The Best Peppa Pig Toys (Top 7 Picks) – 2019 Reviews

Peppa Pig Toys ReviewsPeppa Pig is an inspirational and happy show which children everywhere appreciate for its relaxing and entertaining tone. Most adults probably have no idea what goes on during episodes of Peppa Pig, however, making the prospect of purchasing a Peppa Pig toy fairly daunting.

In this article, we’ll describe the best way for children to play with their Peppa Pig toys, explain what to look for when you’re purchasing a Peppa Pig toy, and go over a handful of Peppa Pig toys that embody the best of what a Peppa Pig toy can be.

By the time you’re done, you’ll know exactly which members of the Peppa Pig family your child will want to play with and which they’d rather leave for someone else.

Our #1 Choice
Peppa Pig Family 4-Figure Pack
Our #2 Choice
Peppa Pig's School Bus Deluxe Vehicle
Our #3 Choice
Peppa Pig Forever Friends Figure 8 Pack
Peppa Pig Family 4-Figure Pack
Peppa Pig's School Bus Deluxe Vehicle
Peppa Pig Forever Friends Figure 8 Pack
from $9.99
1,023 Reviews
228 Reviews
153 Reviews
Our #1 Choice
Peppa Pig Family 4-Figure Pack
Peppa Pig Family 4-Figure Pack
from $9.99
1,023 Reviews
Our #2 Choice
Peppa Pig's School Bus Deluxe Vehicle
Peppa Pig's School Bus Deluxe Vehicle
228 Reviews
Our #3 Choice
Peppa Pig Forever Friends Figure 8 Pack
Peppa Pig Forever Friends Figure 8 Pack
153 Reviews

Our #1 Pick – Peppa Pig Family 4-Figure Pack

Family is a core message of Peppa Pig. With this playset, you’ll get every member of the Peppa Pig family unit.


  • Has the entire Pig family
  • Convenient size for playing
  • Great way to start a Peppa Pig collection


  • Easy to lose track of the figures
  • No setting for play

Peppa Pig’s family helps her make it through every day with a smile. With this playset, your child will have the pleasure of playing with Peppa, her brother George, and their parents.

Thanks to the diminutive size of these pigs, your Peppa Pig fan can take them wherever they go. There’s no carrying case, however, so you might need to keep track of the members of the Pig family to make sure that none of them get lost in the shuffle.

Your child may need a setting for the pigs to play in, however. You should probably pick up an additional Peppa Pig set which will provide a location for the family.

Our #2 Pick – Peppa Pig School Bus

What’s a school day in the life of Peppa Pig without taking the bus in the morning?


  • Multiple characters included
  • Fun for playing school
  • Bus fits multiple figures


  • Might be hard to remove figures from the bus

With this Peppa Pig bus, your child will get the daily joy of Peppa on her way to school. Peppa’s friendly bus driver makes for a cheerful companion for the trip.

Peppa herself sits in the middle of the bus. Once your child has a handful of other Peppa Pig figurines, they can be lodged inside the bus via the windows.

Your child might have a hard time getting Peppa and her friends out of the bus if things get too stuffed, but otherwise the toy is ready to be filled with classmates. As a bonus, at least one classmate can ride at the front of the bus with the driver.

The bus can make a handful of sounds with the help of a pair of AA batteries, which makes this toy more interactive than it might be otherwise.

The places Peppa will go are entirely up to your child. The set is great for the youngest of Peppa Pig fans because it doesn’t have many parts to choke on and it’s an easy way of creating a playspace without much thought.

Our #3 Pick – Peppa Pig Forever Friends Figure 8 Pack

Peppa’s friends are an inseparable part of her life, which is why your child will love to play with the entire entourage.


  • Eight unique figures
  • Great potential for group play
  • Themed apparel


  • Figures aren’t interactive
  • Not all characters may be popular

Peppa Pig wouldn’t be much without her great group of friends. With this toy set, you’ll find figurines of Peppa herself as well as her seven best buddies, including her brother George.

Each friend has a shirt with a special theme. Regardless of whether your child is craziest for Peppa, the elephant, the bunny, the cat, the sheep, or the skunk, there’s an animal for everyone to enjoy.

