The Best Toys for 9 Year Old Girls – 2019 Gift Ideas & FAQ

The Best Toys and Gifts for 9 Year Old GirlsWhat a wonderful but challenging age to be. At nine years old you certainly aren’t a teenager yet, but she probably doesn’t feel like a kid either.

This in-between stage can be tough, and it also makes it a hard age to buy for. She demands independence and creativity, but she still needs constant support and guidance from her family and friends.

For a nine-year-old girl, there are a handful of fantastic toys which she can enjoy by herself or with her friends, which will get her outside to enjoy the outdoors or inside with her siblings in the evening.

Circle number 1 Top Pick

Ultimate DIY Lip Balm Kit

This DIY Lip Balm Kit allows her to create her lip balms which she can use herself or give to her friends and family. By combining beauty with design, she can explore her creativity and create something for herself to enjoy.


  • All natural and gluten-free
  • Easy-to-follow DIY instructions
  • A fun way to pamper herself


  • Can be a little messy if you make a mistake

At this age girls usually start to become more interested in their appearance and looking after their body. Perhaps she uses a social media account or watches television, where she sees other women putting their makeup on and dressing up.

While those might not make every parent comfortable, lip balms and lip kits are an ideal compromise. They allow her to still be a child while giving her the independence to have some control over her appearance and beauty.

Where this lip balm kit shines is in the quality of the final product. There are plenty of competitors but not of them are of the same quality is this kit. It’s not just a fun activity that you’ll end up throwing away; you’ll create fantastic lip balms that you’ll want to use day after day.

Plus, at this price, the cost of each lip balm stick is quite close to what you might pay in stores for a commercial brand. These kits are plenty of fun; you can stick to the recipe or mix the ingredients however you want, before decorating the outside of your lip balm to customize it for yourself or friends and family.

Circle number2

Raleigh Girls Mountain Bike

The Raleigh bike is designed for girls between the ages of 9 and 13, and depending on her height it could last her even longer. With a low stand over aluminum frame, she can adjust the seat so that it grows with her as she becomes a teenager.


  • Incredibly high-quality materials
  • Very light
  • Strong and safe mechanical disc brakes


  • Relatively expensive

Bikes are more than just a toy; they are the ability for her to enjoy some freedom for the first time. At nine years old she is probably allowed to play on the street with her friends, and a bike gives her the opportunity to cycle with her buddies, getting a good workout in and learning to play with others at the same time.

Although much more expensive than many of the toys on this list, for a quality mountain bike with disc brakes, it’s not a bad price. For the money, you get an aluminum frame that is light enough for her to maneuver, sturdy 50 mm tires, safe disk brakes and seven gears so that she can climb even the steepest hills

While she may or may not ever go mountain biking, this style of bike is ideal for a young girl because it gives her the freedom to ride on grass and dirt comfortably. Plus, if her parents have bikes, they can enjoy rides together. With kids these days spending more time than ever at home, a bike is a ticket to get her outside and exercising.

Circle number3

Holy Stone Mini RC Drone

This nimble but powerful drone is sure to guarantee hours and hours of fun for her.


  • Fast and nimble
  • Long range
  • Quick charge


  • No camera

As an entry-level drone for a girl who is more interested in flying it for fun and doing tricks, rather than taking video or photos, the Holy Stone RC Drone is the ideal choice. It’s reasonably priced, with a decently long controller range and can be charged within an hour.

At nine years old she has the dexterity and motor skills to be able to fly even more complex drones like this that are fast and can do tricks.

Circle number4

Sports Squad Electric Air Hockey Table

An air hockey table is a gift that will last for years, rather than being thrown away at the end of the year.


  • Decent sized surface
  • Low friction
  • Multiple pucks


  • Manual scoring
  • Not a huge surface

At the arcade or bowling alley, you’ll often find these air hockey tables, usually full with kids enjoying themselves. Rather than paying dollars each time to play, why not buy them a table for their room so that they can play with their friends whenever they want?

