10 Best Magnifying Glasses for Kids (New 2021 Reviews)

Best Kids Magnifying Glass

Cultivating a love of the natural world and the scientific process doesn’t have to be boring, especially when you have the right tools. Curious kids with an interest in the world around them could benefit from owning a personal magnifying glass.

Besides, spending some time in the great outdoors may just be one of the most beneficial decisions you and your child ever make. Many of the best magnifying glasses for kids come with tons of accessories and activity ideas, providing hours of endless natural exploration and fun. These glasses tend to be lightweight, brightly colored, and durable.

When choosing a magnifying glass for your child, you’ll need to consider all of these factors. It’s also worthwhile to consider your child’s preferences and age before making a final purchasing decision. To help make the process a little easier, we’ve discovered and presented some of the absolute best magnifying glasses for kids.

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1. Dicfeos 2-Pack Magnifying Glasses

This 2-pack of sturdy magnifying glasses is one of the most straightforward options. While these glasses may not come with many kid-friendly accessories or activities, they are shatterproof, scratch-resistant, and brightly colored. This makes them exceptionally durable and easier to find than transparent or neutral-colored options.

These magnifying glasses are light enough for children to handle and each is only about ½ a pound. At eight inches in length, these magnifying glasses are just small and lightweight enough to be carried around in pants pockets or backpacks. The 4x magnification may not result in intense magnification, but it is a great starting point for younger children.

The rubber-like handle ensures better handling and grip, so kids can explore rainy or wet environments without contending with a slippery plastic handle. Perhaps the only way that this set of child-friendly magnifying glasses could be any better is if they featured a lanyard hole in their handle.


  • Created using durable, scratch-resistant three-inch-thick glass.
  • The layered design results in shatterproof magnifying glasses.
  • Two magnifying glasses for one reasonable price.
  • Bright colors to choose from, allowing the child to choose an option that reflects their preferences.
  • Each magnifying glass weighs just about ½ a pound, making them lightweight enough for kids.


  • Doesn’t come with any activities or accessories.
  • These magnifying glasses do not light up.
  • No lanyard hole for easier carrying.
  • Colorful components are not reflective.

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2. Get Out! Kids Magnifying Glass Set

When you’re buying for multiple little ones, things can get expensive rather quickly. This magnifying glass set can help you keep costs low while also ensuring that all of your children (and their playmates) have access to colorful, kid-friendly glasses.

Each magnifying glass has a 3.5x magnification. This is a slightly stronger magnification level than comparable options, allowing this set to remain appropriate for several years. Kids between the ages of 3 and 10 can have fun with these magnifying glasses.

The included stand can help you encourage organization and help your children practice putting away their belongings. However, the lenses are plastic and may become scratched over time. Still, it’s difficult to find a set that outperforms this one in terms of quantity, capability, and price.


  • Includes a rainbow of six magnifying glasses.
  • Each magnifying glass has 3.5x magnification, slightly stronger than most toddler-friendly options.
  • The plastic body is relatively durable.
  • Makes a great option for exploration-focused birthday parties or sleepovers.


  • Plastic lenses can become scratched and damaged.
  • May not be appropriate for older kids.
  • Might not be the best option for single-child households.

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3. EUROPA KIDS Outdoor Adventure Nature Explorer & Bug Catching Kit

Elementary-aged kids might fall in love with this outdoor adventure kit. It comes with a magnifying glass, a pair of binoculars, bug catching equipment, a scavenger hunt list, and much more. Children learning how to write can take advantage of the included outdoor explorer journal, a unique item that isn’t often included in these types of kits.

Those who receive this set don’t even need to venture outside to enjoy many of the included items, as the manufacturers saw fit to include several plastic bugs. However, this pack is an excellent way to keep kids entertained during camping trips, hikes, or backyard adventures.

Besides, the magnifying glass might not be made of the most durable materials, but it does feature a powerful 4x magnification that’s fit for pre-teens and elementary-aged children alike.


  • Includes several plastic bugs.
  • Also includes a neutral-colored outdoor bucket hat.
  • Comes with a natural journal for budding botanists and rangers.
  • Full of potential activities and adventurers for kids.


  • May not be suitable for children younger than 6 years of age.
  • Might not be the best gift for children that don’t like insects.

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4. Melissa & Doug Pretty Petals Flower Magnifying Glass

Many magnifying glasses for kids are designed with a masculine style and appearance. This can contribute to a feeling of apprehension on the part of young girls who might be developing an interest in science and the outdoors. Fortunately, this magnifying glass breaks that trend.

This stout, kid-friendly magnifying glass looks like a gorgeous, feminine flower. It is bright, colorful, and tons of fun. And at only 4 ounces in weight, it’s also a lightweight option that any child can handle with ease. However, 1.25x magnification could be disappointing for older children.


  • A feminine option that can be rare to find.
  • Uniquely flower-shaped.
  • Colorful enough to attract and engage young users.


  • The low magnification could be too weak for older users.
  • The design may not appeal to all kids.
  • Suitable for a narrow age range, meaning children will eventually outgrow this gift.

