7 Best Bath Finger Paints – 2021 Reviews

Best Bath Finger Paints

Getting clean isn’t nearly as much fun as getting dirty, right? Not if you ask some kids. If your kids are like mine, getting them into the bath can be an absolute chore.

But it’s 2021 and bath time doesn’t have to be a fight. If you’ve got the right stuff, bath time can double as playtime, family time, and art time, too.

Finger paints made especially for the bath can make getting clean creative and fun. After all, when else are your kids going to get to paint on the walls with your permission?

There are a lot of different kinds of bath paints. Some are formulated to dissolve quickly. Others are made of soap. There are scented paints, paint pens and crayons, paints that make colored bubbles, and more.

Here are some of our favorites.

The Best All-Around Bath Finger Paints – Crayola Bathtub Finger Paint Soap 5-Pack

Because five colors are better than one.

Oops! Looks like this toy is sold out.


  • Five eye-popping colors that kids will love
  • Colors combine easily to create endless new hues
  • Easy to rinse off of tub, tile, and skin
  • Colors the water for additional bathtime fun


  • May stain towels and fabrics

What’s better than one color? How about five? And what’s better than that? A handful of vivid hues that will turn your bathtub or shower into a riot of color.

Little ones will love getting their fingers into this squishy, colorful rainbow. Grown-ups will love the easy cleanup.

This is your basic finger paint, so it’s great for kids of all ages, even little ones who are still developing their fine motor skills. Older kids will have fun using paintbrushes, stampers, and other tools (bought separately) to make more complicated designs.

Because these paints are actually colored soap, kids can paint themselves, the walls, and the shower doors to their heart’s content. And when they’re done, the colors wash away and take the dirt with them.

You get five three-ounce tubes: flamingo pink, radical red, screaming green, bluetiful blue, and royal purple.

The Best Bathtub Paint Activity Kit – Paw Patrol Bath Time Activity Set

Because the tools can make the project.

Oops! Looks like this toy is sold out.


  • A variety of tools for lots of different techniques
  • Two different kinds of paint
  • Fun Paw Patrol theme


  • Small parts make it unsuitable for children under 3

Fingers will only take an artist so far. What if your water baby needs tools to help realize their artistic vision?

This epic bathtime art kit comes with four 3.5-ounce tubes of wash-away bath paint in four fun colors: pink, yellow, blue, and green. On top of that, there are five retractable bath crayons (one each in yellow, green, and blue, plus two red), a mixing tray, a paintbrush, and a stamper.

This kit provides endless opportunities for creative fun. And when the fun is done? The colors all wash easily away. Kids aged three to five will love getting their hands dirty with the finger paints and experimenting with the brush and stamper. Older kids can use the crayons to draw fantastic pictures on the walls.

You don’t have to be a Paw Patrol fan to love this one, but fans will definitely get a kick out of the character-themed tubes.

The Best Bath Finger Paint Activity Kit with Stickers – Baby Shark Bath Art Creations Kit

Sometimes you’ve gotta have stickers to go with your bath art.


  • Lots of different colors and tools
  • Fun Baby Shark theme
  • Stickers your kids can color in the tub


  • Small parts and stickers mean this isn’t recommended for kids under six.

If you can’t get the Baby Shark song out of your head before it’s time to sing it again, this kit might be for you.

What’s in the box? You get three tubes of bath paint in Baby Shark, Mommy Shark, and Daddy Shark colors (yellow, pink, and blue). You also get eight washable bath paint crayons with holders, four pre-colored bath stickers, and ten dissolvable bath stickers for even more bathtime fun.

One thing made us scratch our heads, though:

Baby Shark is aimed at toddlers, but the manufacturer specifically recommends this kit for kids ages six and over. We get it. The stickers and small parts could be a hazard for very small children. At the same time, how many six-and-overs are still into Baby Shark?

On the other hand, if you have an older child and a younger child, this just might work. The younger child will enjoy the finger paints, and the older one could get some use out of the crayons and stickers. It’s possible.

The Best Bath Paints Kit for Variety – Crayola Bath Super Set

This collection gives kids a lot of different options for bath painting fun.