This table comes built-in with a high-output fan which reduces the friction of the puck so that it glides smoothly across the surface as you would enjoy at the arcade. Plus, with two pucks and two paddles, you can mix it up or even play with multiple pucks at once for a crazy fun time!

Circle number5

Crayola Light-Up Tracing Pad

With this light-up tracing pad, she can copy designs from whichever stencil she wants and then color them in her way. Instead of only coloring, which can get tedious, this allows her to practice drawing via a tracing pad so that she can eventually start to create her designs.


  • Strong lightbox for easy tracing
  • Over 100 traceable images
  • Comes with sheets and pencils


  • Weak hold on paper

For a nine-year-old girl, this is an ideal toy because she can use it wherever she is and without needing to bring a huge amount of resources. Plus, girls at this age are usually exploring their creativity, and this can help them to develop these skills.

This particular tracing box is a vibrant pink and silver, giving it a feminine but luxurious feeling. It takes different templates and shines them up onto the back of a sheet of paper so that she can easily copy it with a pencil to create multiple coloring pages for herself.

Although some users have noted that the holding of the upper sheet isn’t super strong, the light is very bright, and this allows for incredibly easy tracing.

Circle number6

My Password Journal

As she begins to enter puberty and changes emotionally and mentally, a diary or journal can be particularly helpful in her development.


  • Voice-activated lock
  • Beautiful cover
  • Thick and quality paper


  • Only one marker

At nine years old life can seem incredibly difficult. She’s starting to change and probably doesn’t consider herself to be a child anymore. She’s having more emotions than ever and an outlet to write those thoughts down can be therapeutic and helpful for her emotional development.

Young girls often worry about parents or friends reading their journal or diary, which is why this password protected journal is so desirable. With a vibrant design on the front, it only opens when it hears her voice!

Like a diary, it’s not particularly long, without as many pages as most traditional journals. However, it makes up for this with a voice-activated lock and a built-in marker which make it easy for a nine-year-old to carry around with her or to take to school.

For a nine-year-old, it combines simple elements like the voice lock and cover design, with relatively simplistic pages and the ability for her to write down her thoughts.

Circle number7

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX


  • Trendy accessory
  • Fully featured smart watch
  • Easy to use


  • Girls who don’t care for technology may not use all of the watch’s features

Girls love technology, but it can be tough to find the piece of technology that’s right for them. But, with this Kidizoom Smartwatch, your child can have the tech she wants with the features that she deserves.

With this smartwatch, your child will get the technical specs she needs. The watch has a lot of memory, so you’ll be able to see the pictures that she took during her day rather than a mere handful of snippets which made the cut.

With over 50 clock face designs, the smartwatch can be a great accessory because it will help your girl to organize her life. The calendar, alarm clock, and calculator functions will always come in handy.

Circle number8

Kanguru Wearable Hooded Blanket


  • Cute and warm blanket
  • Multiple animals to choose from
  • Machine washable


  • May leave feet cold

With a Kanguru Wearable Hooded Blanket, your favorite 9-year old will be ready for comfort and style whether she’s at home or at a sleepover. Don’t let the “Kanguru” brand name fool you — there are a handful of different animals which you can choose from.

Each of the animals is a hooded blanket made of microfiber polyester which is extremely comfortable and also extremely cute. If your girl loves to play pretend, these hooded blankets might be an interesting way of doing so.

Otherwise, she’ll be curled up and comfortable no matter where she takes the blanket. The blanket is machine washable, which means that you won’t need to go out of your way to make sure she always has a cute blanket that is clean.

Circle number9

Random Acts of Flowers Paper Art Kit


  • Creates gorgeous constructions of paper
  • Includes extensive instruction set
  • Promotes creativity and instruction-following


  • May not be great for girls who dislike folding paper

Sometimes creative play can get more creative than arts and crafts with paper and pencils, like with this Random Acts of Flowers Paper Art Kit. In this kit, your girl will get the opportunity to make paper flowers in beautiful origami designs that will impress you.

