The Best Toys for 11 Year Old Girls – 2019 Gift Ideas & FAQ

The Best Toys and Gifts for 11 Year Old GirlsKnowing what to buy for anybody is difficult but buying for an eleven-year-old girl might be the hardest of all. Not only is it a peculiar age between childhood and adolescence, but their hobbies and desires are changing so rapidly it can be hard to pinpoint what they like and what they hate!

US Art Supply 82 Piece Kit

Art and design is an amazing escape for an eleven-year-old girl who is close to becoming a teenager. At this age, she’s far beyond childish art kits, and this large supply case could be her first adult art kit, allowing her to create more complex paintings, sketches or watercolors.


  • Hundreds of pieces
  • Beautiful wooden case
  • High-quality pieces


  • Many pastels

As far as art sets go, this is relatively large especially for an eleven-year-old who is probably accustomed to smaller children sets which rarely have this many pieces. But it’s not just the quantity that matters, the quality of the pastels, pencils, and paints are also important. Fortunately, they are pretty decent, especially for such an inexpensive set.

For a young artist on the go, this is an ideal kit. Not only does it come with everything that she needs to start creating, but it comes encased in a handy travel box so that she can take it to wherever she is inspired.

Penny Classic Complete Skateboard

Skateboards are awesome, but the only thing cooler than that is a tiny skateboard with thick wheels! For those of us who are older than we would like to admit, this is a blast from the past. These boards have been around for decades, and they are a lot of fun, especially to ride to and from school in style.


  • Super fun
  • Durable wheels
  • A wide range of beautiful designs


  • Not inexpensive

This board is the official penny board, and while it’s more expensive than some of the cheaper alternatives, the quality can’t be compared. Cheaper boards are notorious for simply snapping in half which can be dangerous or scary, while this penny board will hold even heavier adults without stressing whatsoever.

Complete with a lifetime manufacturers warranty, you can be safe in the knowledge that she will be able to enjoy this board for years to come. For an 11-year-old girl, this is the ideal present. It gets her outside to exercise, and she can skate around with her friends, or use it to commute to her school.

Fender Acoustic Guitar Bundle

Music is a beautiful thing and knowing how to play is even more so. For a young girl, the guitar is the perfect instrument because it’s relatively quiet and simple to learn when compared to the violin or trumpet. Plus, it also sounds great by itself which means that she’s not dependent on having others to play with.


  • Reputable brand
  • Complete bundle
  • High-quality guitar


  • Maybe a little big

It’s important to note that this is a full-sized guitar. The reason why we are recommending this guitar over a child’s version is that in just a few years she will be nearing her peak size and you don’t want to have to buy another guitar; they aren’t cheap!

Realistically, even smaller eleven-year-olds should be able to play this comfortably, especially given that it comes with a strap that she can use to hold this guitar. Fender is a well-renowned brand that has been making top quality guitars for years, many of which are used by some of the most famous musicians around the world.

The reason why this product is so superior to the rest as a gift for a young child is that it’s a full bundle that’s specifically designed for a new beginner player. With guitar picks, a tuning device, strap, bag, spare strings and a book for her to learn, she will have everything that she needs to start learning a hobby that could last a lifetime.

Cra-Z-Art Nail Design Studio

What’s better than getting her nails done? Being able to do it herself with her very own nail design studio. At eleven years old she is starting to want to emulate adults, especially her mother, and being able to do a “grown-up job” like working at her nail bar is an exciting challenge that she can enjoy by herself or with friends.


  • Create over 100 designs
  • Includes multiple products
  • Multi-color lights in the mirror


  • Accessory holder isn’t very secure

Eleven-year-old girls love doing their nails and making themselves look pretty, especially when they are having sleepovers with their girlfriends. But rather than trying to do it on the top of her bed sheets, encourage her to do it with her very own nail bar studio.

This toy is fantastic because it’s far more than just a set of nail polishes and other beauty products, it gives her far more and it a tremendous toy for when she has her friends around. The box comes with a large beauty stand in vibrant pink, with a multi-color light-up mirror at the rear so that she can see what she’s doing.

