The Best Toys for 4 Year Old Boys in 2018

Best Toys for 4 year old boys

You’ll face a dizzying array of choices going down the toy aisle in any department store. The toy industry topped $20 billion in 2017 and shows no signs of slowing. That’s part of the reason you may find it hard to settle on the best toys for 4 year old boys when there are so many products. We did a deep dive and found some good picks to help your search.

We also included some advice and answers to your questions about making suitable choices. After all, toys vary widely in quality and benefits that they will provide. We’ll point out what you should know before buying to make your task easier.

Play22 Toy Truck Transport Car Carrier

The truck is a realistic-looking toy with a fun set of cars and parts for hours of play.


  • It’s easy for kids to take their collection along with the handle on the top.
  • The toy scores big points as a durable product.
  • It includes six racing cars.
  • It’ll hold both Matchbox and Hot Wheel cars.


  • The shipping time is long.
  • The attachment of the cab to the trailer could be better.

The Play22 Toy Truck Transport Car Carrier is a realistic vehicle with a cool look that will certainly catch your child’s eye. The main part is durable and can handle the punishment that a four-year-old can throw at it. It includes a set of six racing cars to get him started in his collection. They are brightly-colored plastic pieces that look as great as the carrier.

Even without the cars, the truck is an excellent toy on its own. It provides storage for up to 28 cars. It has a handle for easy carrying around the house. It also has construction props for role-playing games. We liked the fact that it can hold Matchbox and Hot Wheel cars. Overall, it’s a good value for the price considering everything that comes with it.

LeapFrog Scribble and Write

This toy provides an entertaining way to teach your child both letters and numbers.


  • It teaches your child letters and numbers with a light that they can follow easily.
  • It provides feedback on how well your child wrote.
  • It will engage the child with music and positive reinforcement.


  • The length of the cord from the stylus to the device is a bit short.
  • The drawings on the screen fade too quickly.

The LeapFrog Scribble and Write is an excellent example of a toy that makes learning fun. It teaches them with an interactive interface with feedback to encourage them to try again. The stylus is easy for little hands to hold to improve their accuracy and dexterity. The cord could be a bit longer.

Combining the visual and audio cues is an excellent way to engage children in this activity. We liked the fact that it praised them for a job well done to give them that positive association with learning. We also appreciated the interactive play with numbers and other activities. The best thing about it is that it will encourage your child to practice.

ETI Toys 101-Piece Building Blocks Set

This set offers endless opportunities to create new things while stimulating your child’s imagination.


  • The manufacturer takes quality assurance seriously with third-party testing of its products.
  • It includes a carrying case.
  • It has a wide range of pieces to build several types of projects.


  • The selection of pieces could be better.
  • The set isn’t compatible with other products.

The ETI Toys 101-Piece Educational Construction Engineering Building Blocks Set offers an excellent way to foster creativity in your child. It includes a vast collection of colorful pieces that are large enough for small hands to manipulate easily. We liked the fact that there’s a carrying case too to keep it all together.

The set is challenging enough to give it a longer lifespan as your child gets older. It includes instructions to help parents guide their children with different designs to begin. It’s the kind of toy that teaches kids without them knowing that they’re learning something such as problem-solving. And it makes it fun in the process.

ToyVelt Take Apart Toy Racing Car Kit

The kit will provide hours of enjoyment with plenty of options for creating the perfect car.


  • The kids will love the engine sounds.
  • The batteries for the engine are included which we always like to see.
  • The product comes with a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee.


  • The batteries for the drill are not included in the kit.
  • The toy has a relatively short lifespan.

The ToyVelt Take Apart Toy Racing Car Kit is a great toy with just the right number of tools and parts for building different cars. It includes a drill for taking things apart and putting them back together again. The lights and sounds add a welcome fun element too. It comes with a good selection of pieces that’ll keep your child entertained.

The window for this toy is limited. The parts are too small for a younger child, and it may lack the challenge for an older one. That said, it is a well-made product that is affordably priced. You’ll get your money’s worth out of it. The sounds and lights are a cool feature that will amuse the kids.

VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set

The set provides an educational and fun introduction to the world of music.


  • The set stands out as both a musical instrument and a teaching tool.
  • There is a volume control switch.
  • It has a battery-saver function.


  • The limited selection of melodies may get old after a while.
  • It’s a bit on the small side.

The VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set succeeds on several fronts. First, it’s a great way to introduce your child to music. We liked that it teaches children to follow a beat with LED lights on the drums. Second, it’s also a learning tool for numbers and letters which puts it on our list of the best toys for 4 year old boys. That adds a lot to its value.

