10 Best Super WHY! Toys of 2020

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Look in a book!

When problems occur in life, you’ll find help in a book. That’s the message delivered in every episode of Super Why, an educational show for kids which airs near-daily on PBS.

Super Why is popular among kids between the ages of three and six. Aside from the show, a variety of Super Why toys are also available. However, the show stopped creating original episodes years ago, which can make finding the right toy difficult.

Fortunately, reading is here to save the day. Here’s a closer look at the best Super Why toys for 2020, plus a quick guide to their benefits:

Quick Picks: See The Top Best Favorite Super Why! Toys

Our #1 Choice
Learning Curve Brands Super Why - Zap and Learn Why Writer
Our #2 Choice
The Three Little Pigs (Super WHY!)
Our #3 Choice
Super Why!: Triple Feature
Learning Curve Brands Super Why - Zap and Learn Why Writer
The Three Little Pigs (Super WHY!)
Super Why!: Triple Feature
Our #1 Choice
Learning Curve Brands Super Why - Zap and Learn Why Writer
Learning Curve Brands Super Why - Zap and Learn Why Writer
Our #2 Choice
The Three Little Pigs (Super WHY!)
The Three Little Pigs (Super WHY!)
Our #3 Choice
Super Why!: Triple Feature
Super Why!: Triple Feature

Circle number 1 Top Pick

Zap and Learn Why Writer

An electronic toy which helps kids as young as three learn to hold and write with a pencil.


  • Mobile electronic device
  • Helps kids learn to write
  • Includes a variety of educational games


  • Can be difficult for small hands to hold

The Why Writer is a motion-activated toy with a series of electronic games. Kids hold it like a pencil and write when playing.

The games are all educational. Two interactive modes help teach spelling, vocabulary, and other reading skills. Plus, even holding the toy has benefits. Kids develop fine and gross motor control needed to write with a pen or pencil.

The built-in screen displays words and images as they relate to the specific game. Additionally, the handle is decorated with an illustration of Super Why (Whyatt’s super alter-ego).

Circle number2

Super Why: The Three Little Pigs

A colorful picture book which adds a Super Why twist to the classic tale of the three little pigs.


  • Illustrated story based on the fan-favorite episode
  • Teaches kids about opposites and rhyming words
  • Creative re-telling of the Three Little Pigs


  • Print is small

Encourage kids to read along with their favorite episodes. Super Why’s version of the Three Little Pigs is an all-new twist on the familiar story. The Super Readers meet with the Big, Bad Wolf – and help him make friends! The story touches on themes of friendship and cooperation.

Of course, it also focuses heavily on reading, too. Saving the day requires the use of opposite words. Kids also learn about rhyming.

The story closely follows a fan-favorite TV episode. Kids are encouraged to read the book while watching the episode so they can see the words as they are spoken aloud.

The book has 24 pages. It’s recommended for kids between the ages of three and five.

Circle number3

Super Why Triple Feature

A two-DVD set featuring three of the most popular Super Why stories.


  • Includes three popular Super Why stories
  • Great for travel
  • Each episode focuses on reading fundamentals


  • DVDs are more fragile than digital media

The Super Why Triple Feature contains three of their most popular adventures: Humpty Dumpty, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Hansel and Gretel. Each movie changes the familiar story by inserting the Super Why characters. It’s a fun change to the familiar tales.

Although the episodes air on TV, many parents prefer to own them on DVD. They’re great for road trips and other travel. Plus, watching the episodes multiple times helps kids understand the lessons.

Circle number4

Super Why Holiday Christmas Set

A holiday set of shatterproof ornaments featuring all the major Super Why heroes.


  • Includes six holiday ornaments
  • Features all main characters from the show
  • Ornaments are shatterproof


  • Ornaments are small

Brighten up your Christmas tree with this set of six Super Why ornaments. You get Whyatt, Pig, Joy, and other main characters. Each of their superhero outfits features a festive twist on the original style.

The ornaments are made from shatterproof design. They’re unlikely to be damaged even after a big fall. Each ornament is about three inches tall with a pre-drilled hole for a hook.

Circle number5

Birthday Express Super Why Room Décor

Add the Super Readers to any room with this set of four giant wall decals.


  • Set of six large wall decals
  • Includes all four Super Readers
  • Easy application and removal
  • Won’t damage paint or harm walls


  • Applying the decals requires adult supervision

These giant wall decals are a fun, easy way to decorate your child’s bedroom, playroom or anywhere else with smooth walls. Use the squeegee to affix the decals the wall securely. However, they don’t leave behind any markings when removed.

The set includes six wall decals: Four feature the Super Readers, one has the Super Why logo and the last decal covers a light switch. Aside from the decals, you also get a three-inch yellow Squeegee used for easy application.

The largest decal is 18.5 inches wide by 27 inches high while the smallest (the light switch cover) is about seven inches. Once pressed against the wall, they’ll stay for years. However, they also peel off easily without damaging the paint.

Circle number6

Super Why ABC Letter Game

A Super Why board game which helps younger kids learn reading, spelling, and other skills.


  • Board game with Super Why characters
  • Teaches reading, spelling, and writing
  • Fun for the whole family


  • Question difficulty varies significantly by category
  • Spinner can be loose

Introduce kids to the old-fashioned family fun of a board game with the Super Why ABC Letter Game. It’s an engaging, relatively simple game for between two and four players ages three and up.

The set includes the board, four playing pieces, 110 question cards, a spinner, and instructions. Players move around the board answering questions about the alphabet, words and other reading-related subjects.

The game features characters and themes from the show. Pig, Super Why, Wonder Red, and Princess Pesto are all prominently featured.

Circle number7

Super Way Touch and Learn Super Duper Computer

A sturdy, easy-to-use handheld system packed with 35 learning games each featuring the Super Why characters.

