The Best Toys for 13 Year Old Girls – 2019 Gift Ideas & FAQ

Best Toys for 13 Year Old Girls - Featured ImageThirteen is a difficult age to shop for. Girls this age often have strong likes and dislikes – and those preferences can change by the day! Fortunately, finding the perfect present is easy with our guide.

We’ve rounded up the best gifts for 13-year-old girls in 2019. They’re perfect for birthdays, holidays, graduations or “just because.” Help make 13 an easier year to navigate by giving a great gift! Here’s what you need to know:

Our #1 Choice – The Teen Girl’s Survival Guide

A fun, honest look at a wide range of social issues facing teen girls today.


  • An honest, insightful guide written specifically for young teens
  • Each chapter includes fun and informative written exercises
  • Includes true stories for older teen girls
  • Written by a licensed clinical psychologist


  • No pictures or illustrations

Girls at this age typically have a lot of apprehension about what to expect during their teenage years. “The Teen Girl’s Survival Guide: Ten Tips for Making Friends, Avoiding Drama and Coping with Social Stress”offers frank, fun and useful advice specifically geared towards younger teens.

The book is written by Lucie Hemmen, a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in teen issues. Plus, the book features the voices and perspectives of older teens. The tone is friendly and avoids talking down to the reader.

The guide focuses on making friends, transitioning into high school, and other social issues. Young adults talk about their own successes and failures. Each chapter includes exercises to help promote mindful reactions.

Our #2 Choice – 13th Birthday Bracelet by Lucky Feather Gifts

Memorialize this special day with a beautiful bracelet featuring 13 gold beads.


  • Bracelet contains 13 beads
  • Each bead covered in 14K gold
  • Sliding toggle keeps bracelet secure
  • Treasured keepsake designed to last a lifetime


  • Gold jewelry doesn’t appeal to every girl

Thirteen-year-old girls are usually developing an interest in fashion, including jewelry. More than just a beautiful bracelet, it’s also a thoughtful keepsake for an important milestone in a young woman’s life.

The bracelet features thirteen beads. Each one is dipped in 14K gold. The cord adjusts between seven and eight inches to fit wrists of practically any size. Containing no nickel, it’s gentle and hypoallergenic even if you have sensitive skin. A sliding toggle keeps the bracelet secure.

Great for dressing up or just everyday wear, the bracelet adds understated elegance to practically any outfit.

Our #3 Choice – DROGRACE Digital Video HD Action Camera

A durable, easy-to-use digital video camera which allows girls to capture fun memories from this special year.


  • Powerful, portable HD camera
  • Waterproof and damage resistant
  • Alternate to a smart device


  • No internet connectivity (which can also be a plus)
  • Requires USB cable to transfer images to PC

This digital video camera from Drograce allows teens to record fun moments with friends easily. It captures high-def 1080P/30fps video along with 5MP photos. Plus, it’s packed with features including 40 Frame Photo Modes, seven Color Video Modes, 4X Digital Zoom and more.

Young teens aren’t always careful, but this camera is up to the challenge. It’s durable, scratch resistant and waterproof. You can take the camera along when swimming, skiing, biking and more.

Thirteen-year-old girls often love taking pictures. But many parents feel 13 is a bit too young to have a cell phone with full internet access. A digital camera can be a fun, age-appropriate alternative to a smart device. Plus, both picture and video quality are usually much better on a camera compared to a phone.

Our #4 Choice – GirlZone: DIY Make Your Own Lip Balm Kit

Combine fashion and STEM subjects by making four different types of lip balm.


  • Make four different flavors of lip balm
  • Decorate each tube with unique stickers
  • 21-piece set includes everything you need
  • Lip balm is non-toxic, safe and protects lips from damage
  • Fun to share with friends


  • Lip balm isn’t as effective as high-quality store brands
  • Only includes four tubes

Around the age of 13, many girls will begin to show an interest in make-up, and this kit is a great introduction. The 21-piece set includes five customizable pots, three glitter pots, six mixing tools, balm base and more.

Girls can easily make four different types of lip balm: Very Cherry, Oh So Orange, Purely Pineapple and Gorgeous Grape. Add the balms to re-usable flavor tubes. Decorate each tube with a variety of fun stickers.

Our #5 Choice – Teens Cook: How to Cook What You Want to Eat

A kid-friendly cookbook with recipes for simple foods and introductory info on kitchen science


  • Includes 85 recipes for simple foods teens love
  • Written in a fun, engaging style
  • Introduces basics concepts related to kitchen science
  • Encourages independence and healthy eating habits


  • Recipes are designed for beginners

Introduce teens to the world of cooking delicious meals with this teen-friendly cookbook. It features 85 diverse recipes divided into six sections including American, German, Chinese and Mexican cuisine. Types of meals include breakfast, dinner, dessert, sides, snacks and more.

Authors Megan, Jill and Judi Carle aren’t just professional chefs; they also understand how to communicate with teens. The recipes are simple, engaging and designed for total beginners. Aside from learning how to cook specific meals, teens will also learn about the science of cooking and the definition of common kitchen terms.

