid. It features tree-slamming action to send foes flying.

The set includes Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort, Hagrid, and Narcissa Malfoy minifigs. Plus, the forest is filled with spooky accessories including a snake, owl, and spider.

Although the set is small and simple to build, it’s recommended for kids eight and older. The wands and other smaller accessories can pose a choking hazard to younger kids.

Our #10 Choice – Back to Hogwarts (Activity Book with Minifig)

Explore the world of LEGO Harry Potter with this activity books featuring comics, puzzles, and games. It also includes a Harry Potter minifig.


  • 32-page activity guide
  • Includes Harry Potter minifig
  • Great for play in places where LEGOs can’t go


  • The minifig is relatively plain
  • Games can only be completed once

The world of LEGO Harry Potter extends into books, too. This activity book features 32 pages of comics, puzzles, games and more. It features Harry, Ron, and Hermione although other characters show up from time to time.

The book also includes a build-your-own Harry Potter minifig, too. Assemble the head, torso, and limbs to create a Harry minifig you can’t find anywhere else.

The book is a great choice for situations where playing with real LEGOs would be impractical, such as on road trips or plane rides.


Frequently Asked Questions about Harry Potter LEGO Sets

LEGO has a long tradition of teaming up with popular franchises such as Star Wars, Marvel and, of course, Harry Potter.

Like those other properties, the Potterverse is huge. It includes seven books and eight movies. Additionally, two prequel movies have been released, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Fantastic Beasts 2.

Most LEGO sets are based on the movies. While there’s obviously a lot of overlap between the books and films, if you’re searching for specific characters or locations, you’ll probably need to know what movie it appeared in.

Need a quick refresher? Here are the eight main Harry Potter movies plus their release date:

  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – 2001
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – 2002
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – 2004
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – 2005
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – 2007
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 – 2010
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 – 2011

How Do I Find the Best Harry Potter LEGO Sets?

The world of Harry Potter is pretty vast. Your child probably likes some elements more than others. Here’s how to narrow down the options so you can find the gift your child is sure to love.

Favorite Movies or Scenes

A kid who loves a specific Harry Potter movie more than the others is usually easy to shop for. The sets are all organized by movie. You can simply select any set related to the child’s favorite.

However, you can find an even better gift if you know of any specific scene or character which the child enjoys. You might be surprised. What’s maybe not a huge deal in the movie can be surprisingly popular as a LEGO toy.

The Aragog spider is a good example. While it’s an exciting scene in Chamber of Secrets, not many kids would say it’s their absolute favorite in the entire series. However, the giant spider in the LEGO set is consistently popular. Kids love how it towers over the minifigs. Plus, it’s fun to have the giant spider fight against other characters like the Marvel Heroes.

Favorite Characters

The three main characters in the Harry Potter story are:

  • Harry Potter
  • Ron Weasley
  • Hermione Granger

They’re the three most common minifigs found in Potterverse LEGO sets, although you can also find a variety of other characters including Snape, Hagrid, and Voldemort.

Introduced in 1978, the LEGO minifigs are widely popular among both kids and collectors. While not every Harry Potter set contains unique minifigs, many do. Usually, the character design will correspond to the clothing worn by the characters in the specific scene represented by the set.

When shopping for a LEGO set as a gift, it’s helpful to know what characters the recipient likes best. For example, if they love Ron Weasley, give them a set which contains a unique Ron minifig.

As you might expect, the larger, most expensive sets are much more likely to contain minifigs you can’t find anywhere else. You’ll have to decide if purchasing a large set for a single minifig is worth the cost. Keep in mind you can always search online through eBay and Bricklink (it’s a site like eBay, but just for LEGOs). However, rare minifigs are typically expensive even when purchased individually.


Girls and boys love both LEGO and the Potterverse. Generally, neither are very gender-specific toys.

However, many girls love Hermione. She’s smart, tough and a fan favorite. If you’re buying a set for a girl but aren’t sure what character she likes best, sets featuring Hermione are usually a safe choice.

Additionally, girls might also be interested in LEGO Friends. Introduced in 2012, the Friends are a separate type of LEGOs created specifically for girls. The sets feature bright, traditionally feminine colors while the minidolls (the Friends term for minifigs) are sleeker with larger faces.

Note that there are no specific Harry Potter sets in the Friends universe. However, all LEGOs and Friends are 100% compatible. For example, a Hermione minifig can easily ride around in Friends vehicles and fit inside the buildings.


There’s no universal age restriction for LEGOs. Different sets are appropriate for different ages. The two different factors considered when establishing the age guidelines are:

  • Size of pieces
  • Complexity of construction

A standard LEGO brick is considered safe for most kids ages eight and older. However, many sets contain accessories which are much smaller than a brick. Always follow the age guidelines specific to the set you want to buy. The biggest potential risk is accidental choking, which is usually a concern for younger kids.

Age guidelines are also based on how difficult the set is to build. Both the number of pieces and overall complexity are considered. For example, the 6,000+ piece Hogwarts Castle is recommended for kids 16 and older.

Of course, younger kids don’t have to sit in the corner while the family assembles a giant LEGO castle. Kids between three and eight can play too as long as adults supervise them. Generally, LEGO bricks should be kept away from kids under two due to the risk of accidentally choking.

Go with Duplo for kids between the ages of two and five. Duplo is a type of LEGO toy designed for younger kids. They’re larger, softer LEGO bricks which pose a minimal choking hazard and are easier for little hands to hold. Duplo bricks connect with LEGO bricks, so kids can play with both together as they grow up.

Are Harry Potter LEGO Sets Valuable?

LEGO sets are only issued during specific periods. Some sets are even discontinued after a while. When certain sets are rare enough, they can be worth quite a bit of money.

But while LEGO sets can grow in value over time, they’re usually more fun to play with than to keep boxed up. Plus, LEGO Harry Potter is pretty popular, which means they’re unlike to increase in value the way much rarer sets can.

Final Thoughts

The ever-expanding Potterverse provides endless options for beloved characters and classic sets. When selecting a Harry Potter LEGO set, focus on the recipient’s favorite aspect of the series whether that’s a character, scene or something else.

Also, consider the complexity of the set. While older kids love a challenge, younger ones will have more fun with simpler sets. No matter which set you choose, LEGO and Harry Potter are sure to be a magical combination.

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