Oops! Looks like this toy is sold out.


  • Handheld electronic toy
  • Includes 35 games
  • Teaches reading, spelling, and vocab
  • Helps kids learn how to hold a pencil


  • Batteries not included
  • Games are too simple for older kids

The Touch and Learn Super Duper Computer form Learning Curve Brands is a fun, portable toy perfect for learning on-the-go. It’s a handheld electronic toy with 35 learning games. All games feature Whyatt, Pig and the rest of the Super Why crew.

Games teach kids a huge variety of reading-related skills, including spelling, the alphabet, rhyming, letter sounds, and more. Additionally, using the device’s touch screen helps develop fine and gross motor skills.

The games are designed for kids three and up. However, they’ll likely be too simple for kids over five with stronger reading skills.

The device is extremely durable. Kids should have no problem gripping the unit and using the touchscreen. It requires three AAA batteries.

10 Best Super WHY! Toys of 2020

Super Why!: ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas and Other Fairytale Adventures

A set of holiday-themed Super Why movies which don’t frequently air on TV.


  • Four Super Why holiday movies
  • Movies are likely new to TV viewers
  • Features same educational format


  • Doesn’t contain any religious messages (might be an issue for some families)

Although the Super Why TV show airs on PBS regularly, the movies in this set are usually only aired during their associated holiday. However, this set allows you to watch them anytime. It includes ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, The Ghost Who Was Afraid of Halloween, The Three Features, and The Stars in the Sky.

Each movie is about a half-hour long. The films follow the same general format as the regular TV only with an emphasis on Christmas and Halloween.

10 Best Super WHY! Toys of 2020

Super Why! T-Shirt

A bright, colorful T-shirt featuring Whyatt jumping for joy.


  • High-quality, authentic Super Why T-shirt
  • Comfortable, breathable and easy to clean
  • Available in black, white, and blue


  • Shirt only features Whyatt

Super Why apparel isn’t easy to find, but this shirt is an excellent option. It features a detailed illustration which won’t fade or crack even after many trips through the washing machine.

It’s made from 100% cotton, so it stays comfortable and breathable, even in hot weather. Turn it inside out before drying it on the low setting.

10 Best Super WHY! Toys of 2020

BirthdayExpress Super Why Party Supplies

Invite the Super Readers to your next party with this pack of party supplies.


  • Complete set of party supplies
  • Includes 24 plates, cups, and silverware sets
  • Features Whyatt and his Super Reader pals


  • Single-use only
  • Supplies feature more Whyatt than any other character



Super Why FAQ

What is Super Why?

Super Why is an educational kid’s show which ran for several seasons until 2016. Although new episodes aren’t on the horizon, reruns remain popular on PBS Kids.

It’s a CGI animated show with a bold, colorful style designed to appeal to younger kids. Every episode focuses on the power of reading and books.

The show stars Whyatt Beanstalk. He’s the younger brother of Jack, from the Jack and the Beanstalk story. Whyatt lives in Storybook Village, populated by many characters from classic fables.

Every episode starts with Whyatt or one of his friends facing a Super Big Problem. It’s usually a relatively minor issue relatable to kids.

Episode examples include:

  1. Pig (the main character) sits at the top of a tall slide, afraid to slide down. Whyatt and friends jump into a book to get help from Humpty Dumpty. By learning how Humpty got down from the wall, they’re able to encourage Pig to use the slide safely. All characters learn the power of positive encouragement.
  2. In another episode, Whyatt’s baby sister says her first words, but he’s the only one around. Unfortunately, nobody else believes the little girl can talk. Whyatt and friends jump into a book to get advice from the Boy Who Cried Wolf. They convince the townspeople about the wolf and then return to Storybrooke to then convince the residents that the baby sister can talk.

Most of the episodes follow a similar pattern. A problem in Storybrook makes the characters jump into a book in search of a solution. The book is usually a familiar fairy tale with a message similar to the situation the characters face in Storybook.

Whenever Whyatt and friends jump into a book, they transform into Super Readers. As Super Readers, they wear capes, domino masks, and superhero costumes. The Super Readers team up with the fairy tale character to help save the day in the story and then later in Storybrook Village.

Characters earn Super Letters each time they overcome an obstacle. By the end of the episode, enough Super Letters have been earned to spell out the solution to the original Super Big Problem.

What are the Benefits?

Each episode of Super Why combines superheroes, fairy tales, and moral lessons. While the setting can seem a bit jumbled to adults, young kids often love the show because it combines familiar images and ideas.

However, the superheroes and fairy tales are primarily an attention-grabber. The main focus of the show is educational. Each episode teaches a variety of basic reading skills. Kids learn about the following:

  • The alphabet
  • Rhyming
  • Spelling
  • Reading Comprehension
  • And more

Super Why is made for kids between the ages of three and six. It’s ideal for those somewhat familiar with reading and books but who are still learning letters and words.

Lessons are kept simple. Each episode focuses on one Super Story Answer. It’s a word or phrase which sums up the solution to the episode’s Super Big Problem. Each episode ends with a catchy song to help kids remember the main themes.

Super Why toys have some educational benefits, but most of these toys aren’t considered educational. Instead, their main purpose is to keep kids interested in the show, which does have substantial learning benefits.

All in All

Super Why doesn’t have new episodes anymore, but it’s arguably more popular than ever. Unlike many shows made for kids, Super Why does an amazing job of blending entertainment with education. Repeated viewings help kids teach kids about spelling, vocabulary, and otherwise improve literacy.

While Super Why toys can be hard to find, our guide will help you track down the best available options. Finding the best Super Why toys can help encourage your child to watch the show and boost their reading abilities for life.

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