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5. INNOCHEER Explorer Kit & Bug Catcher Kit

This kit features one of the greatest potential age ranges of any magnifying-glass-based sets. It’s ideal for children between the ages of 3 and 12! Additionally, it also includes some fun clothing components not often found in similar kits. This includes a flexible bucket hat and a many-pocketed safari vest.

However, kids looking for the sturdiest and most powerful magnifying glass may not appreciate this gift. That’s because it’s designed for imaginative play rather than extreme functionality. As such, some of the included accessories (like the binoculars) aren’t particularly durable or powerful.


  • A great gift to encourage creative, pretend-based play.
  • Comes with a neat hat and vest for outdoor adventures.
  • Includes plenty of bug-catching tools.


  • Plastic accessories are prone to breaking over time.
  • Clothing may be too snug for older children.
  • This magnifying glass isn’t very strong or durable.

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6. MiniExplorer Nature’s Explorer Kit

Outdoor fun in warmer environments can be tricky, especially when young children are involved. Keeping cool and avoiding heat stroke and dehydration is a constant challenge. Fortunately, this kit includes a handheld fan for quick cooling while out and about.

If you’re looking for a practical option that isn’t overloaded with tons of tiny accessories, this option might be the right one for you. While the included magnifying glass is rather small and transparent, it features two potent magnification levels, 12x and 6x.

This magnifying glass also has a small hole drilled into the handle, allowing it to become an easy-to-wear necklace that doesn’t get lost so easily. This set also includes a hand-powered flashlight, a nifty multipurpose compass tool, and a pair of binoculars.

All of these items arrive in a practical lunchbox that can be used for a variety of activities, including lunch!


  • Comes with a metal lunchbox keepsake.
  • Includes an impressive and practical set of child-friendly tools.
  • A kit designed for young outdoor enthusiasts that does not include bug-catching accessories.
  • Could be the perfect camping gift for children aged 5 to 11.


  • Might not be the best option for very young children.
  • May not appeal to young bug-catchers and burgeoning entomologists.
  • Lunchbox carrying case may not be as convenient as a canvas backpack or carrying bag.

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7. ESSENSON Outdoor Explorer Kit

This explorer kit features a distinctive mix of bug-catching toys and explorer tools. With a bright orange whistle for emergencies, a mesh-covered bug hotel, and a medium-magnification magnifying glass, this set provides a little bit of everything to encourage a child’s creative interest in the natural world.

The included hat features a child-friendly design but may be too small for older children. Additionally, pre-teens and middle-schoolers may be unimpressed with the activities this kit offers. Still, younger kids are bound to get hours of entertainment for these toys and tools.


  • Includes a colorful outdoor bucket hat.
  • This kit comes with an educational book about insects.
  • Comes with an interesting mix of bug-catching tools and outdoor explorer items, such as a compass.


  • Included hat may not fit all children.
  • Could be an inappropriate option for children older than 8 years of age.
  • Plastic tools and accessories can snap and break.

8. Melissa & Doug Shimmy Snake Magnifying Glass

This magnifying glass is the slithering cousin to the flower-shaped option. Rather than emphasizing femininity and soft pink and purple pastels, this magnifying glass sports a masculine design of a green and yellow snake. The bottom of the handle even shows a flicking red tongue!

Children looking for an animal-based magnifying glass might enjoy this item more than other options. It’s fun, silly, and just a little scary. However, it is best suited for children between 4 and 6 years of age, which is a relatively narrow age range.


  • Sports a unique snake design.
  • Lightweight enough for tots to handle with ease.


  • Not a great option for older children.
  • Could be unappealing to some children, especially those with a fear of snakes.
  • Features a low magnification.

9. Joyjoz Adventure Kit

Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean there aren’t adventures to be had outside! This particular adventure kit seems to understand this fact and cater to it. With 11 included tools, it’s also a comprehensive kit for any young nature enthusiast.

This set comes with a simple, lightweight magnifying glass. But it also comes with a handheld self-charging flashlight, a strappable headlamp, several reflective stickers, and a 7-in-1 multipurpose necklace tool. Overall, it’s a kit that could make any kid feel like a rugged adventurer.

Just beware of the three plastic spiders that are also included—there’s no telling where they might end up! This set does include quite a few small plastic parts, making it most appropriate for children aged 5 or older.


  • Includes a unique mix of insect-catching tools and outdoor exploration tools.
  • One of the most accessory-rich options for kids.
  • Comes with a simple, child-sized pair of binoculars.
  • Well-suited to young entomologists.


  • 3x magnifying glass might be too weak for older kids to enjoy.
  • Additional bug-catching items might not appeal to all children.
  • Some of the items are made of weak plastic that could break after several uses.

10. PROMORA Binoculars for Kids

If you’re buying a magnifying glass for a pre-teen or middle schooler, you may want to avoid some of the bulkier kits and activity sets. Older children tend to appreciate quality over quantity and many of the kits listed above feature tools designed to work well with tiny fingers.

