The Best Beach Toys – Top 8 Picks (2019 Edition)

Best Beach ToysHitting the beach is always fun, and your child will enjoy the beach a lot more if they can play with the right toys while they’re there.

Beach toys come in a wonderful array of varieties. From buckets and pails to kites and floating cuffs, there’s a beach toy for every child. Likewise, no matter what age your child is, there’s a beach toy for their special enjoyment.

In this article, we’ll review a few of the best beach toys on the market so that you’ll know which to grab for your child.

Our #1 Choice
FoxPrint Beach Sand Toy Set, Models & Molds, Bucket, Shovels, Rakes, Mesh...
Our #2 Choice
FUN LITTLE TOYS Kids Beach Sand Toys Set Sand Water Wheel, Beach Molds,...
Our #3 Choice
JOYIN 20 Pieces Beach Sand Toys Set Models, Beach Pail Set with Molds...
FoxPrint Beach Sand Toy Set, Models & Molds, Bucket, Shovels, Rakes, Mesh...
FUN LITTLE TOYS Kids Beach Sand Toys Set Sand Water Wheel, Beach Molds,...
JOYIN 20 Pieces Beach Sand Toys Set Models, Beach Pail Set with Molds...
547 Reviews
200 Reviews
193 Reviews
Our #1 Choice
FoxPrint Beach Sand Toy Set, Models & Molds, Bucket, Shovels, Rakes, Mesh...
FoxPrint Beach Sand Toy Set, Models & Molds, Bucket, Shovels, Rakes, Mesh...
547 Reviews
Our #2 Choice
FUN LITTLE TOYS Kids Beach Sand Toys Set Sand Water Wheel, Beach Molds,...
FUN LITTLE TOYS Kids Beach Sand Toys Set Sand Water Wheel, Beach Molds,...
200 Reviews
Our #3 Choice
JOYIN 20 Pieces Beach Sand Toys Set Models, Beach Pail Set with Molds...
JOYIN 20 Pieces Beach Sand Toys Set Models, Beach Pail Set with Molds...
193 Reviews

Circle number 1 Top Pick

FoxPrint Beach And Sand Toy Set With Reusable Shovels

The FoxPrint Beach And Sand Toy Set With Reusable Shovels is a grab bag of great beach toys which your child can use to make their imagination alive in the sands of the beach. This toy set is targeted at younger children and has a convenient carrying pouch.


  • Wide variety of toys
  • Carrying pouch
  • Small molds
  • Easy to clean


  • The small molds don’t convey their detail well

This sand toy set is a great way to get your child started with building sand castles and sand gardens. Much like with other beach toy sets, this set has a handful of different toys, ranging from the basic pail and shovel to the more advanced watering can and seahorse molds.

The seahorse and sea turtle molds are mostly for aesthetics, as they don’t convey their detail into the sand very effectively. Nonetheless, the other pieces of the set are very fun and very functional.

Though the watering tin seems like an odd addition, your child may enjoy raking the sand and pretending to plant seeds to subsequently water. Likewise, the little cups and molds are useful for a wide variety of imaginative play.

Circle number2

Kids Beach Sand Toys Set

If you’re looking for a kit which you can hand off to your troupe of children and open up a good book, this might be the beach toy set for you.


  • Contains a waterwheel
  • Carrying bag dries quickly
  • Multiple shovels


  • The pail carrying string is easy to break

This is a unique beach toy set because it contains more than one shovel and rake set. Furthermore, it also includes a primitive water wheel, which is extremely entertaining.

Your child will have a huge degree of freedom when they’re using this beach toy set. Luckily, the set has more than enough components for more than one child to enjoy playing with the set at the same time. In fact, it’s easy to imagine up to four children sharing this one single set as they play around on the beach.

This set’s only issue is that a few of its multi-part components are easy to break. The water wheel is deceptively durable, but the carrying string on the pail is likely to pop off at an inopportune moment. The same goes for the secondary shovels and rakes, which can pop apart from their handles.

Luckily, it’s easy to re-attach these parts and get your child back to playing. In fact, it’s so simple to correct this kit’s minor drawbacks that your child can probably do so on their own.