It has four play modes and nine melodies from which to choose. It includes batteries meant for demo use, a trend we’ve seen in many toys. The set has a volume control switch which we consider a must-have feature in any noise-making toy. Overall, it’s a cute instrument with the added functionality that makes it a good value for the price.


What Are Some Features I Should Look for in Toys?

Realism is an important part of toys for boys in this age group. As their role model, your child will want to replicate the things you do with the tools and objects that you use. Anything that resembles them is sure to please, especially if it lights up or makes sounds. These features will engage children more, making them appropriate choices.

Some children can graduate to playthings with smaller parts as long as they’re not routinely putting objects into the mouths. You should stick with toys that are unbreakable with nothing that can break off easily and become a hazard.

What Should I Avoid When Buying a Toy for a Four-Year-Old?

Stay away from anything with fragile or brittle materials. The same precaution exists with electrical mechanisms unless supervised by an adult. Look for the phrase “UL Approved” on these toys. Opt for well-made products even if they’re more expensive over cheaper, less sturdy ones. Also, you should read the label on everything to make sure that they are nontoxic.

House rules will dictate which toys are inappropriate. Anything with projectiles, for example, is a better choice for outdoor play than indoors. If you pick one that makes sounds, make sure there is a volume control on it and preferably an OFF switch too. If in doubt, check with Mom and Dad first.

What Mental and Physical Changes Are Going On in a Four-Year-Old?

A lot is going on inside the body of your child at this age. They’ll take a greater interest in the world around them including animals and nature in general. Their curiosity will rev up too. They’ll start to see patterns and designs. You may see those first hand drawings of houses, trees, and cars. Sharing and cooperation are part of play as well.

You’ll see a spike in their imagination as building things becomes more entertaining to them. Make-believe games are important too. That may even spread over into group play. These things all coincide with greater cognitive functioning.

Physically, their dexterity is improving with a better ability to grasp and manipulate objects. You’ll notice more activity and increasing boldness in the things they do. They’re more likely to jump and play acrobats at this age. They’ll begin to understand the concept of time and even goal setting, at least for the short term.

How Can Toys Help My Child’s Development?

The essential to remember is that the brain of your growing child is forming the neural pathways that will serve him later in life. Toys are an important way that you can influence this development. Realistic playthings set the stage for skills they may use as adults. That’s one reason why they prefer realistic-looking toys.

Some of the best toys for 4 year old boys encourage learning in a fun way. It’s probably one of the most valuable gifts that you can give your child. A positive association with acquiring new knowledge is priceless. You’ll see many products that embrace STEM which make excellent choices when deciding what to buy.

Should I Give My Child Electronics?

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that parents take an active role in their child’s usage of any digital media. First and foremost, limits are crucial whether it’s TV, a smartphone, or tablet. Remember that children need to be able to navigate their own world before immersing themselves in an electronic version. One hour a day tops is best.

Second, the AAP urges families to have a media plan with goals and restrictions. Parents should vet all content for quality. It offers a great opportunity to set boundaries and media-free areas and times that will fit in with your child’s current mental development. It’s critical to ensure that your child remains active to set healthy lifelong habits.

What Are Some Good Toys for My Child?

Several types will support your growing four-year-old in positive ways. Some suitable choices include:

  • Push & Pull Toys: Lawnmowers, wagons, and wheelbarrows
  • Construction Toys: Building blocks, interlocking systems, and simple models
  • Ride-On Toys: Tricycles, low-slung trikes, and trucks
  • Sports Equipment: Climbing sets, seesaws, and gym sets
  • Manipulative Toys: Puzzles, matching games, and sorting toys
  • Creative Play: Musical instruments, painting/drawing materials, and crafts
  • Make-Believe Play: Costumes, props, and puppets

These kinds of toys will help children build on the skills from the increase in cognitive functioning. They’ll help them see patterns in things and make associations between cause-and-effect. A wide variety of playthings will foster more rounded mental development. Exposure to a variety of tasks is an excellent way to prepare them for the challenges of school.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know?

Always read the label on all toys before giving them to your four-year-old. You’ll save yourself a lot of hassles—and tears—if you do. Make it a point to explain how a plaything works too. Show your child what he should and shouldn’t do with it. If you need to set ground rules, it’s an excellent time for it.

The best toys for 4 year old boys will help them gain the skills they’ll need for school and their adult life. Realistic-looking ones are a fine way to bridge that gap as they get older. We prefer products that encourage physical activity and mental stimulation to meet those goals. It’s impossible to overemphasize the importance of these early years.

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