The Top 10 Best Kites for Kids (2019 Edition)

Best Kites for Kids - Review Guide Featured ImageThere are few things better than taking your kids out to the park or beach on a beautiful day. Especially when that day is nice and breezy, and you have a great kite to show off! Kites have long been a fantastic way for families to bond and create priceless memories together – you might even catch yourself wanting a turn!

Combine learning with fun in a practical environment. As kids learn how to launch and control the kite, they develop critical thinking skills, hand-eye coordination, and strength, not to mention experiencing the thrill of success when it finally works.

Get everyone away from the screens indoors and spend more time in the sunshine with a little fun exercise. Below are some of the best kites for kids out there today.

Our #1 Choice
AGREATLIFE Huge Rainbow Kite for Kids for Outdoor Games and Activities |...
Our #2 Choice
IMPRESA Large Rainbow Delta Kite - Easy to Assemble, Launch, Fly - Premium...
Our #3 Choice
Hengda Kite-Pack 3 Colors(Red&Green&Blue)Beautiful Large Easy Flyer Kite...
AGREATLIFE Huge Rainbow Kite for Kids for Outdoor Games and Activities |...
IMPRESA Large Rainbow Delta Kite - Easy to Assemble, Launch, Fly - Premium...
Hengda Kite-Pack 3 Colors(Red&Green&Blue)Beautiful Large Easy Flyer Kite...
2,302 Reviews
707 Reviews
246 Reviews
Our #1 Choice
AGREATLIFE Huge Rainbow Kite for Kids for Outdoor Games and Activities |...
AGREATLIFE Huge Rainbow Kite for Kids for Outdoor Games and Activities |...
2,302 Reviews
Our #2 Choice
IMPRESA Large Rainbow Delta Kite - Easy to Assemble, Launch, Fly - Premium...
IMPRESA Large Rainbow Delta Kite - Easy to Assemble, Launch, Fly - Premium...
707 Reviews
Our #3 Choice
Hengda Kite-Pack 3 Colors(Red&Green&Blue)Beautiful Large Easy Flyer Kite...
Hengda Kite-Pack 3 Colors(Red&Green&Blue)Beautiful Large Easy Flyer Kite...
246 Reviews

Why Do Kites Fly?

Kites are made of three main parts – the frame, the material that is stretched over the frame creating a wing-like object, the string, and the “bridle” which attaches the string to the kite from two or more points. In the simplest explanation, there are four forces you’re working with when flying a kite – lift, weight, drag, and thrust.

When the speed of air increases, its pressure decreases. Kites are shaped in a way that allows air moving over the top to move faster than the air moving below so that the air pressure above is less than below. That is what gets the kite into the air. This lift force must be equal to the weight of the kite for liftoff.

Drag is created by the friction of air moving over the kite, and by the air pressure difference between the front and the back. Thrust is the forward force pushing a kite to move, created by string tension and the wind. To keep a kite up in the air and flying steady, thrust must equal drag.

How Do I Fly a Kite?

Kite flying is a great outdoor activity to get the kids away from screens and develop important skills like hand-eye coordination and critical thinking. To have a successful kite-flying experience, here are a few things to pay attention to.

The Wind

First, you will need some wind. Most beginner kites call for light to moderate breezes (from the level where flags move slowly to flags flying strong). Strong winds (if you hear the flags flapping) do not usually work well for kites.

The Space

Kites move around a lot in the air, so the more space there is, the better. If there are large obstacles near by like buildings or hills, the wind will become turbulent and hard to fly a kite. As a rule of thumb, if you’re near a hill, go to the side that the wind is coming from and fly the kite downwind.

The Kite

There are different kite designs that fly well, and each does a little something different while in the air. You can choose from the classic diamond, to box-shaped, delta, inflatable parafoil, and stunt kites with 2-4 lines attached for doing tricks. The tail is not only pretty and enjoyable, it adds some drag at the bottom, allowing the nose to stay pointed in the right direction and creates stability. If your kite seems unstable, add a tail. There is also a special string on the back of the kite that keeps it bent, which keeps the kite balanced in the air and will more easily stay up.

The Launch

While it might be tempting to throw the kite into the air and run as fast as you can, it’s not the most effective way! Start with your back to the wind and with you or a friend/child holding the kite as high as possible with the nose pointed up. Gently let go into the wind, let a little line out and when it starts to fall, pull the line back in. Keep repeating these steps until its up as high as you want.

In Flight

Keep the kite where you can see and enjoy it. The higher you take it, the more likely something will happen that wasn’t expected! If the line becomes relaxed, reel it in a bit, and if it’s pulling too hard, let some line out. For more altitude, pump the line like you did during the launch.