Pre-teens may be too big and too mature for such products. But this set could be an excellent in-between option. It includes a bright green pair of binoculars, magnifying glass, and a compass-inlaid carabiner clip. This trio could be the optimal gift for pre-teens that love camping, hiking, and exploring nature.

The binoculars feature an impressive 8x magnification, but the included magnifying glass may be too flimsy for some users. While this kit is approved for children aged 3 and older, it seems to work well with older kids.


  • Rubberized binoculars are great for clumsy hands.
  • Included clippable compass can make any kid feel like an explorer.
  • Could be a fantastic gift for kids entering their pre-teen years.


  • The magnifying glass could quickly break or shatter.
  • Doesn’t come with as many activities or accessories as other options.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Magnifying Glass for Kids

You may want to take a moment to consider a few factors before choosing a magnifying glass for your child. Doing so could help you end up with the highest-quality product and ensure that the recipient is over the moon with happiness.

As such, you’ll want to think about your preferred product’s:

  • Weight
  • Size
  • Material
  • Durability
  • Magnification
  • Included Activities
  • Preferences

When you take all of these aspects into account, you can narrow your selection down to a handful of top items. This will help you to shorten your shopping time while also finding the best magnifying glass for your child.

Let’s explore each of these categories in a little more detail to discover why they’re crucial to the buying process. After all, it can be difficult to buy for a kid (especially if you’re not the parent). Having a little helpful information can only guide you in the right direction—Let’s jump right in!


Small children are still developing, and as such, weight lifting programs and routines are generally discouraged. Over the last several decades, young school children have been encouraged to carry around more stuff inside of their school bags.

There are weight limits associated with this type of weight carrying, just as there are limits to the amount of weight kids can safely lift. To ensure that your child has fun with their new magnifying glass and avoids struggling to lift it, you’ll want to choose a lightweight model. Magnifying glasses that weigh less than one pound are often light enough for tiny hands and fingers.


Oversized novelty magnifying glasses can be a lot of fun. However, they can be difficult to tote around. They might also be made of lower-quality materials that easily scratch, shatter, and come apart. Alternatively, mini magnifying glasses can be slightly sturdier but far easier to lose.

When choosing a magnifying glass for a kid, it’s vital to consider their size versus the magnifying glass’s size. The best options tend to be large enough to fit comfortably into child-sized hands but larger enough to remain noticeable after being shoved under couch cushions or into bathroom drawers.


Children don’t tend to be the most organized or gentle creatures. They can easily break or neglect their belongings, much to the frustration of budget-minded parents. While teaching your children to respect and care for their belongings is a part of parenting, younger tots are a little less in charge of their emotions and actions than older kids.

As such, it’s essential to choose toys and activities that can withstand the whims of toddlers and kindergartners. BPA-free plastic that doesn’t bend or snap tends to be an excellent option and magnifying glasses made of hard, thick materials and shatterproof glass can be a safe choice.


As we mentioned above, kids can be hard on their toys and games. This habit can be changed via proper parenting and guidance, but it takes time. If you’re buying for a toddler or a preschooler, you may want to neglect pricier, higher-quality magnifying glasses and simply choose the most durable option.

However, if you’re purchasing a new magnifying glass for an older child or a teen, durability may be less important than magnification. After all, older kids are more likely to care for their belongings and notice (and appreciate) quality.


Magnifying glasses come in several magnification strengths. Some of these strengths may be fantastic for professionals working in the field, but relatively useless to small children. On the other hand, some of the lower magnifications can be thrilling for young kids but boring for older ones.

In general, anything below 6x is appropriate for children of all ages. However, anything below a 3x magnification may be unappealing to pre-teens and older kids. Adolescents may enjoy a microscope or microscope set more than a magnifying glass due to its increased magnification capabilities.

Included Activities

Magnifying glasses for adults don’t often come with many fun accessories or included activities. It’s a very different story for children. There are tons of unique gift sets that include magnifying glasses but also offer tons of other tools and fun toys.

Most of these are nature-focused, making them the ideal gift for the tiny adventurer in your life. Children who enjoy spending time outdoors, catching bugs, studying butterflies, or going camping are bound to get the most out of a magnifying glass activity bundle.


Lastly, you’ll need to consider your child’s preferences and age when choosing the right magnifying glass for them. If they enjoy studying bugs, a full activity kit might be the best gift option for them.

However, if your kid prefers studying household objects while indoors, a sturdy magnifying glass and a few related indoor experiment ideas may suffice. Additionally, it might be worthwhile to ask the gift recipient what their favorite color is. Magnifying glasses come in all sorts of colors and styles, enabling you to find one that best fits the kid’s style and preferences.

Final Thoughts

Children can benefit from spending time outdoors, especially if they’re exploring and learning along the way. A child-appropriate magnifying glass could help you plant seeds that grow into a love for the outdoors.

Magnifying glasses for kids come in many shapes, colors, sizes, and capabilities. Choosing the right one for your child can be tricky, but utilizing our buying guide could help. We’ve also provided a list of our favorite options to help you complete your shopping more quickly and find the best magnifying glass for kids.

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