The Best Toys for 5 Year Old Girls – 2019 Gift Ideas & FAQ

The Best Toys and Gifts for 5 Year Old GirlsTurning 5 is scary, for the parents! Kindergarten is around the corner, the little lady in your life exudes personality, and no one can stop her from doing things her way. Even the most reserved of 5 year old girls wants to do things on their own and direct full conversations.

But somewhere between all the talking, and the demands for independence she still wants to play. The age right before kindergarten is part of the magic years.

These years slip by, and it’s easy to lose track of everything they’re doing because it goes so fast. Slow down and enjoy these toys to help your little one stay entertained.

Barbie Friend Careers Astronaut Space Scientist Doll Set

The fun thing about Barbie is that she can be anything. There are endless possibilities with the open-ended world of Barbie.


  • 2 Barbies who differ in appearance
  • Open-ended


  • Does not come with accessories

The Barbie Friend Careers Astronaut Space Scientist Doll Set stands out from other Barbie sets because it comes with 2 dolls. As your 5 year old explores the joy of playing with friends, it’s always good to reinforce the friend’s concept during playtime.

The Barbie Friend Careers dolls set could only see improvement with included accessories. But like many other dolls, Barbie doesn’t need accessories to experience a million different possibilities. Your 5 year old girl can explore the universe and pursue science with this doll set.

Dimple Vanity Set for Girls

Try as you might, most girls love nail polish and makeup. Maybe they like it because it’s another layer of pretend. They can dress up within their pretend world with fake nail polish and makeup while acting out “getting ready.”


  • Open-ended pretend set
  • Has lights, sounds, and pre-programmed songs
  • Easy for multiple children to play together


  • Assembly is not as easy as it seems
  • Can’t travel

While this toy needs its own space, it is a favorite among little girls. Standing at about 28” high, 17” long and 9.5” wide it’s easy to have more than one child seated in front of it. All the accessories are very realistic so that it might keep them out of your makeup drawer!

The Dimple Vanity Set only has pretend accessories. None of the makeup or nail polish tubes are usable.

Creativity for Kids Enchanted Fairy Garden Craft Kit

The Creativity for Kids Enchanted Fairy Garden Craft Kit is a great way to introduce science to playtime.


  • Open-ended toy
  • Only requires water
  • Science-based


  • Needs light
  • Requires 2 to 4 days for sprouting

At the age of 5 years old, many children enjoy the sense of pride achieved from making something. Craft kits help them build their motor skills and confidence with a reasonable challenge.

The Enchanted Fairy Garden kit might be your child’s first real test with patience. Yes, they can paint the potting dish, and position many butterflies and gemstones right away but they must wait 2 to 4 days before seeing the magic beans and grass grow. Overall this kit is a fun way to introduce science to your little one.

Sotogo 270 Count Snap Beads Art and Crafts DIY Jewelry Making Set

With 270 pieces these pop and snap beads are easy for little hands to work with but big enough for them to play on their own.


  • No string required
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Easy to share


  • Many, many small pieces

The Sotogo DIY Jewelry Making Set comes with 3 hair clips, rings and several bracelets in a variety of sizes and colors. Any 5 year old could spend an afternoon making necklaces, rings, and bracelets with these easy to connect beads.

Craft kits are a great way to introduce sharing and playing with others. They can use the many pieces to share and interact. Best of all, you can use this as a play opportunity too. Either way, your little one can mix, match, and style many jewelry pieces!

Learning Resources Pretend and Play School Set

If the little kid in your life is bursting at the seams while waiting to go to school, this playset can tide them over.


  • Complete playset
  • Enough activities for 2 or more children to play together


  • Most pieces are stickers or paper-based

A 5 year old is on her way to kindergarten. But sometimes she can’t wait, especially if she has older siblings who leave for school every morning. This play-set includes 149 pieces that let children play as either the student or the teacher.

The Learning Resources Pretend and Playset is easy to travel with because of the fold up the board, and many of the activities are reusable with a dry-erase marker and eraser. Because of how many pieces this set comes with it’s perfect for multiple children to play together. While one child plays as the teacher, 2 or more children can play as students!