Circle number 1 Top Pick

aGreatLife Huge Rainbow Kite for Kids

A 42-inch wide, sturdy rainbow kite designed for easy launch and control. It will fly in any wind, even a light breeze. Comes with a 50-meter spool of string.


  • Great price for a quality kite
  • Instructional video for assembly (instruction manual is not very descriptive)
  • Easy to release and reel in, even for a 5-year-old
  • Good customer service


  • String may not be strong enough for some winds
  • No spare rods included

This large rainbow kite will delight you and your children every time you take it out. For both boys and girls, this kite is very easy to assemble for beginners, includes an easy-grip handle and a 50-meter spool of dacron string. It’s built to be very stable in both strong winds and light breezes.

Even though it’s large, it will be up in the air without much wind. Great for the park and the beach. Manufactured with non-toxic, high-quality ripstop polyester fabric and strong lightweight central support.

Circle number2

Large Delta Kite

This 43-inch wide, high-quality rainbow kite comes with a full 200-feet of line and fiberglass rods with reinforcement. Easily assembled and folded up to take on trips.


  • Long tail prevents “nose diving” to the ground
  • Excellent customer service
  • Great price for quality product that should last years when taken care of


  • Needs a stronger line for strong winds beyond 16 mph
  • Easily assembled but must be careful not to poke rods through material

Affordable, easy assembly, and high-quality, you can’t go wrong with this colorful kite. It’s made with a weather-resistant ripstop nylon fabric coupled with sturdy fiberglass rods to ensure long-lasting enjoyment for both kids and adults.

At 43-inches wide and 80-inches long, with two extra small tails on either side, everyone will love watching this kite go soaring on the beach and in the park. Flying higher than 100-feet might require an adult holding the handle as it will take some strength to hang on. Easily stored and carried around, folding up to 17.5-inches. Flies best with winds of 5-16 mph. Loved by boys and girls of all ages and makes a great gift. Covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Circle number3

Hengda Kite 3-Pack

This pack of three kites gives everyone their chance to fly a colorful octopus in the sky! 31-inches wide and 157-inches long with eight colorful tentacle tails.


  • Little to no assembly
  • Flies effortlessly
  • Great price for three kites


  • Some string is included, but it’s not long

These kites will provide a lot of fun memories at the park and the beach! They require no assembly out of the bag, just tie the string on, launch and enjoy. These kites are designed with perfect balance for less nose dives or crashes, and they will take off very easily – even a 2-year-old can hold on and enjoy. Lightweight design and made of high-quality, durable nylon.

Each kite comes with its own storage bag, and there are a few color options to choose from including solid red, green, and blue, multi-colored, and spotted. This makes a great gift for children that have siblings, and they’ll be a huge hit at any party. The manufacturers are so confident you’ll love these, that they offer a 100% lifetime money back guarantee.

Other great options include the 2-pack, and a single octopus kite.

Circle number4

SINGARE Large Octopus Kite 2-Pack

These fun octopus kites come with two in a pack and fly easily and smoothly for both young and older kids (and adults). Includes a 200-foot reel of line and storage bags for each kite.


  • Great price for two quality kites
  • 200-foot line included


  • Stronger winds may require a stronger line

This two-pack of colorful octopus-shaped kites will keep your kids, no matter what age, well-occupied for hours while the weather’s nice (with a little breeze). For a very reasonable price, these come with convenient carrying cases and 200-foot reels of line. Color packs available include a blue and red, or a green and red. The kites arrive fully assembled – just attach the string and go.

They’re designed with simplicity in mind, so they’re easy to get off the ground and a breeze to control, giving your kids the thrill of success as they fly higher and higher. Great for both the beach and the park, the colorful tentacle-like tail streamers and kite are approximately 8-feet long. Includes a 12-month warranty.

Circle number5

Listenman 2-Pack Kites

This 2-pack comes with a large rainbow diamond-shaped kite with a long tail, and a red octopus with rainbow-colored tentacles, perfect for boys and girls of all ages.


  • Great price for two quality kites
  • Easy to fly
  • Includes 100-meter string and easy-grip handle


  • One may fly better than the other

This pack includes both a fun octopus-shaped kite with rainbow tentacles as the tail, and a more traditional diamond-shaped kite, with an exciting rainbow color design and a long colorful tail. Both come with a 100-meter line and an easy-grip handle.

