The Best Toys for 7 Year Old Girls – 2019 Gift Ideas & FAQ

The Best Toys and Gifts for 7 Year Old GirlsChoosing a gift for the special 7-year-old girl in your life can be a complicated task. There are many more toy options to sift through then there where when we were kids. Finding the perfect gift is more difficult than ever before. But not Impossible?

So, what are the best toys for 7-year-old girls?

Kids at this age are reaching the end of big leaps in their motor skills. Now the cognitive and social skills get a big boost. They are developing new skills in writing and reading. It is the perfect time to enhance their knowledge of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

My Fairy Garden

Great for the 7-year-old who loves fairies, or gardening, or both. The My Fairy Garden is a great way to foster any girls green thumb.


  • Reusable
  • Multiple Play Options
  • Teaches Gardening


  • Could Get Messy

This garden is both a playset and a real planter. The My Fairy Garden—Magical Cottage comes with everything you need to plant and grow real plants. The seeds are fast-growing varieties that sprout in a matter of days. And, when those have all died, you can use any ground cover seeds to replace them.

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Mermaid Jewelry Kit

This Mermaid themed jewelry making kit includes everything you need to make four necklaces. You can also make a few bracelets instead to form a complete jewelry set.


  • No Plastic Cord
  • Promotes Artistic Creativity
  • Can be Save and Warn for Years


  • Choking Hazard for Younger Siblings

The kit includes satin ribbon instead of flimsy string or plastic cord. All the plastic beads and charms center around the mermaid theme. The beads can be arranged in any order so that girls can create a unique design. A great project for encouraging creativity.

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Soap Making Kit

The KLUTZ Soap Making Kit comes with everything you need to make ten colorful pieces of soap.


  • Molds are Reusable
  • Great to do With Friends
  • Part Creativity, Part Science Project


  • Adult Supervision Required

The instruction booklet includes step by step instructions for those who need more guidance. It even tells the kids when to get a grown-up’s help. There are also suggestions for customizing the soaps, so those who want to get a little more creative can.

A great activity to entertain one, or a group, making soap can be fun and educational. And when they are done making soaps, the girls can show them off. They can use them in their bathroom and see their handy work every day.

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Sports Camera

Help that 7-year-old in your life discover the joy of shooting and directing.


  • Encourages Outdoor Activity
  • Wow Factor as Gift
  • Long Lasting Use


  • Requires Purchasing a Memory Card

With so much of kids’ life nowadays being filmed, a waterproof sports camera is sure to be an inspiring gift. The camera can be used to film sports, swimming, or anything a girl wants.

Great for many different applications this sports camera is built to withstand all of them. Comparable in quality to high-end sports cameras often used by adults. It will encourage girls in their sport and outdoor activities because they can film them and show their friends.

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Super Mani-Pedi Party Kit

A perfect gift for the girl who likes to glam out her nails.


  • Great to do With Friends
  • Encourages Creativity
  • Water Based Polish


  • Might Get Messy

Pretty much all girls like to paint their nails. And what better kind of party than a Mani-Pedi party? The kit comes with nail polish, nail wraps, glitter, and sequins. It also has everything else you need, like nail fails and toe separators.

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Sock Kitty Kit

The Sew a Sock Kitty kit has the socks, thread, and even scissors that you need to make an adorable sock kitty.


  • Develops Sewing Skills
  • Encourages Creativity
  • Builds Confidence


  • One Time Use

This craft teaches or re-enforces sewing skills. Once the 7-year-old who gets it, learns how to make the sock kitty, she can continue making them. Provided, of course, that you purchase new materials.

Having a completed project to show others, or to enjoy herself, really boosts a girl’s confidence. Add to that the fact that sewing is a practical skill she will use all her life, and you have an excellent gift for any girl.

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National Geographic Geodes

The kit has safety glasses and everything else you need — except the hammer.


  • Educational and Fun
  • Geodes Will Last for Years
  • STEM Centered


  • Requires Adult Supervision

National Geographic Geodes kit contains ten good sized premium geodes. The full-color learning guide provides descriptions and information about the different types of crystals that could be inside the geodes. This kit provides a fun and beautiful introduction to earth science.


Finally, a remote-controlled vehicle for girls!


  • Comes in Purple
  • Fits Most Barbie Sized Dolls
  • As Good as “Boy” R/Cs


  • Requires Batteries

Though girls have been playing with R/Cs for years, they have had to choose from boy-centric ones. The GIRLMAZING Jeep is made for girls. As a bonus, the jeep has enough room for most 11-inch dolls. Take them for a spin and show those boys who’s boss.

String Art Kit

The lucky 7-year-old that gets this art kit can either follow the provided designs or make one up of her own.


  • Finished Art can be Displayed
  • Fosters Creativity
  • Builds Confidence


  • One Time Use

String Art is beautiful, creative, and fun to do! This kit contains the supplies you will need to make three different string art pieces.

