The Best Toys for 3 Year Old Girls – 2019 Gift Ideas & FAQ

Best Toys for 3-Year-Old Girls - Gift GuideTurning 3 years old marks a new chapter in your special one’s life. Whether you’re an aunt, uncle, parent or friend of the family you can give a gift that brings joy, excites creativity and entertains the 3-year-old in your life for hours.

Not only do they now have a longer attention span, but many have developed personal preferences. This age is the perfect time to let their creativity shine through with pretend games, or open-ended toys. There are a lot of different toys that can captivate the 3 year old in your life, but here are the best.

Fox Print Princess Castle Play Tent

The castle play tent delivers on an important aspect of early childhood development because it invokes creativity.


  • Pretend play
  • Promotes privacy
  • Kid-friendly design


  • Only targeted towards princess play.

Although there are many magical adventures for toddlers in this magic castle, if your little one isn’t interested in dressing as a princess you’re out of luck. The tents colorful design will stimulate the child’s creativity. Meanwhile, the perfect size will allow 2 or 3 toddlers to play simultaneously.

She is now entering the toddler stage at 3-years-old, it’s important to encourage her to play with other children. Full of glow-in-the-dark stars, this pop-up castle tent is about 54” standing up, but folds down to fit in a small carrying bag.

Baby Loovi Foam Letters Alphabet

This package has all 26 letters imprinted on animals. The association of animal to the letter will help the special toddler in your life remember all of her ABC’s and animals.


  • Bright colors keep her attention
  • Puzzle aspect works their hand-eye coordination


  • Not open-ended
  • Bath time only

We can easily overlook that this is a bath only toy. So far as bath toys go there are no annoying holes to trap water, and they are easy to clean. This toy is a great option that will build her hand-eye coordination and promote learning the ABC’s, colors, and animals.

A bonus of this package is that the letters detach from the animal leaving your little one to coordinate them together.

Quiet Book by Curious Columbus

A gift for the special little girl in your life and her parents! This Quiet Book is an early learning tool that is soft and has many different sensory aspects.


  • Differently textured fabrics assist her sensory development
  • Activities teach her about daily routines
  • All pieces attach to the book


  • Multiple pieces can be lost

Toddlers love a challenge and the activities in the Quiet Book will not only engage your toddler but also make them think about how each piece interacts with the other. Simple activities like dressing the character for the day are full of simple puzzles, such as putting the right shoe on the right foot.

The Quiet Book is a great option for long car rides, and anytime you need well a little quiet time. The book has a carrying handle, so she can tote it around and several interactive activities.

Skoolzy Peg Board Shapes Puzzle

With 38 pieces this puzzle will keep the little lady entertained for a long time.


  • Open-ended toy
  • Peg shapes stack and builds together
  • Perfect size for little hands


  • Different puzzle games packaged in an e-book

The Skoolzy Peg Board is a puzzle tool used in Montessori schools for years. The design, bright colors, and variety of shapes promote creativity and critical thinking.

All the shapes fit easily into a pouch and are transportable. There is no dedicated puzzle table which is a plus, and the many shapes fit and stack together. The flexibility of this toy means that even when you’re not around to help them through a puzzle, they can build their toys. Pegs are a great alternative to Mega Blocks.

3 Bees and Me Dinosaur Toys

These dinosaurs are the perfect size for a 3-year-olds hand and have wheels on the bottom.


  • Bright colors
  • Different dinosaur species for imaginative play


  • Not for bath time as they take on water

We love ourselves a versatile toy, but this one should avoid contact with water because of their ability to take on water. Aside from that, they’re a toy that promotes interest in the prehistoric era. Kids love dinosaurs, especially around the age of 3 and this toy satisfies this desire.

Not every toy has to focus on hand-eye or cognitive development. There is no doubt that your little one sees learning opportunities everywhere and would enjoy an old-fashioned, just-for-fun toy.

Lego Duplo l Disney Sofia the First Magical Carriage

The package contains 3-character figures, so there is an opportunity to pretend to play with familiar characters after building.


  • Measures over 3” high and 10” long
  • 30 pieces promote building activity for longer durations of time


  • Lego pieces get lost

It’s Disney and Lego all in one, and whoever though Lego doesn’t make toys catered to little girls is wrong! This adorable carriage uses large pieces that your little one can handle easily.

Lego does well in promoting pretend play and building activities. As your little one explores the building and enjoys pretending to play Lego is always a great option. The Disney Sofia set is our choice here because of the multiple character figurines, and easy to assemble carriage. Keep in mind that it’s best to have a space set aside for Legos because of how easily pieces are lost.

Pound and Tap Bench with Xylophone

A complete bowling set packed into a convenient carrying case that is a size comfortable for the toddler in your life to tote around on their own.


  • Multiple areas of engagement
  • Xylophone slides out for compact storage
  • Music toy


  • Comes with a hammer

Bowling with a 3-year-old can quickly become a dirty or at least sticky task. These pins and the plush ball “surface cleaning” only, so it’s probably best to keep some sanitizer wipes handy.

But, aside from that this toy will keep your little one entertained. The process of knocking pins down and resetting them up will keep them active as well.

The 6 pins vary in numbers, colors, and all feature a different animal head. The plush animal pins are soft but stand on their own and topple with little contact from the soft bowling ball.

LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Set

This tea set will give your three year old the joyful teatime play experience that she deserves.


  • Colorful and cheerful sights and sounds
  • Great for playdates
  • Great for creative play


  • May not contain cake flavors your child can pretend to enjoy

With this set, you’ll get a cheerful teapot, two rainbow-clad teacups, and a special cake with six different make-believe flavors. Underneath the lid of the teapot, there’s a delightful little mirror which your child can use to see herself play.

