10 Ways To Make Your Kids Smarter

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You want your child to succeed in today’s fast-paced and high-expectation world. In other words, you want your child to be smarter than you are — but the route to accomplishing that goal is anything but precise.

In this article, we’ll discuss ten of the best ways to make your kids smarter.

While there isn’t any single proven method for making your child smarter than everyone else, there are a handful of techniques which we will teach you which you should be able to use to give your child a more powerful mind.

1. Encourage Your Child to Be Curious and to Think About the World

The foundation of intelligence is curiosity. Without first building the interest to learn more about their environment and understand how to exploit their situation, your attempt to make your child smarter won’t get off the runway.

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2. Read to Your Child

Reading to your child is a highly effective method for making them smarter because it builds their reading comprehension capabilities.

While reading comprehension isn’t explicitly intelligence, it’s a critical element which will help your child to expand their intellect independently by reading books or other materials.

Furthermore, the earlier you start to read complicated material to your child, the more accustomed they will be to processing complex pieces of information on the fly.

3. Teach Your Child About History

Teaching your child about history is a great way to build their smarts because it will help them to spot patterns which they can apply elsewhere. History may seem mainly dry to many children, however — but that’s a feature of teaching them about it, too.

Because some parts of history can seem relatively boring, cultivating an appreciation for history can also help your child to learn that not all intellectual pursuits are about instant gratification.

Instead, they’ll learn that the most profound insights are derived from processing large volumes of information, much of which may not be engaging in isolation.

4. Visit a Science Museum

Visiting a science museum is a cheap way to get your child to think about the universe in a structured and objective way. When your child visits the science museum, they’ll learn how much effort it takes to distill facts from reality.

With luck, learning about the way the universe works will make your child more well-rounded and more capable of performing the same fact-finding process as real scientists do.

5. Encourage Your Child to Experiment

Children who know how to research are children who are capable of answering many of the questions they may pose to themselves about the way the world works.

In fact, experimentation is so vital for children to learn early on that it is correlated with a significant personality trait: openness to new experiences.

People who are highly open to new experiences tend to be among the smartest people, so teaching your child to experiment early on will help them to become competent adults.

6. Encourage Your Child’s Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking is the act of being skeptical in response to the world. By teaching your child to question other people — especially authority figures — you’ll build their critical thinking skills.

Critical thinking skills are essential for your child’s development because they help your child to evaluate information before accepting that information as accurate. In other words, encouraging critical thinking is encouraging your child to try to be smarter than the people around them.

7. Visit an Art Museum

Artistic expression and appreciation of fine art are two excellent ways that you can help your child to be smarter.

Art is rarely as simple as an image on a page with no deeper meaning. By pushing your child to scrutinize art and extract any latent information and symbolism, you’ll help them to build another lens which they can use to interact with the world.

8. Encourage Your Child’s Creative Expression

Making your child express themselves creatively makes them smarter by exercising their brain in new dimensions.

Not all children will have the technical skills necessary to create great works of artistic expression, but most children can learn to think creatively if they are given the right opportunities.

Creative expression is not necessarily artistic. If you can encourage your child to write a story and then work with them to revise it, they will understand how they can put their creativity to use, and they’ll be smarter as a result.

9. Send Your Child to an Enrichment Class

Sending your child to an enrichment class which teaches them to play an instrument or speak another language helps them to appreciate their capabilities in a holistic way.

Enrichment classes don’t help your child excel in academics explicitly, but they do give your child another skill which might come in handy during their lives.

By building additional skills, your child is also developing new ways of looking at the world — and that’s what makes enrichment classes great for building intelligence.

10. Hire a Math Tutor for Your Child

Mathematics is challenging, but one of the surest ways to get the reputation of being smart is by being good at math. Especially if you don’t have the math acumen to teach your child a great lesson on the most abstract of the sciences, you’ll need to hire a math tutor.

Math tutors are typically inexpensive. More importantly, they can provide your child with the deep learning that they need to build a good foundation in mathematics.

Once they have a foundation in mathematics, they can apply the systematic flow of mathematics to everything they do, making them substantially smarter as a result.

Growing Your Child’s Intellect

Now that you’ve read all ten ways to make your kids smarter, it’s time to apply what you’ve learned so that your child’s mind can get the nourishment it deserves.

Remember that your child’s intelligence needs space to roam. Once you have endowed your child with the foundation they need to have a strong mind, you need to remember that they will only be at their very smartest once they have learned to be independent.

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