This Peppa Pig set also makes for an excellent toy for group play. Up to eight children can play with a different character, though one person will have the unique distinction of playing with Peppa herself.

These toys aren’t the best for active play, but they do make for a great introductory toy set for the Peppa Pig universe.

Our #4 Pick – Peppa Pig Holiday Plane

Peppa Pig and her family love to go on holidays via plane. Thanks to this toy set, your Peppa Pig lover can take a journey with their imagination and accompany them.


  • Great for playing on travel playsets
  • Great for the bath
  • Several pigs included


  • Difficult to remove pigs from the plane
  • May need to purchase more figures to get maximum play value

Peppa Pig’s “Flying High” song is par for the course with the help of this playset. With the set, your child will get the Peppa Plane, Peppa Pig, and Peppa’s mom, along with a few pieces of luggage for the journey.

The plane itself takes AAA batteries which it uses to play the song and light up. This set makes for a great gift because it lets your child play with Peppa Pig as she travels high through the skies.

The Peppa Plane is cramped inside, but it could probably fit both Peppa Pig and Mummy Pig if your child tried to cram them in. It might be hard to remove the Pig family members after lodging them deep in the recesses of the plane, however, so be aware that you may be called on to fish them out.

The plane itself is waterproof, and floats fairly well. This means that you could use it as a bath toy if you are looking for one that is Peppa Pig themed.

You could also use this Peppa Pig set to provide an introduction to the series for a very young child who is still in the crib. It’s easy to handle the plane and fly it over a resting child.

The only real downside of the set is that the only characters provided are the airplane pilot, Peppa, and Mummy Pig. George, Daddy Pig, and Peppa’s classmates are all staying at home.

Our #5 Pick – Peppa Pig Red Car

The Pig family wouldn’t be able to get around without the help of this red car.


  • Great for family weekend roadtrip imaginative play
  • Makes noises and songs
  • Lights up


  • Requires AA batteries
  • Songs may become annoying very quickly

Peppa Pig’s family loves to go on road trips, but they also love to putter around town. This set provides the chance to drive around next to Mummy Pig as Peppa hangs out in the back.

The car itself takes AA batteries, which it uses to make vehicle noises, pig noises, and a pleasant tune. While you might get tired of hearing these noises very quickly, your child will certainly enjoy Mummy Pig’s driving in their cheerful red vehicle.

Peppa can also bring a few of her friends along for the ride, provided that you have purchased a playset where there are the right sized figurines. The car can seat four pig-sized animals without a fuss.

You might need to take it into the shop for repairs if Mummy Pig clips something and causes the fragile side view mirrors to chip off, however.

Our #6 Pick – Peppa Pig’s Deluxe House Playset

The Pig family abode is a great place to play because it has a handful of different niches for each member of the Pig family.


  • Multiple stories of playspaces
  • Includes multiple Pig family members
  • Many fun niches
  • Includes many accessories


  • Requires more family members to fill entirely
  • Accessories may not be fun to play with

The Pig family home is the perfect setting for a playdate between your child and another. It’s also a great spot for your child to spend some time playing alone with the members of the Pig family.

With this set, you’ll get the entire Pig family home, complete with a bathroom, living room, kitchen, and Peppa’s room. Furthermore, your child will be able to play with Peppa herself, Mummy Pig, and even one of Peppa’s mouse friends.

The set also comes with a tiny dinner set composed of a table and four chairs. Like the other elements of the set, the table and chairs can be removed from the shell of the home and brought elsewhere to make for more play opportunities.

When the house isn’t in use, it snaps closed and has a convenient carrying handle.

Your child will get the most mileage out of this playset if they have a few other Peppa Pig toys to inhabit the home. Likewise, if they want to bring the figurines or props out of the home to play with another group of Peppa Pig toys, they’ll have an easy time doing so.

Our #7 Pick – Piggy Pig Family Doll

These plush members of the Pig family are ready for a snuggle or a play session.


  • Great for the bedroom
  • Fun to cuddle with
  • Cute design
  • One pillow for each family member


  • Not washer friendly
  • Tend to stain

Most Peppa Pig toys are cute, but not snuggle-ready. These pillows buck the trend by providing four members of the Pig family who are plush and ready to cuddle. Peppa, George, Mummy, and Daddy Pig all are filled with soft material that is perfect for a hug or a nap.