Circle number3

20-Piece Joyin Toy Zippered Reusable Beach Toy Backpack Set

The 20-Piece Joyin Toy Zippered Reusable Beach Toy Backpack Set is a charming beach toy set which your child can truck around on their own using the set’s easy to transport pack.


  • Child-transportable
  • Contains beach balls
  • Premade castle shaped molds


  • No primary shovel or rake
  • Tools are not very functional

For the youngest of children at the beach, this beach toy set is a winner. Complete with a handful of beach toys – including a pair of mini beach balls – this beach toy set is diminutively sized for the sake of toddlers’ ease of use.

Your child will enjoy the beach balls in this kit, which are pre-inflated and ready to toss. While the beach balls are easy to puncture and impossible to repair, you won’t sweat the loss very much thanks to this kit’s low price.

Larger children may be frustrated by the small size and decidedly non-functional primary tools like the kit’s shovel and rake. Likewise, there are some odd tools like the triangle shaped shovel which your child may not find very easy to use even if they’re of the proper size.

Circle number4

23-Piece Kids Beach Toy Set

If you have a pair of children who are crazy about sea creatures, this might be the right set for you. This beach toy set compromises on the variety of toy to provide a wide variety of different sea creature molds, all of which turn out very well when packed with sand.


  • Lots of great sea creature molds
  • Filtering shovel for wet sand transport
  • Enough toys for two children


  • No carrying container

The tools in this beach toy set are all extremely durable, and practically unbreakable. The bright colored plastic is tough, and won’t warp or chip.

Likewise, this set has enough tools for two children to each have their own non-shared set. You could probably hand this kit to as many as four children without a problem. This kit’s nice touches include a filtering shovel, which your child can use to transport wet sand without the heft of a regular shovel.

Unfortunately, a major oversight of this kit is that it does not have a carrying case. You’ll need to find a bag of your own to put the wet and sandy tools into if you want to avoid losing any of the many molds.

Circle number5

Princess Beach Castle Playset

The Princess Beach Castle Playset is the perfect beach toy set for aspiring royalty. Complete with a trendy wagon for beach transit, this beach toy set is fit for a queen.


  • Perfect for girls
  • Has wagon
  • Multiple castle building tools


  • Rake handle is prone to breaking

This beach toy set is marketed toward young girls, but it’s more than sturdy enough to survive the ravages of an eager young boy, too. Every piece in the set is a stunning hot pink, which holds up surprisingly well in the face of sand and seawater.

There are plenty of sandcastle building tools in this kit, including an extensive number of tools intended specifically for castle building. While there aren’t very many sand molds and the rake is prone to snapping off from its handle, most aspiring princesses will find the set’s balance of tools to be more than adequate.

Though the set lacks a dedicated carrying container, the wagon is effective at holding all of the tools once play time is over. You may find that the wagon gets a bit of sand into the car on the way home, however.

Circle number6

Click N’ Play 18-Piece Beach Sand Toy Set

A durable and colorful net bag allows kids to carry all 18 pieces of this beach toy set easily.


  • All items fit into an easy-carry bag
  • Includes 18 beach toys
  • All toys are made from durable, non-toxic plastic


  • Not recommended for kids under three

Keeping track of the beach toys is easy with this set because a mesh backpack holds all 18 pieces. The set includes a bucket, rakes, sifters, a sand wheel and more. It also has a variety of sand molds including a turtle, boat, castle, sea horse and other sea creatures.

Each of the items is made from lightweight, durable and BPA-free plastic. The items are all a bold green, blue, yellow or orange.

Circle number7

KKones Beach Toys with Toy Truck

Roll over the dunes with this toy truck built for use in the sand.

Oops! Looks like this toy is sold out.


  • Durable toy truck built to roll on sand
  • Includes a variety of colorful beach toys
  • Safe for toddlers


  • Aside from truck, toys are relatively generic

Beep, beep! Make way for this toy truck. It rolls across the sand with ease. Plus, the set also includes a sand sifter, watering can, beach tools and seven sea-animal-shaped molds.

All toys are made from bright, durable and non-toxic plastic. It’s designed for toddlers. Storage and transport are easy thanks to the durable, clear travel tote.

Top Race Beach Set Ice Cream Cake Series

Keep cool with this 16-piece set of pails and scoops with an ice cream theme.


