7 Best Kids Picnic Tables – 2021 Reviews

Kids Picnic Tables Reviewed

Once the weather gets nice, and your kids are old enough to sit at a table without a high-chair, you’ll quickly realize how helpful a kid’s picnic table can be. If you have “grown-up” furniture outside, you might want to keep it stain-free, or your kids could be too little to sit at higher tables.

You might be surprised by how useful owning a kids picnic tables can be for a variety of purposes!

Kids’ birthday parties, snacks outside, and these days doing school from home or catching up on homework while getting to enjoy some sunshine are all fantastic uses of a picnic table for your kiddos.

Kids’ Picnic Table Reviews

Before we investigate some things to look for in a quality kids’ picnic table in 2021, we’ll cover some of our favorite sets. We looked for the best options that included respectable construction, appropriate sizes for different ages, as well as high ratings and diverse uses.

Circle number 1 Top Pick

Our #1 Choice – Lifetime 280094 Kid’s Picnic Table

Great for general use at a reasonable price.


  • Easy to clean
  • Folds flat
  • Ideal for arts and crafts or parties
  • UV protected surface


  • No umbrella
  • Not ideal for larger kids

If you’re looking for a solid, affordable picnic table that is the perfect size for kids, the Lifetime Kids’ Picnic Table is a reliable option. Much like general-use banquet tables, the plastic surface of this table is easy to clean and stain-resistant.

This table/bench set folds flat for storage and transportation. So, this table can work well for backyards as well as parties and camping trips. Lifetime’s table can seat up to four kids comfortably (depending on the size and age of children). The frame is durable steel, but the unit still weighs less than 22 pounds.

We like that the table and bench surfaces are UV protected and in neutral colors. There are no grates or slats on the table, so this is a perfect option if you plan to use it for arts and crafts. Assembly is straightforward. The rounded corners help prevent painful bumps—this tabletop measures 32.4 inches long by 19 inches wide.

Circle number2

Our #2 Choice – Little Colorado Child’s Picnic Table

Ideal for the Adirondack look in a kids’ picnic table.


  • Made in Colorado, USA
  • Solid Montana pine wood
  • Four color/finish options
  • Sturdy, elegant table


  • A little pricey
  • Not as portable as some

If you want a kids’ picnic table, but prefer something that is not plastic, this set is an excellent option. The classic picnic table style of this solid wood table lends a little more elegance to children’s outdoor furniture. This table is designed more for smaller children and toddlers, rather than older kids. However, it can support up to 200 pounds.

We like that it comes in four colors (including the option of unfinished wood). If you have Adirondack chairs, this is a fantastic kids’ picnic table to match. Williams water-based latex paint coats this table, so it’s best to store the set out of the elements when not in use.

This table is best for use in one place, instead of traveling with this set. If you need a kids’ picnic table for your yard and plan to bring it in when the summer season is over, this is an ideal option.

Circle number3

Our #3 Choice – Step2 Sun & Shade Picnic Table with Umbrella

Ideal for toddlers and sunny weather.


  • Affordable
  • Comes with umbrella
  • Easy to assemble
  • Weatherproof plastic


  • Max weight of 40 pounds per seat (smaller kids only)
  • Only one color option

Step2 knows how to make products for toddlers and their parents, and they created a fantastic picnic table with that demographic in mind. Parents will like that no tools are required to assemble this picnic table set, and kids will love that it’s made just the right size for them.

We like that you have the option of an umbrella with this set, so your little ones can get a bit of shade on hot, sunny days. The durable plastic is easy to clean and made for the bumping around that kids will inevitably do to it.

The table weighs only 15 pounds, making it easy to move around a yard or back into a garage to store for the winter. However, this table is a bit lightweight if your yard is prone to high winds. This set is designed for smaller children and is best for toddler-aged kids.

Circle number4

Our #4 Choice – Best Choice Products Interchangeable Wooden Picnic Table

Outstanding for older kids and versatility.