With the octopus measuring 158-inches long, 28-inches wide, and the other 83-inches long and 43-inches wide, each comes with a convenient storage bag. Constructed with nylon fabric and fiberglass rods, the Rainbow Delta kite is very easy to assemble, and the octopus kite does not need assembly at all – just attach the string and go. Have an outdoor kid’s birthday party coming up? These kites make a great gift and something fun to do at the party for everyone, even in a light breeze.

Circle number6

IMAGE 3D Kite Frameless Dolphin

This frameless large dolphin kite is very easy to handle with no assembly. Reinforced where needed, durable, and can get wet at the beach without a problem.


  • Great price for large, quality kite
  • Unique, fun shape
  • Quick and easy with no assembly and easy storage


  • Does better in mild wind (less than 15 mph)
  • Pulls hard so it can be difficult for young kids to hang on to with stronger breezes
  • May need a heavier string for strong winds

The frameless soft Parafoil dolphin-shaped kite is lightweight and durable, providing easy transport without needing to worry about deforming or losing rods. Made with tear-proof cloth, with fun streamers attached to the tail.

A very long 400-foot line is included with an easy-grip handle. Very large in size at over 8-feet long without the streamers, fly it high and it will still look huge! Choose from four colors – red, orange, black, and blue. Once it gets up in the air, an adult may need to help young kids to hold it as it will be flying strong. Includes a storage bag and a warranty.

Circle number7

Best Delta Kite

An easy flyer for kids and beginners, with two ribbon tails and a specially designed aerodynamic shape. Comes with a 200-foot reel of line.


  • Small company with the best customer service
  • Quality design and materials
  • Easy to launch and stays flying for a long time
  • Very durable and can take many hard crashes


  • Pricier than other kites (but for good reason)

Made with top-quality materials, this kite is a bit on the serious side when it comes to design and craftsmanship. Lightweight, strong, and flexible, measuring 60-inches wide, 32-inches long with 8.5-foot twin tails and a 200-foot line with handle. The special design allows the kite to launch very easily and stay up, even if it gets a little wet.

Spare rods and a storage bag are provided for convenience. Claiming to be unbreakable with flexible resin rods instead of fiberglass, and heavy-duty ripstop nylon, this kite will make a great gift, especially for some rougher kids! Includes a warranty for a free replacement upon the loss of the kite, “Sea-‘n’-Tree No Loss Guarantee”. Choose from five vibrant colors to suit any style.

Circle number8

Black Shark Kite from Hengda Kite

Not all kites have to be cute and cuddly. This single-line shark kite cuts through the air with style to spare.


  • Awesome shark design with fins and teeth
  • Made from lightweight, durable nylon
  • Includes string
  • Large and easy to fly


  • Assembly required
  • Assembly instructions can be confusing

Cue the Jaws theme music! This black shark kite has wide fins and a giant mouth filled with teeth. It’s the big kahuna of the sky.

At 155cm by 160cm, it’s large but still easy to control. It’s a single-line kite which is easy to fly. The kite is made from tear-resistant nylon which is durable enough to withstand high winds and rough landings.

Circle number9

Ice Cream Kite from aGreatLife

Nothing’s sweeter than this Ice Cream kite suitable for kids 10 and older.


  • Bright, colorful ice cream design
  • Designed for kids 10 and up
  • Includes full assembly instructions
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Includes 30 meters of string


  • Irregular shape makes it more difficult to fly than other kites

Take the family out for ice cream – way out. This kite from aGreatLife has a colorful, vibrant design featuring an ice cream cone with a cherry on top. It’s made from durable nylon with a lightweight frame which is easy to fly.

It’s designed for kids 10 and up. While the kite does need to be put together, the simple instructions make assembly a fun family activity. Plus, aGreatLife offers a full guarantee against defects. They’ll replace the kite for free if it has any production flaws.

Circle number10

Huge Rainbow Kite by Tomi Kite

A massive and colorful kite which flies easily in just about any type of wind.


  • Vibrant, colorful rainbow design
  • Large 60-inch by 32-inch size
  • Includes 100 meters of string
  • Flies in low, medium and high-speed wind


  • Best for older kids
  • Folding it down for storage can be time-consuming

Careful – you might blot out the sun with this big boy! At 60 inches wide by 32 inches long, this massive rainbow kite is sure to be noticed. It has six 100-inch tails and a bold, colorful style.

Despite the size, it’s remarkably easy to fly. It’s made from weather-resistant rip-stop fabric and flexible fiberglass rods. A large 600D handle gives you plenty of control even when letting the kite soar to its maximum 100-meter length.

Storage is easy, too. The kite folds down into an 18-inch pack. An instruction manual is also included.

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