  • Three different kinds of paint for three different types of fun
  • Soap-based paints wash easily away
  • Good value for money


  • 1.9 ounces really isn’t that much bubble bath

If versatility is the most important thing to your bathtub artist, check this out.

The Crayola Bath Super Set gives you three different kinds of colorful fun.

In addition to five three-ounce tubes of soap-based bath finger paint in ocean-themed colors, you get five Crayola bath pens. Not only that, but there are also three 1.9-ounce tubes of colored bubble bath.

On top of that, the finger paints, the bath pens, and the bubble bath are all little-kid friendly. They’re fun, not too complicated, and easy for little hands to hold and use. If you have under-threes, though, you’ll definitely want to be careful with the removable caps.

Whether your water baby likes to work in bold strokes, with more refined tools, or just likes to splash around, there’s something here for them to love.

The Best Scented Bath Finger Paints – Crayola Silly Scent Bathtub Finger Paint Soap

These bath paints add extra fun to bathtime with fruity scents.


  • Four bright colors, four great scents
  • Easy cleanup
  • Colors the water for more bathtime fun


  • May stain towels and fabrics

A lot of grown-ups enjoy scented bath products. Kids are no different! And if your kids want their bath to be scent-sational, then check this out.

Crayola is offering a four-pack of scented bath finger paints in fun colors and scents. These include green apple, blueberry, bubblegum, and orange.

Just like regular Crayola bathtub finger paints, these are soap-based. That means easy-on easy-off, not only for skin but for walls and tub as well. And just like all of our other finger paints, these are tailor-made for small, still-developing hands.

All Crayola products are non-toxic. Still, make sure your little one knows that yummy scents don’t mean these are good to eat!

This kit gives you four three-ounce tubes of colorful scented finger paint.

Finger Paint Alternative for Bath Time Fun – Crayola Bathtub Paint Brush Pens

For when your toddler is ready to move on from finger paints.


  • Allows finer control for more detailed work
  • Washes easily off of tile, tub, and bath surfaces
  • The paint is in the brush, so there’s less mess


  • May stain porous surfaces

If your toddler is ready for the next step in bath time art, they might enjoy paint brush pens.

Paint Brush pens are tubes of bath-safe paint with a paint brush applicator. That means that they’re thick enough for still-developing hands to grasp and use. At the same time, they give a bit more control over where the paint goes.

This kit provides paint brush pens in four colors: red, yellow, green, and blue. And it goes without saying that you can mix the colors, too.

Also Consider – Munchkin 10-Piece Retractable Bath Crayons

A great option for older kids who want to create at bathtime.


  • Allows finer control for more complicated drawing
  • A natural extension from finger painting
  • Made to wash easily off of tile and tub


  • The thumb-switch may be too complicated for toddlers

Remember when you discovered mechanical pencils? How cool it was to push the lead out with the click of a button? Retractable bath crayons are cool like that, too.

The thumb-switch might be a bit much for toddlers to handle, but for older kids, this will turn a simple crayon into clicky, switchy fun. Plus, the point gives older kids finer control to make more complicated drawings than they would be able to make with finger paint.

Older children can also use the crayons to give younger ones lessons in letters, numbers, and tic-tac-toe.


Frequently Asked Questions

Bath paints are big fun, but they can also be a big mess. On top of that, there are a lot of products on the market, and not all of them are appropriate for every child.

Before you turn your kids loose in the tub with their paints, there’s a lot you need to know. And we’ll help you figure it out.

What Kinds of Bath Paints Are on the Market?

In this review, we focussed on our favorite finger paints. But there are a lot of different kinds of bath art materials for your bath artist.

These include:

Bath finger paints

Bath finger paints are simply finger paints made for bath time. They generally come in tubes for easy squeezin’, and a lot of times, you can find them in multi-packs, so your kids can mix, match, and create their own new colors.

Some bath paints are straightforward paint. Others are colored gel soap. Most will give the water some color, too. Soap-based paints may also create bubbles.

You can use your fingers to paint with bath finger paint, but you can also use tools like brushes, stampers, rollers, and more.