With 12 different flower stems, 176 colored paper sheets, and a hanging vase, this kit will provide hours of crafting opportunities. This kit will push your girl’s ability to fold paper to its limit, and also force her to use her creativity as much as possible.

For active play, this kit isn’t the best, however. The kit includes a mask which will allow your girl to clandestinely drop off paper flowers wherever she pleases in anonymity, but it doesn’t have any way of getting her to leave the house and be active in the first place.

Circle number10

Paracord Charm Bracelet Making Set


  • Encourages creative accessory-making
  • Fun for groups and families


  • Only makes 8 bracelets per kit

Girls love to create clothing and accessories, which makes this Paracord Charm Bracelet Making set an excellent gift.

With this set, your girl can create a handful of different bracelets link by link. This means that it’s a great gift for group play—your girl could make one bracelet and her friend could be making another.

Because the bracelets are made from paracord, they’ll last for as long as your girl wants to wear it. The bracelet kit is also a great family time activity because of how easy it is to use and how broad of an appeal that it has.

Your teenagers probably won’t mind spending some time making a bracelet or two.


Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a toy right for a nine-year-old girl?

When you are buying gifts for anybody, you need to keep in mind their age, gender, and personal preferences. At nine years old a child is in an awkward stage between needing constant support and being relatively independent. Many children will start entering puberty at this age or within a year or two, and this can change their perception and desires.

Usually, girls prefer toys which allow them to be creative, caring and active. This often means that toys that can be used by a group are particularly great such as a bicycle or an air hockey table.

Similarly, creative toys like a light-up tracing board or a lip balm kit give her the freedom and independence to explore her creativity and design things that she likes without any parental oversight.

As you might imagine, colors like pink, purple, green and blue are associated with young girls, and for this reason, you’ll find that many of the toys for girls of this age range use these colors. Overall, consider what she likes and her hobbies, as well as what toys she already has to decide on the perfect gift for her.

Are there educational toys that might help her?

At nine years old education is primarily taking place in the classroom and through homework. While a younger child might benefit from educational tools, the skills that a nine-year-old is developing are not going to be found in education.

Instead, she’ll be learning to interact with others without guidance or oversight from her parents. She will be becoming more creative and find unique solutions to more difficult problems, both of which are vital skills that she will need throughout her teenage years and as a young adult.

Toys that allow her to be creative such as drawing or project kits are great for developing this artistic flair. Similarly, bikes, skateboards or scooters can encourage her to get outside and play with other children so that she may learn to cooperate but also to deal with problems by herself.

What toys are right for a nine-year-old girl with autism?

Often children with autism or Asperger’s are reluctant to interact with other children because they might have difficulties with speech or understanding other children emotions. In this case, toys that they can enjoy by themselves are often the safest, while group toys that don’t require large amounts of people are also safer choices.

For example; the light-up tracing board by Crayola could be a fantastic gift because she can draw by herself. Autistic children are often very creative and can be incredible artists, while therapists would argue that coloring can help children to calm down and can be therapeutic for them.

Which toys are best for a nine-year-old girl with ADHD?

Children with ADHD tend to exhibit short bursts of high energy and can struggle to focus on one task for an extended period. For these children, activities like coloring or drawing might not be stimulating enough because they lack concentration.

However, flying a drone or playing air hockey or riding their bike outside could give them a thrill. Bikes, in particular, can be useful for children with ADHD because it can give them a physical outlet for their energy and simultaneously allows them to workout, which some experts believe can reduce ADHD symptoms.

Is it hard to pick a gift for a nine-year-old girl?

When compared to other demographics, buying for a nine-year-old girl is relatively difficult. They are changing so rapidly and yet are stuck between being a teenager and a child, demanding independence but still requiring oversight and supervision.

Therefore, buying toys for them can be tough, but on the flip-side, there is a vast selection to choose from. It’s wise to consider what the nine-year-old girl seems to like and what toys she currently enjoys, using that information to guide your decisions as to which of the toys on this list is the best fit for her.

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