The Best Electric Scooter for Kids (2019 Reviews + FAQ)

Best Kids Electric Scooter - Featured ImageCombing elements of skateboarding, bicycles and even motorcycles, electric scooters are a fun and functional toy for kids of a wide range of ages. But electric scooters can seem complicated and technical – especially if you’re not very familiar with them.

Fortunately, finding a safe, affordable and fun electric scooter is actually pretty easy. Our complete guide will help you find the perfect scooter for your child regardless of age or ability. Plus, we’ve rounded up our favorite electric scooters for 2019.

Ready to plug in and get rolling? Here’s what you need to know:

Our #1 Choice – Razor E100 Electric Scooter

A high-quality electric scooter from trusted manufacturer Razor. Great scooter for all skill levels ages eight and up.


  • Safe for beginning riders
  • Top speed of 10 mph
  • Trusted Razor brand
  • Easy to ride and control


  • Requires 12 hours for full charge
  • Rear wheel can slide on slick surfaces

Razor is a trusted name in electric scooters, and this E100 is a solid, safe scooter for kids eight and older. Twist-grip acceleration control allows for easy maneuverability. Plus, an eight-inch pneumatic front tire and urethane rear wheel ensure a safe ride with plenty of road contact.

Top speed is a zippy 10 mph with a maximum weight of 120 pounds. The chain-driven motor is quiet with a high torque. At the same time, the child will maintain total control at all times with a hand-operated front brake.

The 24V rechargeable battery system uses two 12-volt batteries. Provides up to 40 minutes of continuous use. Charger included.

Our #2 Choice – Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter

Another quality offering from Razor, the new E90 is a significant step-up from the original model, with double the ride time and power.


  • Improved version of popular E90 scooter
  • 80-minute ride time on full charge
  • Top speed of 10 miles an hour
  • Maintenance-free design


  • Front wheels aren’t pneumatic
  • Best for riding on flat, even surfaces

The original Razor E90 was a popular electric scooter for its time, but this new edition is significantly improved. Ride time is now doubled to an industry-impressive 80 minutes on a full charge. Additionally, Power Core Hub Motor Technology has increased the torque by 50%. Top speed is 10 miles per hour.

Looking to avoid maintenance? You’ll love the E90’s new maintenance-free design. With no chain or chain tensioner, a major source of potential breakdowns is prevented. Plus, the steel frame and fork are extremely durable.

Operation is easy with push-button acceleration control. Plus, the scooter is a lightweight 12 pounds for easy transport. Includes battery charger.

Our #3 Choice – Razor Pocket Mod Mini-Euro Electric Scooter

A classic vintage-inspired scooter with a top speed of 15 miles per hour, perfect for kids ages 13 and older.


  • Cool retro design
  • 15 mph top speed
  • Front and rear pneumatic tires
  • Runs 10 miles on full charge


  • Design not appealing to everyone
  • Tires not durable enough for off-road conditions

This vintage-style scooter would look right at home in Swingin’ London or midtown Manhattan. With a purple paint job, floral decorations and a padded seat, you’ll be traveling in style.

But more than just fashion, this scooter is also committing to function. The chain-driven electric motor has a top speed of 15 miles per hour. Includes twelve-inch pneumatic tires in both the front and the rear. Maximum rider weight is 170 pounds. Battery runs for up to 10 miles on a 12-hour charge.

Our #4 Choice – GOTRAX GXL Electric Scooter

A foldable and fast scooter designed for extended periods of use. Perfect for older teens who enjoy longer rides.


  • 15 mph top speed with 8.5-inch pneumatic tires
  • Fully charged in four hours
  • 12-mile range
  • Great for students and commuters


  • Not suitable for younger or beginning riders
  • Customer support can be hard to reach

The GXL is the most powerful scooter made by GOTRAX, with a top speed of 15.5 miles per hour and a whopping 250-watt motor. Eight-and-a-half inch pneumatic tires allow the scooter to roll over uneven streets or even off-road terrain with ease.