  • Durable, colorful set of 16 beach toys
  • All toys have an ice cream theme for scooping sand
  • Includes bucket for easy storage


  • Not all kids will be interested in the ice cream theme
  • Younger kids might feel tempted to eat the sand scoops

Beat the heat with this 16-piece set of beach toys. The ice-cream-themed set includes a large bucket, four plastic ice cream cones, two cupcake holders, two scoops and more. You can scoop the sand to create (inedible) treats.

All products are made from non-toxic, durable plastic. Everything is brightly colored. Plus, all toys can be stored in the plastic bucket.


Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for in beach toys?

The biggest factor that differentiates a good beach toy from a bad one is the number of potential uses. A shovel or a pail can be used for a million different purposes, even once your child is home from the beach.

Likewise, a kite or a swimming game can bring your child joy elsewhere, too. Beach toys like custom seahorse molds for building sand castles aren’t as versatile.

Most beach toys are sturdier than their terrestrial brethren because they have to put up with the corrosive seawater and abrasive sand of the beach. This fact means that durability typically isn’t a concern when it comes to beach toys.

Furthermore, most beach toys are roughly the same aesthetically. You wouldn’t want to pick out an exceptionally aesthetically pleasing beach toy anyway, as it’ll get worn down by the beach.

Finally, most beach toys are free of harmful chemicals like BPA because they’re not designed to be flexible or transparent. You shouldn’t need to worry too much about where the beach toy originated.

Are beach toys safe?

Beach toys are very safe for children because they seldom have any choking hazards. Furthermore, beach toys are very unlikely to cut your child with jagged edges because they’re made of plastic.

You also don’t have to worry about protective sealants breaking off to expose a dangerous core with beach toys as you might with other toys. Beach toys are usually made from a single material to retain their lightweight and durable characteristics.

How long should I expect my child’s beach toys to last?

Beach toys have the potential to last a very long time, even with rigorous play. In fact, beach toys are so sturdy that they can even survive encounters with your pet’s gnawing. If you purchase the right beach toy set, you shouldn’t have to ever buy another one unless your child loses the pieces in the ocean.

When is the best time of year to buy beach toys?

Buying beach toys will be slightly cheaper around wintertime, but in general, the price remains constant year-round. There is rarely a shortage of beach toys, but you may find that purchasing them in the summer and at a store near the beach carries a markup.

Are beach toys good for creative play?

Yes, beach toys are some of the best toys for creative play because they force your child to use their imagination while also respecting the boundaries of reality. Beach toys provide your child with the tools to make their vision into a reality, so long as they understand how to manipulate reality to meet their purpose.

Your child can embellish their creations on the beach with as much of their mind’s detail as they care to make. Your child will also probably not need any encouragement when it comes to using their imagination in conjunction with their beach toys.

These factors make beach toys exceptionally good for your child’s mind. Other toys simply don’t challenge them while simultaneously providing them with the means to meet those challenges in the same way.

Which brands of beach toys are the best?

Most brands of beach toys are comparable in quality, but they may differ in price and packaging. There isn’t a single best brand of beach toy, merely brands that provide you with a bit more for your buck.

Currently, Chinese brands have the monopoly on providing the widest variety of beach toys in the same package, but don’t let that influence your choice if you see something else that your child likes.

What can I do to help my child enjoy their beach toys more?

Get down on the sand and help them out! Your children will take to beach toys on their own, and as a parent, your biggest privilege is to help your child realize their creative vision.

Ask your child what they are planning on doing with their beach toys, and see if they want to enlist your help in making their vision a reality.

Be sure to ask for clarifying advice when it comes to implementing your child’s directives – doing this will help your child to learn to organize their thoughts, which is an invaluable skill.

Do we have to go to the beach to enjoy beach toys?

The answer to this question depends on the kind of beach toy that your child has in their arsenal. The best beach toys are versatile enough for your child to use them in the backyard or even indoors.

Surf’s Up

Now that you know everything there is to know about beach toys, it’s time to make a purchasing decision before heading off to the sandy shores. No matter whether your child enjoys splashing in the waters or building castles in the sand, there’s a toy which will delight them.

The best thing about beach toys is that your child can never have too many. It’s easy to start with one or two beach toys and build their collection over time. Your child will appreciate your contribution to their development, and you’ll share the joy of seeing them play while getting a tan.

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