The cheerful demeanor of the Pigs is supplemented by the fact that the little Pigs have toys of their own. Peppa Pig has a little dog plush held under one arm, and George has a dinosaur.

The parent Pigs have props, too. Daddy Pig’s briefcase is delightfully soft. These plushies make for a great gift when you need to purchase cushions or pillows that your child can use while casually playing or lounging.

The only downside of these stuffed toys is that they are not easy to clean. Your child may get them dirty, however, so you’ll be left with spot cleaning with a sponge and soap. Because of how difficult they are to clean, you might find yourself wishing that they were washer safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know Which Peppa Pig Toy To Get?

The correct Peppa Pig toy to purchase depends on which toys your child already has. If they already have a bunch of little figurines, you should purchase a place for the figurines to be used like a house or other play location.

If your child doesn’t have any Peppa Pig toys, the first step will be to purchase a figurine of Peppa herself. The other members of the Pig family are also good picks for first toys in the collection.

You might want to avoid purchasing Peppa Pig toys which don’t feature any of the main characters if you are looking for a first toy. Peppa’s friends aren’t necessarily as memorable or as quirky as she is, so your child might not enjoy them as much as playing with Peppa herself.

Finally, you should probably ensure that there is a toy which provides Peppa and her crew with something to do. Peppa loves to go on trips and go to school, so these might be a couple of good first choices.

Are Peppa Pig Toys Good For Creative Play?

Peppa Pig toys are marketed to a very young demographic. This young demographic usually does not have very many options for creative play, and, unfortunately, the Peppa Pig toys are more or less the same as the other offerings.

Peppa Pig toys are not very effective for creative play, and most have no creative elements to speak of. If you want your child to get some creative play out of their Peppa Pig sets, they’ll need to be encouraged to use the toys symbolically rather than literally.

Are Peppa Pig Toys Good For Active Play?

Most Peppa Pig toys are not the best for active play, but there are ways to make them more active than they might seem at first glance.

First, the best Peppa Pig toys for active play are the vehicles. The Pig family is always going on excursions, and these excursions are your child’s chance to use the toys actively.

Encourage your child to get up and physically run around when it’s time for the Pig family to hit the road. Everything from the school bus to a Peppa Pig airplane is ready for purchase, and you’ll need to get your child to use the toy while moving around.

Overall, it’s possible to get a decent level of physical activity out of Peppa Pig toys relative to the age group that the toys are intended for.

Don’t try to make active play with Peppa Pig toys happen once your child’s needs have grown to require more physical activity than when they were an infant, however.

How Do I Help My Child Play With Peppa Pig Toys?

Your child is likely very young if they are interested in Peppa Pig, and they may not yet understand how to utilize their Peppa Pig toys. The trick is to encourage your child to design an episode of Peppa Pig, then play it out using the toys.

This means that your child might envision something like a road trip or a day in class for Peppa. Once your child knows what they’d like Peppa to do, it’s only a matter of executing the plan with the help of the toys. The first part of the process is the part that you can help with.

Are Peppa Pig Toys Safe?

Yes, Peppa Pig toys are safe. Most are made from inside the US, and manufacturing standards are very high. However, you may want to make sure that your child washes their hands after playing with Peppa Pig toys to be sure.

Furthermore, most Peppa Pig toys are made of plastic. Plastics may cause problems for developing children if they are handled extensively, so use your best judgment. There’s nothing especially dangerous or especially safe about Peppa Pig toys as far as the plastic element goes.

Some Peppa Pig toys use batteries to make special sounds or make the surface of the toy light up. These toys carry no risk of electrical shock or anything similar. Most use the tiniest batteries, and carry no fire risk or electrocution risk.

Nonetheless, most Peppa Pig toys are marketed towards very young children who may accidentally choke on Peppa or one of her accessories.

Because of this risk, you should carefully monitor your child when they are playing with a Peppa Pig toy that could potentially be swallowed. Most of the toys fall into this category.

Once your child is a bit older — around five years old by most estimates — they won’t be interested in trying to eat poor Peppa.

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