Melissa and Doug Decorate Your Own Sweets Set Craft Kit

This craft kit lets them decorate a cupcake, ice cream cone, and a slice of cake. The pots of paint are kid-safe, and the glitter glue pens clean easily.


  • 2 treasure boxes for keepsakes
  • Tons of design possibilities


  • Cleanup required

A craft kit is a great way to promote creativity and artistic prowess. As children complete a project with their hands, a 5 year old can obtain a sense of pride and learn to follow directions.

Because of the many design options, any little girl could entertain themselves for a while with this craft kit. But, a particularly decisive little one could complete this project in under an hour.

Little kids love these craft kits because the ice cream cone and cupcake are also treasure boxes. They can decorate their treasure box and then keep their valuables tucked away from the prying eyes of siblings.

Magbuilder 66 pieces Magnetic Building Blocks

If the 5 year old that you’re buying for loves school, this building blocks set is s a great way to bring school right into their bedroom.


  • Uses engineering skills including spatial reasoning
  • Allows children to spell
  • Helps children learn to read instructions


  • Many pieces are involved
  • 5 year olds might associate the blocks with toys they used when they were younger.

Building blocks that come as a set with letters, wheels, and instructions for building. The Magbuilder magnetic building blocks are a Montessori favorite as they offer different shapes, feels, colors and require interaction. These blocks are perfect for little fingers. The set includes:

  • 22 squares
  • 12 triangles
  • 2 sets of wheels
  • 2 hexagons
  • 2 rectangles
  • 26 alphabet cards

You couldn’t ask for a more complete set, and the alphabet cards are perfect for kindergarten preparation.

With these blocks, they can make houses, cars, or words. It’s all up to them. Using an open-ended concept through building blocks, any little girl will stay entertained for hours.

Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit

The earlier you start your girl learning about science, the better off she will be. That’s why a toy like the Scientific Explorer Mind Blowing Science Kit is a great way to start building her love of science.


  • Great way to start learning science early
  • Easy to understand instructions for both children and adults
  • Fun and educational


  • May be too challenging for some girls

With the Mind Blowing Science kit, your five year old will get the tools that she needs to conduct a few simple experiments. She’ll learn about why precision is important in science, how to design experiments, and the kinds of tools that scientists use to investigate things.

You’ll probably need to supervise your child while she’s using this kit to make sure that everything is working as intended. Don’t be afraid to hop in and give her some needed assistance with an experimental protocol.

Enchantmints Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box

If you don’t give your girl a convenient place to store her play accessories, you’re liable to find them strewn around her room or somewhere else in the house. That’s where this Enchantmints Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box comes into play.


  • Plays a pretty tune
  • Beautiful artwork and pretty mirror
  • Stores accessories and small toys


  • May not have enough storage space

When your girl opens up this box, she’ll get to see a rotating ballerina and a rendition of Swan Lake that’s sure to make her swoon. The box’s cheerful exterior makes it a natural fit in her room.

While there isn’t much storage space in the box, it’s more about the entire experience of having a musical jewelry box than it is about being heavy-duty storage. So, as your girl accumulates more accessories, you may need to think about upgrading.

54-Piece Drawing Stencil Set

The best gifts for five year old girls are those that help them to start building their creative skills — and that’s what she’ll do when she uses the stencils in this set.


  • Great for groups and parties
  • Improves creativity and artistic abilities
  • Cheerful colors and convenient carrying case


  • May need to buy more paper to sketch on

In the set, your girl will also get a bunch of pieces of paper alongside the stencils and the colored pencils. You may need to replace the paper because there are only a few sheets, however. By tracing and coloring using the stencils, girls will start to learn the joy of creativity.

The stencils in the set will give your girl the ability to make dozens of beautiful shapes which she can fill in with the included colored pencils. You won’t need to worry about her ability to creatively express herself. The more she uses this kit, the more her skills will grow.

This kit is a great pickup for parties because it includes more than enough materials to keep a group of girls busy. But, it’s also more than enough for individual play at home. You might even have fun picking up a stencil and drawing alongside your tyke.