This scooter is foldable, making it simple to transport. When folded, it weighs approximately 65% less than the riding weight. Supports up to 220 pounds.

Scooter has a 36V battery which can be fully charged in a speedy four hours. With a range of 12 miles on a full charge, this scooter actually works great for short commutes. Aside from older teens, college students and city dwellers will also find this scooter useful and fun.

Our #5 Choice – CHO Electric Balancing Scooter

Also known as a hoverboard, this handle-less electric scooter is a self-balancing device which includes flashing lights and sounds.


  • Fun hoverboard design
  • Flashing lights
  • Bluetooth compatible built-in speakers


  • Not a traditional electric scooter

Looking for something a little different? This is a self-balancing scooter often called a hoverboard. Instead of handlebars, the rider simply leans forward and back to move.

This hoverboard from Cho features 6.5-inch wheels along with a variety of lights and sounds. Bluetooth devices can be easily connected so you can play music through the onboard speakers. Plus, the wheels flash random colors when rolling.

Our #6 Choice – Razor E100 Glow

Similar to the E100, this is a high-quality scooter suitable for younger kids. The Glow version features a cool blue light which illuminates the road.


  • Quality Razor construction
  • Awesome blue light kids love
  • 40-minute ride time
  • Top speed of 10 mph


  • Long charge times
  • Doesn’t significantly improve night riding safety

The E100 Glow features many of the qualities familiar to Razor scooter aficionados. The steel frame is durable but lightweight with a 200 mm pneumatic front tire. Plus, the chain-driven motor provides high torque and is capable of reaching up to 10 miles per hour.

The major difference between the E100 Glow and the E100 (reviewed above) is the Glow’s onboard blue lights. Just one twist of the handle and cool blue lights project forward from the scooter.

However, these lights are more decorative than functional. Young children still need to be supervised by an adult when riding at night. Suitable for kids ages eight and older.

Batteries provide about 40 minutes of riding time. However, charge time can be significant. While you can charge the scooter somewhat in 12 hours, Razor actually recommends a 24-hour charge for optimum performance.


What Should You Look for When Buying an Electric Scooter?

The basics of an electric scooter are pretty simple: a wheeled board, powered by an electric motor, which is steered by handlebars attached to a fork in front.

But beyond the basics, electric scooters can vary significantly. Smaller, slower models are appropriate for kids around the age of six while you can find faster, more powerful scooters suitable for older teens.

Here are the major features to consider when selecting an electric scooter:

How Fast Do They Go?

Scooters can go as fast as 15 miles per hour. While that can be a lot of fun, these top-speed scooters are only suitable for experienced riders. While every child is different, typically the fastest scooters are best for teens 13 or older. Of course, riders of every age will need to wear proper safety gear at all times (we’ll go over safety details further down).

Generally, six is about the youngest age to safely ride a scooter. Of course, young ones should have slower, less powerful scooters. Usually the max speed should be no more than nine or 10 miles per hour.

How Safe is the Scooter?

Speed is an important factor in overall safety, but it’s not the only one to consider. Safe scooters have:

  • Handles which are easy for child-sized hands to grasp
  • A strong grip for feet on the standing platform
  • Hand-operated rear brakes
  • Twist-grip throttle

Brakes are obviously important to help maintain control and prevent accidents. But beginning riders should learn to not rely on the brakes too much. Understanding how to release the throttle and steer out of situations is an important part of safe riding.

Don’t forget about rider safety gear. It’ll need to be worn at all times, even on just a short ride around the block. Think more skateboard-type gear instead of bicycle. This means not just a helmet but also elbow pads, knee pads and shoes with a wide, flat grip. Never ride barefoot or when wearing open-toed shoes like sandals.

How Do I Know the Scooter is High Quality?

First, consider the overall construction of the scooter. Does it feel solid and durable? Or do you feel excessive shaking or hear rattling noises when riding?