Bath crayons

Bath crayons may look like regular crayons — colored bars made for little hands, with a point at one end — but they’re actually quite different.

How? You might ask.

The difference is that bath crayons are made to wash off easily, or at least more easily. And if your child has ever taken a crayon to the walls of your house, you know how important that is.

Some bath crayons are made with a wax base like regular crayons. Others are soap-based. Some crayons come in a plastic holder that allows you to extend and retract them. Others come with a paper wrapper like regular crayons. Still others have no wrapper or holder at all.

And, most importantly, some are made to wash away in water, while others may require a bit of a scrub.

Bathtub markers

Like bath crayons, bathtub markers give kids finer control over their designs. Like all bath art products, bath markers are made to allow easy cleanup.

Bathtub markers generally consist of bathtub paint inside an applicator. The paint, unlike the ink in many markers, is specially formulated to wash away easily.

How Do I Choose the Right Bathtub Paints?

First, consider the needs of your child. How old is your child? How developed are their fine motor skills? Smaller children or children with less developed fine motor skills may enjoy finger paints more than markers or crayons. Older children, on the other hand, might prefer tools that allow them to create more complicated designs.

Ingredients are another consideration. Is your child sensitive or allergic to perfumes, dyes, or other additives? Do you prefer organic, cruelty-free, or all-natural ingredients? You can find bathtub paints to fit these needs, but you may have to read a few labels first.

You should also think about your house. Most bath paints are made to wash off of tiles, glass, and porcelain. However, some may stain porous materials such as fabric or wood. Most bathtub paints will list these cautions on the packaging.

How Old Should a Child Be to Use Bath Finger Paints?

That depends on the product. Most of the products on our list are recommended for children over three years of age. Always check the manufacturer’s recommendation to see if it’s appropriate for your child. And always supervise small children’s use of any paint or art materials.

How Can I Make Sure a Product Is Safe?

Every product is different, so it’s essential to do your research. One good place to start is the label.

Products that bear the AP (Approved Product) label from the Art and Creative Materials Institute are certified to be safe. They have undergone toxicological evaluation by a medical expert, and contain nothing that is either toxic nor which causes health problems.

Individual companies may also certify their products as safe. The Crayola company, for example, certifies that all of its products are non-toxic if ingested or inhaled.

Some brands specifically use only food-grade ingredients for additional safety.

When in doubt, contact the manufacturer.

What About Allergies?

Again, every product is different. If your family has allergy concerns, it’s essential to do your research.

One good place to start is the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. The AAFA certifies products that are safe for allergy and asthma sufferers. Products that bear their certification seal are determined to be allergy- and asthma-friendly.

Other companies take their own measures to make their products allergy-friendly. Crayola, for example, certifies that all of its products are free of the following allergens:

  • Milk
  • Casein
  • Whey
  • Peanuts
  • Tree Nuts
  • Latex
  • Eggs & Egg Shell
  • Fish/Shellfish
  • D&C Red Dye #40
  • Nut & Nut Oil
  • Sesame & Sesame Oil

When in doubt, contact the manufacturer.

Will Bath Finger Paints Leave Stains?

Most bath paints are made to wash off of tiles and tubs without leaving a stain. However, some products will stain towels, fabrics, and other surfaces, especially if those surfaces cannot be washed or laundered.

Also, some products that are marketed as bathtub-safe paints, rather than as paints made for the bath, may indeed stain bath surfaces. In addition, products that are not explicitly made for the bath may also cause skin irritation or discoloration.

Final Thoughts

Let’s face it: bath time can be a chore. But everything goes better with the right entertainment. Art is fun, but it can also be an opportunity for education and bonding. And if you choose your supplies wisely, you and your kids may just start looking forward to it.

Bath painting is one of those rare activities that can hit the sweet spot between fun and getting the job done. Kids can be as messy as they like, and parents can enjoy knowing that when the fun is done, both the kids and the bathtub will come clean in the end.

When it comes to bath art, finger paints are one of many options. But they’re a great starting point. And when your child is ready to expand their collection of bath art supplies, bath crayons, paint brush pens, and markers make excellent additions.

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