Frequently Asked Questions

A 5 year old girl is now able to express what makes them happy and keeps them entertained. Because of this, they are much easier to shop for than during the past few years. Now you can choose an open-ended toy or a toy that promotes pretend-play and tailor it to their interests.

Focus on the details of what 5 year old girls like, what milestones they’ve already reached, and how to keep them entertained with their much longer attention span!

What Do 5 year old Girls Like?

Sugar, spice, and everything nice, the magic years are in front of you, and soon they’ll spend their days in a classroom. Take advantage of the time they have at home to reinforce their learning but also to just let them play.

The last few years have focused on educational toys that bring in bright colors, letters, and numbers. Keep these options handy but start enlisting toys that allow them to express their personality.

Playsets, craft kits, and interactive games are all rewarding experiences for many 5 year old girls. Because 5 year old girls can understand gender you might find they have a firm persuasion towards toys that target girls.

On the other hand, they might fight it and reasonably request toys in boy colors. The benefit of the current state of the toy industry is that almost any toy is available in your little one’s favorite color. Whether it’s pink, red, blue, or green, the only “right” color is their favorite one. The toy industry presents as many color options as possible which is great for the little girl who loves yellow.

Little girls have their unique interests by the time they reach 5 years old. Keep their interests in mind as you buy gifts. A little lady who wants to help animals might prefer a veterinarian Barbie over the option of surfer Barbie.

What Toys Are Safe for 5 year olds?

You are pretty much in the clear from choking hazards! Now it’s essential to ensure that the toy is the right size for your little lady.

Bikes, playsets and outdoor jungle gyms might seem too large or too small for the child in your life. Remember that if your child feels a toy is too large, they may steer away from it. At 5 years old the feeling of fear and intimidation is more real than ever.

But, many 5 year olds insist on staying away from activities that they associate with toddlers or babies.

Staying size appropriate is also a matter of safety. A jungle gym that is too small can lead to caught legs and smashed fingers. But, a gym that is too large means falls are more substantial, and stairs are more challenging to climb.

What Milestones to Expect from 5 Year Old Girls

By the time children reach the age of 5 they can carry full conversations and efficiently use their fine motor skills. So, what lies ahead now?

Expect your 5 years old to handle child-safe scissors and hold a crayon or pencil correctly. You should see these milestones as they enter kindergarten and pursue even more independence.

Alongside their motor skill development, a significant milestone for 5-year-olds is a jump in thinking related development. Their concentration is at its highest yet, and it can be difficult to pull them away from activities once they’re committed.

The extension of their concentration means their toys need to take on a new role. Focus on introducing toys that allow for hours of interaction rather than only 1 or 2 hours of play at a time. Many little girls enjoy drawing, playing with dolls, and using playsets or forts. These play environments allow them to change from one game to another without interruption creatively.

At 5 years old many little girls are acutely aware of their voice and body too. They enjoy dancing, singing, and acting which makes pretend play even more fun. Although the noise level keeps rising, allow them to sing or act their heart out.

Letting them explore as they sing and dance can help build their confidence, increase independence and build likes and dislikes. Maybe your 5 year old will decide she doesn’t like dancing; now you don’t’ have to worry about years of dance classes.

The last major milestone we’ll discuss here as it affects which toys they like is their awareness of reality. Whereas before children lived in a grey area between make-believe and reality, they now know the difference. They can specify that something occurred either in real-life or make-believe.

Pretend-play toys such as forts and playsets are still a favorite although you may notice they now act out more realistic scenarios. Such as Barbie becoming a doctor instead of a fairy.


Any 5 year old girl will likely enjoy a gift from a parent, aunt, uncle or older sibling. Usually, by 5 years, they understand social situations, are a little more flexible in their “favorite” things and enjoy variety. Not to mention age 5 is when more of the fun toys come in.

At 5 years old they are still working on their language development so encourage reading! But, let them play too, they still need to fine-tune some of their gross motor skills. It’s also important to keep them active as they are building lifelong habits of exercise and social interaction now! Toys are the perfect way to reinforce both areas positively.

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