Our #6 Choice – Just Between Us: Mother and Daughter Journal

Sharing the journal between mother and daughter helps open lines of communication on difficult subjects.


  • The unique format helps strengthen the bond between mother and daughter
  • Includes writing prompts, quizzes and games to spur conversation
  • Durable construction allows journals to stay in great shape for months or years


  • Requires long-term commitment to be effective

The relationship between young teens and their parents can be rocky. Sometimes teens feel more comfortable with indirect methods of communication. Just Between Us is a journal designed to be shared by mothers and daughters.

The journal is filled with activities such as writing prompts, quizzes and other open-ended games. Mother and daughter take turns writing about one another. The unique format provides space for frank conversations which might not take place face to face.

Our #7 Choice – Notebook Doodles Go Girl!: Coloring and Activity Book

Fun, interactive art lessons which introduce color palettes, drawing skills and other core artistic concepts.


  • 30 interactive pages with lessons and games
  • Introduces drawing and painting basics
  • Designed for pre-teens and teens
  • Many pages contain quotes related to girl power


  • Doesn’t include pencils, paints or other supplies

While most younger kids enjoy basic drawing and coloring, these creative pursuits often take on new importance during the early teenage years. Thirteen-year-olds have the manual dexterity and patience necessary to create sophisticated works of art.

The coloring book features over 30 pages of interactive coloring pages with art lessons, color palettes, inspirational quotes and more. It’s a combination of a sketch pad and an activity book.

This activity book is made for pre-teens, teens, and adults. It provides hours of quiet, relaxing fun for budding artists.

Our #8 Choice – Mermaid Tail Blanket

A comfortable and cozy blanket for any girl who loves mermaids.


  • Fun mermaid tail which wraps around your feet and legs
  • Each blanket is crocheted by hand for a unique look
  • Machine washable


  • Does pose a slight walking / moving hazard

Young girls love this cozy blanket with a Mermaid tail. It’s a hand-crocheted blanket made from 70% cotton and 30% acrylic. The total size is 71 by 35 inches.

An opening in the back allows for feet and legs to easily slip inside for maximum coziness. It’s great for sitting on the couch, in bed or anywhere else you want to relax. (Note that you should never attempt to walk with the blanket wrapped around your legs.)

Keeping the blanket clean is easy. Simply machine wash on a low temperature and tumble dry. Avoid washing the blanket with any garments which have zippers, buttons or other accessories which could snag.

Our #9 Choice – Paracord Charm Bracelet Making Kit

Girls use their artistic skills when making unique charm bracelets to share with siblings and friends.


  • Complete kit for making five charm bracelets
  • Charms and cords can be mixed and matched
  • High-quality paracord ensures a secure fit


  • Only includes five types of charms

Know a fashionista with an artistic side? This Charm Bracelet Making kit has everything needed to make eight bracelets. It includes five charms, 50 feet of paracord and a complete instruction booklet.

Each bracelet can be unique. First, you select one of the eight cords, which each have a different solid color or pattern. Then you select one of the fives types of charms. You can mix and match different types of bracelets as often as you wish.

The bracelets are durable with a comfortable fit. The Type III 550 weight paracord wraps securely around your wrist without pinching your skin. Each strand has three yarns to help resist fraying.

Our #10 Choice – Hair Chalk Salon by Alex Spa

A safe and easy way to add fun, cool colors to hair.


  • Complete kit for adding colorful streaks and beads to hair
  • Chalk is safe, non-toxic and washes out with water
  • Includes five colors and 24 hair beads


  • Chalk in hair can transfer to linens and furniture
  • Colors can be hard to see on dark hair

Girls at this age will often experiment with different styles to find a look all their own. Of course, dyeing hair repeatedly can cause permanent damage. Hair chalk is a safe, fun alternative to permanent dyes.

The kit includes five hair chalk pens, 24 beads, 24 hair elastics, and a hair beading tool. The chalk will color any type of dry hair. It’s non-toxic and washes out easily with shampoo and water.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Gifts Do 13-Year-Old Girls Like?

Most child development experts consider 13 to be one of the toughest ages to experience. A 13-year-old isn’t quite an adult, but they’re also no longer a child. Instead, they’re at an awkward stage where they face a huge variety of physical, mental and emotional changes.

The teenage years can be a trying time for families. Teenagers can be moody, argumentative and emotional. As a parent or other adult, determining what a teenager is interested in on any given day can be a challenge.

Thirteen-year-old girls are learning who they are and what their place is in the world. Gifts can help them accomplish these goals. Generally, girls this age prefer gifts with the following characteristics:

  • The gift relates to a grown-up activity
  • The gift involves music, art or fashion
  • The gift can be shared with friends

Here’s a closer look:

Exploration of Adult Concepts

As girls become teenagers, they’re leaving behind childhood to enter adulthood. Of course, 13-year-olds aren’t adults yet – but they’re often interested in the world of teens and adults. Gifts can help them explore these worlds safely.

For example, 13-year-old girls enjoy gifts related to cosmetics and jewelry. A make-your-own lip balm kit is an age-appropriate introduction to cosmetics. The 13th Birthday Bracelet looks sophisticated but is still inexpensive enough that losing it isn’t a huge deal.