  • Garden bench and picnic table in one
  • Ideal for older kids and teens
  • Made of wood, paintable to your liking
  • Weight capacity of 380 pounds


  • A bit more expensive than some options
  • Assembly required

If you only need a picnic table for special occasions but don’t want one sitting in your yard all summer long, Best Choice Products came up with a fantastic solution. This 2-in-1 picnic table converts into a bench that looks excellent in a yard or on your porch when kids and teens are not using the table function.

This set is not ideal for toddlers or tiny children. However, if you kids are getting a little older and you want the versatility of a picnic table with the option of a garden bench, this option is worth checking out. The tabletop measures 30.25 inches tall, 57 inches long, and 54 inches wide, so adults can utilize the picnic benches, too.

We also like that the center of the table has a hole for standard-size table umbrellas (not included) if you want to add a bit of shade. This set weighs 42.5 pounds, a little more than versions for younger kids, but is made of wood for a sturdy feel. You can stain this set or paint it to match your deck, home, or lawn furniture, too.

Circle number5

Our #5 Choice – Little Tikes Fold ‘n Store Picnic Table with Market Umbrella

Excellent for six to eight kids in a round seating arrangement.


  • Weight capacity up to 200 pounds per bench
  • Seats six to eight kids
  • Easily folds down for storage and travel
  • Made in the USA


  • Not ideal for older kids and teens
  • You must remove screws to fold down

For parents who need a picnic table that will seat more than two to four kids, Little Tikes created a cozy kids’ picnic table with a circular seating arrangement. This unit seats around six to eight children, and the all-around bench has a decent weight capacity for kids to hang out with their friends, do arts and crafts, and enjoy snacks.

The natural color wood grain look is a pleasant alternative to brightly colored models but still features weather-resistant plastic. A center hole allows for an umbrella, which comes with the set, for those hot, sunny days.

The smooth tabletop is easy to clean and perfect for doing art projects. With the simple removal of a few screws, you can push the top down and fold the whole set flat and then store it or hang it on a garage wall. We love this picnic table for kids who have friends over often or for those who have more than two or three children.

Circle number6

Our #6 Choice – Step2 Naturally Playful Picnic Table with Umbrella

Great for up to six kids, with nature-inspired design.


  • High weight capacity
  • Durable, weather-resistant plastic
  • Large shade umbrella with UPF rating of 40+
  • Cute outdoorsy design


  • Some assembly required
  • Not foldable

If you want the weather-resistance and durability of a plastic kids’ picnic table but need something a bit more robust than a tiny toddler version, Step2 has a solution. This picnic table seats up to six kids and has a maximum weight limit of 300 pounds.

The umbrella that comes with this set is also a bit bigger (60 inches compared to 42 inches) than some smaller toddler picnic tables. The umbrella also blocks roughly 97.5 percent of UVA and UVB rays. This size allows for more shade and a roomier seating arrangement for kids around this easy-to-clean table.

We love the nature-inspired design of this set, with a rock-like base and legs, and green woodgrain seats and tabletop. This kids’ picnic table set does require some minimal assembly with tools and you can use it both indoors and outdoors.

Circle number7

Our #7 Choice – Outsunny 4-Piece Kids Outdoor Acacia Wood Patio Table with Umbrella

Elegant, higher-end picnic table for kids and teens.


  • Made of responsibly-sourced acacia wood
  • Beautiful, sturdy, elegant table and benches
  • Great for older kids
  • Comes with quality sun umbrella with top air vent


  • Expensive
  • Not foldable for storage

For those who have kids older than pre-school years and want a picnic table with a classier look than some of the plastic versions, the Outsunny Acacia Wood Table is an ideal option. This solid acacia wood is finished with a non-toxic, weather-resistant stain and comes with two benches as well as an umbrella.

Each bench can hold up to 264 pounds. The sturdy table has a weight capacity of 176 pounds. The foldable sun umbrella comes in a classic, elegant cream fabric, and the benches and table are a slat design for enhanced air circulation.