String art does not require a lot of ability. But it does require enough skill to be proud of a finished piece. The kit uses pins that get pressed into a canvas, so it is a project that can completed independently.

Mini Electronic Keyboard

The Mini Electronic Keyboard is small, and battery powered which makes it mobile. A girl can take it where ever she needs to.


  • Portable
  • Includes Multiple Sounds
  • Good for Smaller Hands


  • Noisy

The benefits of music are well known. Playing the piano can help with hand-eye coordination, cognitive skills, and confidence. An electronic keyboard is an excellent introduction to music. Especially if the 7-year-old you get it for has siblings. It is possible that many great pianists were kept from their full potential because their siblings complained about their practicing.

FAQ About Toys for 7-Year-Old Girls

Many questions may arise while you are shopping for toys for a 7-year-old girl. You might be wondering something like the following:

  • What would a 7-year-old girl like?
  • What kinds of toys are appropriate (developmentally) for their age?
  • Should I be concerned about safety?
  • Are there any other factors I should consider?
  • Below are the answers to these questions.

What Do 7-year-old Girls Like?

According to, 7-year-old girls are learning new skills in reading and writing. They are also maturing socially and begin to interact with friends on a more meaningful level. So of course, they are interested in activities that can include others, vs. solo projects.

They are also ready for toys and activities that are more open-ended. They enjoy exploring their own way to complete tasks. And love the opportunity to use their developing imaginations.

Chances are the 7-year-old in your life has some particular interests and talents. You could choose a toy or project that falls into one of those categories. If she is a budding writer, maybe a journal would suit her. Or perhaps her creative talent lies more with art, in which case some art supplies might be better.

What if you don’t know what the girl likes? She might be your daughter’s friend or a niece you haven’t seen in a long time. In that case, choose a toy in an area you are specifically interested. You never know, she might try it and like it.

Of course, books are always a good gift. And 7-year-olds are starting to develop their reading skills. So educational books are an especially good choice.

The big talk right now is getting more girls into STEM. The more young girls are exposed to these fields the more confident they will feel in their abilities. The right toy choice might be a just a drop in the bucket of her experience, but it could spark a lifelong interest.

What Toys are Developmentally Appropriate for 7-Year-Old Girls?

For 7-year-olds, the term “developmentally appropriate” is no longer a concern. They are on the cusp of being able to learn and adapt to new situations. So from here on out the things that are good for their development are the same as the rest of their lives. Reading, hands-on learning activities, sports toys, and so on.

Focus on toys that build upon skills the 7-year-old girl in your life has already started to develop. Toys or activities that also teach life skills such as baking, or sewing are also excellent, age-appropriate gifts.

One of the best things for developing cognitive abilities is to play board games, according to WebMD.

What Safety Concerns are There?

Around seven years of age, the safety concerns for children shift from physical safety to mental safety. Most kids this age are pretty aware of themselves and are less likely to hurt themselves. They require less adult supervision and are starting to become more independent.

Though they are probably a few years away from some of the issues discussed in Times article American Girls: How Social Media is Disrupting the Lives of Teenagers, it is on the horizon. Now is the time to begin cementing girls sense of self-esteem so that it can be resilient against the onslaught of cyberbullying.

The best toys for 7-year-old girls will build self-esteem and encourage teamwork and cooperation.

What Other Factors Should Guide My Decisions?

7-year-olds have usually outgrown the need for constant supervision. They are older and more responsible. For the most part, they are starting to take control of their safety when it comes to things like sharp or hot objects.

One thing to look at is whether it is easy to include friends. Is the activity something that the 7-year-old girl could invite friends over to do with them? Or is it a solo activity?

Keep in mind though that some toys or gifts might require supervision or help from a parent. This might be a determining factor if you are shopping for your own child.

On the one hand, you may want to get them something that you can do together. It is important to hold on to those parent-child moments before they are gone. Teenagers usually don’t want to hang out with their parents.

You might also want to get your kids something that doesn’t require your help. It might be nice for them to have something to do on their own or with friends when you are extra busy.

If it is not your child, parental supervision is a little less of a concern. But you might know the mom needs more breaks so that an independent toy would be appropriate. Or you, maybe your sister wants more time with your niece, so you get her something they can do together.

Either way, it is something to consider.


The opportunities for girls in today’s world are almost limitless. We may not think that toys play a role in what path their lives will take. But the best toys for 7-year-old girls will encourage them to explore the world around them and use their intellect. Play is still a major source of learning for these girls.

Many toys also provide an introduction to STEM subjects, which is especially important for girls. They want to interact with their peers and share the knowledge they have learned. This sense of contributing to a group is a trait that should be encouraged and developed. They may move on to break through a STEM field and change the face of it.

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