Many great gifts will similarly reflect concepts from the adult world while remaining appropriate for someone younger.

Introduction to Artistic Ideas

Drawing, painting and other artistic creations take on increased importance during the teenage years. Art allows young girls to express themselves. By the age of 13, girls can use paint, markers and similar tools without causing a mess.

Consider giving an art-related girt. Art supplies are a good choice for girls who already have an interest in art. If the girl is a budding artist, give her instructional and activity books.

Related to Music

Starting around the age of 13, girls often start to develop an interested in music. Expressing preferences for certain songs, bands, and types of music helps teens establish their identity.

Selecting music for a teen girl can be risky. Their tastes can change suddenly. You don’t want to give them any music they don’t like.

Instead, focus on gifts related to music. MP3 players and other devices are often a good choice. Also, consider giving gift certificates to online music stores so she can select music herself.

Related to Fashion

Like most adults, you probably look back on your fashion choices during your teenage years with a mixture of amusement and embarrassment. But all teens need a chance to experiment with style. Wearing different clothes, and belonging to different cliques, helps teens determine who they are internally.

Only give clothes if you’re sure the recipient wears and likes the style. A better option is to give gifts which allow the girl to experiment with different looks. Hair chalk and charm bracelets kits are good examples of gifts which encourage creative play.

How Do I Determine a Teen Girl’s Interests?

Teenage girls often push away from their families as a way to explore their independence. Unfortunately, this means you might not always be familiar with your teen’s interests. Here are a few tips to learn more about what type of gift your teen is likely to like:

First, ask about her friends. Fitting in with peers is extremely important to young teens. Typically, no teen girl wants to stand out from the crowd – at least not too much. The chances are good your teen girl will have the same interests as her friends. This is especially true regarding superficial interests such as music, fashion, and general pop culture.

Peer groups are important to teens. She’ll want to stay in touch with her friends. Consider giving gifts which are shareable with friends. Examples include charm bracelet kits, where everyone in the friend group can have a bracelet, and video cameras, to capture memories forever.

Also, don’t be afraid to do some online searching if you’re feeling a bit lost in the world of pop culture. For example, you might know your 13-year-old loves Taylor Swift. But buying Swift’s music can be a risky gift because you don’t know what the recipient already owns.

Instead, check online for products related to Taylor Swift. For example, she might recommend skin care products on her Instagram page. You can give those products as a gift along with a brief explanation of why they were selected. You’ll be giving the girl something unique while also showing you understand her interests.

When Should I Give a Gift to a Teenage Girl?

Birthdays, holidays and other special occasions warrant an appropriate gift. But do you know when to give the gift on those special days? Teens are sensitive to embarrassment. Giving a gift at the wrong time or in the wrong way can make them feel awkward.

Generally, avoid throwing a party for the girl’s family and friends. Young girls are still learning how to navigate different social worlds. She likely acts one way around her family and another around her friends. Having to interact with both groups at the same time can be incredibly stressful.

Instead, consider having a dinner or small event just for family. Take her out to her favorite restaurant or on a special outing. Smaller get-togethers are more intimate and comfortable. Let her know how much everyone in the family appreciates and loves her.

As mentioned above, social interactions are very important to 13-year-old girls. You should let her spend time with her friends on her birthday. Thirteen is a big milestone. Spending time with friends can feel reassuring for a young girl.

How Do I Throw a Party for a 13-Year-Old Girl?

As a parent, throwing a party for a thirteen-year-old girl can seem daunting. You don’t want the party to feel childlike and lame. At the same time, the party shouldn’t be too “adult.”Thirteen-year-olds can certainly get into trouble, especially when together in a group. You’ll want to supervise the party while still staying out of the way as much as possible.

Consider throwing a party at your home. The basement or backyard can be a perfect place for teens to gather. You’ll be able to stay out of the way enough so the party guests can have fun, but you’ll also be close enough to keep an eye on things.

If your house isn’t suitable for a party, or you don’t want to deal with the mess, consider renting a room at a local banquet hall or activity center. One advantage here is a limited time frame. When the rental time is up, you have a great excuse to wrap the party up and send everyone home.

Remember, the party is for the birthday girl and her friends. Don’t invite family members. Avoid making big speeches or presenting lavish gifts. Just give your 13-year-old a safe, fun space to hang with her friends.

Involve her in the party planning, too. What music does she want to play? What type of food does she want to serve? Help her create small gift bags filled with party favors to hand out to guests. Also, as a parent, reach out to other parents to ensure them the party will be well-supervised.

Final Thoughts

Thirteen-year-olds will often push away from their parents one moment but seek out guidance the next. You want to be ready whenever she seems willing to open up about her life.

Child development experts note that riding in the car is often a great time for parents and young teens to connect. Fortunately, you’ll have plenty of opportunities. Thirteen-year-old can’t drive, but they’re often very social. While no parent wants to feel like a chauffeur, keep in mind drive time can be a great way to bond.

Thirteen is a major developmental milestone. The birthday girl will likely have a lot on her mind. Help make the experience stress-free by selecting the perfect present. A great gift helps create memories which will last a lifetime.

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