The round table is 35 inches in diameter and 22 inches from the ground. We love this set for those who need a kids’ picnic table but have a discerning taste about their outdoor furnishings. Consider this set a smaller version of beautiful “grown-up” patio furniture.

What to Look for in Kids’ Picnic Tables

Before you run to the store or order the first kids’ picnic table that you find online, it’s a good idea to know what to search for first. Some features to look for in picnic table sets for children are quality, weight capacity, materials, portability, weather components, and, of course, price.

Quality Construction

It might go without saying for some that looking for at least mid-range quality is a smart idea when buying products for kids. If you go too low on the budget side, you run the risk of purchasing something that could have harmful or toxic paint, lead, or other chemicals in it.

If the set is wood instead of plastic, the finish could be rough, and kids could be more likely to end up with wood splinters, or you may have to coat the picnic set with a finish or paint yourself to keep it from rotting too quickly in the elements.

Weight Capacity

If your child or children are tiny, you may not be worried about the weight capacity of a picnic table. However, if you want your kids to use it for several years to come, it’s a factor to consider. If you hope for them to use the set with friends later down the road, you might want to look for a version that can hold at least 100 to 150 pounds per bench (roughly two to three kids in the elementary age group).


The two most popular materials in kids’ picnic tables are plastic and wood. Aside from metal screws, or the rarely used metal legs/poles, you will need to decide on whether you prefer plastic or wood. Plastic tends to be a bit more weather resistant, although it can fade and weaken in bright sunlight. Over time, plastic can crack if you don’t take care of it.

Wood needs to be treated, stained, or painted to be left outdoors without succumbing to the elements too quickly. If you select wood, look for responsibly-sourced timber, if possible, and non-toxic paint or stain. When cared for, wood can last as long as plastic but can be more challenging to clean. UV light from direct sunlight can disinfect a lot of surfaces but will also fade them and break them down faster.

Wood tends to have a more timeless, elegant look than plastic, but can also be more expensive. If budget is a concern, plastic is probably your best bet.


Will you be using your kids’ picnic table only in your backyard? Or would you like to take it on road trips in a camper? If you plan to move the picnic table set around a lot, portability is a must. Some sets fold down, and some do not.

If you hope to take your kids’ picnic table with you on trips or to a grandparent’s house, don’t make the mistake of buying a table and realize too late it doesn’t fold down without completely disassembling it. If you want to keep the table in the same place in the yard all the time, you might be able to get a slightly sturdier version without the benefit of portability.

Weather Components

There are a few things to consider when it comes to weather-friendliness and your kids’ picnic table set. First, you want to look into how weather-resistant it is; which includes the material it’s constructed from or any paint or stain used to coat it.

Second, you will want to consider a sun umbrella. Picnic table umbrellas may have a little bit of waterproofing to them, but typically, these umbrellas more to block sun than shield from heavy rain. If you don’t have any shade in your yard, an umbrella might be a good idea for your little one or little ones.

Third, think about how direct the sun is in the area you plan to put the picnic table and take a glance at the color of the seats and table. If they are very dark, they will absorb heat faster and may burn little arms and legs if you live in an especially hot climate.

You can always set down a towel to protect from overheated surfaces if the benches get too hot, but if you live in a warm, sunny place with little or no shade, you may want to look for a picnic table set that is a lighter color.


What you plan to have your kids do at their picnic table is more important than you might realize. If they are only eating snacks, then many styles can suit their needs. However, if they are likely to do lots of arts and crafts, draw pictures, and paint, for example, a table with a slatted surface is not your best bet.

If you want a table that will work for drawing, easy cleaning, a variety of activities like games, as well as eating, you may want to buy a picnic table that has a smooth or mostly smooth surface.

Final Thoughts

A picnic table for kids is an excellent way to let children feel included in outdoor activities, have a sense of independence, and a way to provide a place for them to get fresh air and sunshine while eating, studying, or creating. Just give the planned uses, weather, and kids’ ages some thought before buying, and you’re likely to end up with an entertaining area they can enjoy for years.

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