Towards the front, she has multiple holding areas where she can store the nail polishes, glitters and other tools that she’ll need to improve her and her friend’s nails. What’s most exciting about this set is that it allows you to easily design custom nails using the easy stencils so that she can create more intricate styles that she would struggle to accomplish by herself.

Pictionary Game

Pictionary has been around since 1985, but this updated version with a pop culture category changes the game. With erasable boards and markers, this is the perfect game for when she has her friends to sleep over, and they want to stay up playing into the night.


  • Erasable boards and markers
  • New categories
  • High-quality materials


  • Small boards

Pictionary is a howl and if you’ve ever played before you know that not being able to draw makes it even more fun. While it’s sometimes thought of as a silly Christmas game, Pictionary is an amazing activity for her to enjoy with her friends.

The box comes with everything they need to play the game, including a board, cards, sand timer, markers and erasable boards for drawing on. Fortunately, the pack is relatively small, and that makes it easy for her to carry it to school or to a friend’s house to play.

This pack comes with two levels of clues, 120 for adults and 80 for children, so that children of all ages can play along. The box contains two markers, it would be great if there were more, but that should be enough presuming that you don’t lose any!

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera

The Instax Mini 9 is the hot toy of the year. It’s boomed in popularity, presumably because younger children are starting to appreciate the feeling of a physical photo in an age where you can take a photo on your phone at any time. A new version of an old camera, the Instax Mini 9 is perfect for taking snaps of her friends to put up on her wall or in a scrapbook.


  • Beautiful colors to choose from
  • High-quality camera
  • Includes selfie mirror and flash


  • The extra film isn’t cheap

The Instax Mini 9 Camera by Fujifilm is an instant print camera, similar to what many of us have used in the past, which takes a photo and prints it onto a small white film card. For young girls, these photos are perfect for sticking on their walls or hanging from fairy lights across their bedroom.

The outer casing of this camera is very durable, made of a thick plastic that is available in a variety of colors including ice blue, pink, blue and green. The camera itself is relatively good, certainly better than many of the old instant cameras, but will still give you that nostalgic look rather than a crisp photo that we are accustomed to now.

Taking two AA batteries, this camera has a strong flash, a selfie mirror and uses a macro lens adaptor for close-ups of objects. While this camera isn’t going to give you stunning and crisp photos, that’s not what it’s designed for. Instead, it’s a fun toy to create interesting images that are printed out instantly for her to remember special days or events.

Melissa and Doug Scratch Art Box of Mini Notes

11-year old girls love to decorate their surroundings by including their special flair. With these rainbow-colored mini notes, your girl will get to add a bit of beauty to her environment and her arts and crafts.


  • Great for teaching organization skills
  • Integrates artistic expression into an easy format


  • May not be appealing to girls who don’t like stationary

She could even append these stickers to her homework if she wants to spice things up. Likewise, when she writes or draws on the notes with the neon-colored pens, the true beauty of her artistic expression will show itself.

For girls who aren’t into stationary, however, these mini notes might not be the right choice. At the same time, they might be the right way to start your girl with good organization skills. They’re also inexpensive enough to replace them if your child loves how they look.

Animal Knee Socks

Animal knee socks are a great gift for your girl because they give her the opportunity to be cute while being seriously functional. This pack of six different socks includes six different types of animals, including pandas, dogs, foxes, and cats.


  • Six cute animal designs
  • Warm
  • Easy to clean


  • Might be difficult to match with other clothes

No matter your girl’s animal preferences, these socks will keep her warm. One size fits most girls, and the cotton material will be comfortable no matter what. The socks are easy to wash with your other colored laundry, and your girl will love to pull them up over her knees on a chilly day.

These socks may not be perfect for children who prefer short socks, however. Likewise, you may find that they are a bit hard to combine with your girl’s sense of fashion.

Kids Origami Folding Paper Kit

Folding paper into origami shapes is an excellent way to help your girl flex her artistic muscles while building fine motor skills as well as the ability to follow instructions carefully. With this origami kit, your girl will enjoy the process necessary to make folded creations.