Lifting the lid of the teapot also causes the toy to emit fun sounds which you’ll smile when you hear. When your girl plays pretend using these teatime toys, she’ll learn patience, manners, and how to be a good entertainer. She’ll also learn how to be a bit more creative with her play.

Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Play Set

When your child can paint her toys and then decide to change the way they look later on, you can bet that she’ll enjoy it. With this Crayola Scribble Scrubbie set, she’ll get exactly that.


  • High replay value
  • Contains everything your girl will need to start playing
  • Fun for animal lovers


  • May be hard to find replacement markers

Contained in the set are four little cat-like pets as well as the tools your child will need to decorate them and clean them. No matter which colors your girl chooses to adorn her new pets, it’s easy for her to wash them off using the set’s special tub.

Because your child can scrub any decoration job they don’t enjoy, she’ll be able to get a lot of playtime out of this set. It’s no wonder why the set won Good Housekeeping’s 2018 Best Toy Award.

Flybar Foam Pogo Jumper Stick

If your girl loves to be active, she’ll be bouncing on this Flybar Foam Pogo Jumper Stick for hours. Much like other pogo sticks, the Flybar gives your girl a toy that she can use to bounce around the house.


  • Great way to train balance
  • Safer than other pogo sticks
  • Encourages active play


  • May not be as durable as other pogos

Don’t worry, this stick isn’t so bouncy that you would worry about it being dangerous. Indeed, the foam on the bottom of the stick is dense enough to give your child the sensation of bouncing without any of the risk.

This means that the pogo stick is great for encouraging your child to enter a life of active play. The exterior of the stick comes in a handful of colors, so your girl will be able to find the one that’s perfect for her.


A 3-year-old little girl whether she’s known for her spice, sass, sweetness, or silliness is at a milestone in her life. She’s transitioning into a toddler and hopefully working out of the terrible-2’s. Like all other toddlers, she’s probably showing an interest in creative things, puzzles, and pretend play.

While her attention span is growing, she will not only be more interested in playing on her own, but also in cooperative play with other little ones. Spending more time on each activity means investing in toys that can serve more than one purpose, open-ended toys are great options for toddlers.

The magic years are ahead of you and the special little lady in your life. The milestones will come quickly, and it’s important to keep challenges in front of her for continued development. Keep in mind her interests as she finds her “favorites” and what she dislikes.

What Do 3 Year Old Girls Like?

All little ones are different, but there are a few similarities across the board. The stereotypes of girls shouldn’t completely be cast aside because of recent scrutiny. The 3-year-old girl in your life will probably love any gift that comes her way. But there is no doubt that she has her favorites.

Of course, 3-year-old girls enjoy dolls and princesses, but don’t discount the many learning toys that seem to target boys. Girls love bright colors, the opportunity to play pretend and to exercise their creativity. Look at dolls, forts, Legos, and action games.

A primary milestone that parents both look forward to and prepare for from 3-year-olds is the ability to tell stories. This age is the prime time to introduce pretending and storytelling. Allowing the little girl in your life to tell their own stories will cultivate pretend-play and encourage creativity.

Pretend play takes place within any toy which is great for a gift-buyer who isn’t sure what to get. But, open-ended toys such as forts, dolls, or building blocks enable them to see the opportunity visually. Children naturally want to fill in black spaces as they learn. An empty fort is an invitation to play and create.

Remember that 3-year-olds can change their likes and dislikes overnight. If you are a gift-giver and don’t know what to get her, a quick call to her parents could help put you on the right track.

What Toys Are Safe for 3 Year Olds?

With toddlers, you still must worry about what they put into their mouth. Play-doh and other sculpting toys are often safe but still require a close eye. They do understand the difference between food and toys, but it won’t stop them from continuing to try new things with all their senses, taste included.

Many toys now are made as BPA-free and with kid-safe plastic. As always, avoid sharp edges and accessories that seem likely to cause damage. Toys that come with hammers, balls, and fake drills are all likely to see use on more than just the toy that they were intended for, so be careful.

Another concern that many discounts are moving parts. Toys with moving parts can easily catch on clothes and hair. Be sure that if you’re getting your little one a toy with moving parts, the mechanism lives fully within a plastic casing. Any exposed gears are at risk of catching loose clothing or nearby hair.

What Milestones are 3 Year Old’s Working Towards?

As an emerging toddler, your little lady should show some milestones in the upcoming year, and there is no doubt that she loves challenges as all toddlers do. Challenge your little on to follow 3-step systems, sort toys into categories by shape and color, complete puzzles and name colors.

The third year of life provides key cognitive development and utilizing this time with puzzles is an excellent way to play with them and encourage critical thinking. It’s no secret that 3-year-old’s demand attention, however, their desire to cooperatively play.

Cooperative play, whether it’s with you or little ones closer to her age encourages a number of the milestones she’s working on, including:

  • Following commands
  • Giving direction for the desired result
  • Complete puzzles
  • Remember story parts and their order
  • Climb, throw, and catch
  • Ask questions
  • Answer short questions

These milestones will help them develop into curious and daring little girls. But, they can’t do these so easily on their own. Toys that encourage interaction with others can benefit many of these milestones at once.

The milestone of climbing, throwing and catching are all promoted with physical toys. Ball sets, activity centers, jungle gyms and more encourage safe play while they learn to take more control of their movements. It’s easy to take them to the part every so often, but it’s important to encourage these milestones at home too.


The 3-year-old girl in your life will probably love any gift you give her. But, if you’re looking to challenge her and help her reach new milestones, there are a few toys that can help through the next year of development.

You’re still in the clear of having to plan for complex toy systems and stocking up on batteries. Focus on toys that encourage pretend play and creativity. Let them build worlds and stories with their imagination!

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