Generally, a high-quality scooter will have a steel frame. This prevents damage and gives enough weight to help the scooter stay grounded on uneven terrain. At the same time, steel is still light enough that a child can easily pick the scooter up and carry it when necessary.

Is the Scooter Made for My Child?

No two kids are the same, so you’ll want to consider a few factors together when selecting an appropriate scooter:

  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Riding Ability

Each scooter will have specific dimensions and a weight limit. Make sure the handlebars are at a comfortable height. If the child has to reach up, the scooter is too tall, and visibility when riding will be obscured. If the child has to reach down, the scooter is too small, which makes it hard to control.

Kids certainly grow fast. Many parents consider buying a scooter which is a bit bigger than what their child needs currently, with the idea that the kid will grow into it later. Unfortunately, that’s not always the best move, especially with beginning riders. The child won’t feel very comfortable on a scooter which is too big, which makes learning to ride much more difficult.

How are Scooters Powered?

Electric scooters are powered by built-in rechargeable batteries. Unless an accident occurs, you’ll never need to replace the batteries. Typically, a charger will be included with the scooter.

Standard charging time to full is usually about 12 hours. Most people simply charge their scooter overnight. The charger should work in any standard wall outlet.

Total ride time between charges is usually a big factor in the overall fun. You probably want at least 30 minutes of ride time, with over an hour being ideal. Generally, ride time is less important for younger kids, as they’ll tire out relatively quickly. But long battery life can be vital to a 15, 16 or 17-year-old who wants to go on much longer rides.

Each specific scooter is different, but generally the motor is controlled with an on/off switch. Kids will push the scooter forward briefly and then the engine will power up automatically. This typically occurs when the scooter hits about three miles per hour.

However, electric scooters can’t be pushed manually beyond the small amount needed for start-up. If the battery is dead, they can’t be then used as a push scooter. The heavy weight of the battery makes push power too difficult and cumbersome.

Are Hoverboards Electric Scooters?

Sort of. You’ve probably seen hoverboards around; they’re a cylindrical unit with wheels which kids (and adults) can use to roll around.

Hoverboards are sometimes referred to as electric scooters. While that’s technically accurate, most electric scooters have handlebars and a fork. Charging the two types of electric scooters is usually pretty similar.

However, keep in mind hoverboards do pose some dangers. Cheaply made ones are prone to fires caused by charging issues. Don’t buy a hoverboard unless you trust the manufacturer. Fortunately, electric scooters don’t typically have these problems. Plus, all of the products on our list above are made from industry leaders and pose no known risk of fire or other electrical problems.

What Benefits Do Electric Scooters Have?

Electric scooters have a ton of benefits not normally associated with toys which plug into the wall. First, they’re for use outside. Regular outside play has a ton of great benefits including improved Vitamin D exposure, reduced stress and improved attention span.

Plus, scooters help improve balance, hand-eye coordination and both fine and gross motor control. They’re great for kids who have shown an interest in bikes and skateboards but want something a bit faster.

Scooters are also a great teaching tool for kids interesting in learning the basics of riding four-wheelers, motorbikes and other two-wheeled machines. Young ones can learn how to operate a throttle and hand-brakes. If the electric scooter has two pneumatic tires, the rider can also practice riding on off-road terrain.

From a big wheel to an electric scooter and everything in-between, all kid-friendly vehicles encourage confidence and independence. Kids learn to feel comfortable exploring their neighborhood and the surrounding area. Plus, vehicles often encourage social play as everyone from the neighborhood can get together to ride around.

Final Thoughts

Many parents are initially skeptical about electric scooters, mainly due to safety concerns. But electric scooters are safe and fun. Just be sure to pick a scooter which suits your child’s size, age and ability – and don’t forget about proper safety gear. Electric scooters promote physical activity outdoors, help improve balance and provide many other benefits. Plug in and play today!

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