  • Helps to build fine motor skills
  • Perfect for guided artistic expression
  • Can be fun for groups


  • May be too complex for some girls
  • Not all girls will enjoy folding paper

The best thing about origami is that your girl can display her creations after a long session of folding paper. The more skill she builds, the more beautiful paper she will be able to fold.

Girls who aren’t into stationary might find that the origami kit is still interesting. But, girls who love stationary the most will probably get the most enjoyment out of the origami kit.

ALEX Spa Glow Sketch It Nail Pens

Girls love to paint their nails with vibrant colors, which is why this ALEX Spa Glow Sketch It Nail Pen set is a winner. Thanks to the washable nail pens, your girl will get five different colors that she can use to reflect her personality in her makeup.


  • Non-toxic and washable
  • Inspires creative play
  • Guides fashion choices


  • Not as durable as real nail polish

Each color layers onto nails to make a gorgeous lacquer which will stay shiny for a day or so. Your girl can get as creative as she pleases, and there’s no limit to the designs that she can choose.

If your girl is more interested than playing outside than doing her nails, however, this set of pens might be a bit more than she bargained for. But, for girls who have a sense of artistic expression and a desire to paint nails, the set is a great way to get some practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an Eleven Year Old Past Children’s Toys?

Eleven is an exciting and yet challenging age. An eleven-year-old girl indeed starts to feel like they are teenagers rather than children, but they still need the emotional support and guidance of a younger child. Whether they are past children’s toys will significantly depend on her maturity and development, some children are, and others aren’t.

However, in most cases, you’ll find that girls at this age are usually trying to act more mature, especially if they are going to middle school and may be more concerned with their appearance, friends, and boys rather than toys.

For this reason, many of the toys that we have listed on this list are more hobby related and less play. A guitar or camera, for example, are great entries into the world of music and photography, while a year or two ago she may have been playing with a doll or small physical games.

At this age, there is no turning back, this path into maturity and adolescence is only going to come faster each month and buying her toys that are going to last is wise. Toys like art boxes, guitars, skateboards and cameras are all great toys for a teenager too which ensures that she’ll get plenty of longevity out of them rather than discarding them after a year.

Can I Buy Teenage Toys for an Eleven Year Old?

An eleven-year-old isn’t a teenager, and they don’t have the maturity of one either, but often they think of themselves as equal, especially if they have older siblings. Due to this, you can often get away with buying an eleven-year-old girl toys which are designed or labeled for use by teenagers.

However, there is a big leap between toys for 13-14-year-olds and those for 16-17-year-olds. Err on the side of caution and try to pick teenage toys which are closer to her age range. Obviously, there are exceptions to this rule in the case of baking goods like knives which may be acceptable if she has hours of baking experience and is trusted to cook solo by her parents.

What do Eleven Year Old Girls Like?

Trends come and go, but what children enjoy has stayed fairly consistent for decades. Girls between the age of eleven and thirteen are in a state of early adolescence whereby their focus shifts from internal to external, with a higher awareness of what others think and fitting in within society while they adjust to their more significant responsibilities.

With this shift in focus comes the desire to spend more time with a close-knit group of friends and to look pretty. Toys which assist with this are always great choices. A skateboard is excellent if you live in a mild to warm climate where she can get outside and play, while the nail salon or Pictionary might be a better choice if she spends time with her friends indoors or at sleepovers.

How Do I Know if She Will Like it?

Knowing whether she will like the gift that you are getting her is practically impossible, but there are some hints and tricks. You should certainly consult with those who are close to her, either a parent or a friend who you trust not to tell her. By doing this, you can get some insight into what she enjoys and more importantly, what toys she already has so that you don’t buy a duplicate.

Secondly, don’t be afraid to talk to her. While surprises are fantastic, if you are more concerned about getting her a gift that she will enjoy you might consider asking her what she enjoys, what hobbies she might like to pursue or what toys her friends have. By doing this, you can get ideas without directly asking her what she wants.

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