The Best Toys for 10 Year Old Girls – 2019 Gift Ideas & FAQ

The Best Toys and Gifts for 10 Year Old Girls
Ten years old, two digits, it’s a big birthday. When a girl turns ten, you can almost guarantee that she’s going to feel grown-up, it’s understandable, and with that feeling comes the desire for more independence, to be seen as more of a teenager than a kid.

When you’re buying gifts, you need to keep this in mind. What you got for her last year probably isn’t a good fit for a ten-year-old. At this age, kids grow so quickly, and their tastes and desires change rapidly as well. However, she’s still a child, and therefore you need to ensure that you’re buying her toys that aren’t beyond her abilities.

Are you starting to see why this is more complicated than you might imagine? Fortunately, we’ve taken the hassle and the stress out of the equation. Below are six of the best toys for ten year old girls, toys which will believe almost every girl will love. When you’re reading this post keep her in mind. Does she already have a toy like this? Is this something she’ll enjoy?

Circle number 1 Top Pick

American Girl Ultimate Crafting Set


  • Thousands of pieces to choose from
  • Decorations and glitter
  • Easy to create


  • Tiny pieces
  • Can get messy

The American Girl crafting set comes with everything that she needs to start making her jewelry. Everything from ringers and necklaces, to hairbands and bracelets, are possible. With 1500-pieces, this is the ultimate crafting kit for her and her doll.

Inside of the box, you’ll also find a huge array of glitters, markers and other crafting tools that you can use to add an extra sparkle to the jewelry that you make. Plus, it also contains an inspirational design guide to help her to create more complex jewelry without getting frustrated or confused.

Design, creativity, and jewelry. The majority of girls love those three things, especially when they are ten years old. A ten-year-old girl is becoming increasingly aware of her appearance and might be trying to put in more effort to ensure that she looks pretty.

While it’s probably too soon for blusher and eyeliner, jewelry is a fantastic way for her to feel independence over her appearance while showing off her individuality. But rather than just buying her a piece, why not let her make it herself?

The Ultimate Crafting Set by American Girl is a dream product that many of us would have loved to have had growing up. Not only does it give her the freedom to design whatever she wants, with so many pieces she can experiment over and over again.

Unlike some toys, with this many pieces, she’s sure to get hours of fun out of it. Who knows, maybe it’ll lead her down the path into a new hobby of arts and crafts?

Circle number2

Doodle World Map Pillowcase


  • Ink washes out
  • Beautiful map design
  • Comes with ten fabric pens


  • Might get pen on other objects

Kids love to doodle. Schoolbooks, walls, and clothes are three things that come to mind, and that doodling certainly doesn’t stop when she reaches ten, she’s just learned what she can get away with scribbling on!

The Doodle World Map Pillowcase is a specially designed pillowcase that she can doodle on. Plus, you can put it into the washing machine and remove the ink completely with a single warm wash.

If she’s a creative spirit who likes to create and design, the doodle map pillowcase lets her create her custom bedsheets. Fortunately, all of the pens are completely fabric and skin safe, meaning that she can sleep on the pillow and wash the ink off whenever she wants.

With such a beautiful and inspiring design that has far more to offer than just a plain map, it’s sure to keep her entertained for hours. Plus, with ten different colors to choose from she can customize the map differently each time. Who knows, maybe it’ll help with her Geography studies?

Circle number3

Big Bag of Science


  • Makes science fun
  • Realistic equipment
  • Simple and complicated experiments


  • Some experiments require additional items

Gone are the days where science was for boys and cooking was for girls. Young ladies love science as much as the rest of us, especially when it’s made to be interesting! Make science fun with this interactive bag of science experiments that use the real scientific equipment.

STEM is the basis of our education system and research has shown that those that graduate from STEM-related degrees at university earn far more money and lead more successful careers. With this science kit, you can get her interested in chemistry, biology, geology, and physics at an earlier age.

Inside of the box is a range of scientific equipment including test tubes and measuring spoons, which allow her to conduct up to 70 different experiments of varying difficulty. Each experiment is visually exciting and has multiple steps to keep her entertained, but as importantly, it teaches her an educational lesson in a fun way.

Circle number4

RipStik Ripster Caster Board


  • High-quality materials
  • Incredibly durable
  • Hundreds of hours of fun


  • Shorter than the original RipStik

RipStik boards have been around for years, and they are as popular as ever. Skateboarding is popular, but it’s more technical and nowhere near as fun as the RipStik. For girls that enjoy getting outside and enjoying the fresh air, the RipStik is a fun and challenging workout, especially if she can learn tricks!

RipStiks are ripping up the streets everywhere you look. Kids love them, and it’s easy to understand why, even us adults can get a kick out of riding them, presuming you don’t fall and break your hip! Truthfully, the Ripster is arguably the best board they sell. Made out of high tech polymer it’s incredibly durable and safe to ride.

The deck is slightly concave which allows for natural foot placement, and the slip-resistant surface gives you greater traction to do tricks and enjoy a smooth and safe ride. Overall, at this price, it’s a no-brainer. She’ll love it, especially when the weather is warm, and it’s a great toy to use around her friends or siblings.

Circle number5

Bath Bomb Mold Set


  • Multiple molds
  • Simple instructions
  • Safe bath bombs


  • Colors are a little pale

Young girls love pampering themselves after a hard day of school and what better way to do that than with a bath bomb? Well, with this Bath Bomb Mold Set she can create her personalized bombs to enjoy whenever she wants.

This bath bomb set sets the standard in the industry. With fantastic materials, plenty of them and a variety of colors to choose from, this isn’t a one and done type gift. She can continue to create more bath bombs whenever she wants because the molds will last for years and the materials can be bought in many different stores.

Circle number6

Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick


  • Quality grip to hold
  • Strong spring
  • Safe steps


  • Limited range of colors

If the RipStik isn’t right for her, maybe a Pogo Stick by Flybar might fit the bill? Pogo Sticks have been a quintessential part of American childhood for years and will be decades to come. Such a simple toy can generate hours of fun, it gets her outside, and it’s a great workout too.

Flybar is the original pogo stick brand, and for years they have continued to innovate on their original design to create newer and better products. With the Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick, they have added foam covered grips for comfort, a wider stance bounce, and a strong spring to help you to perform tricks.

While this pogo stick is available at an entry-level price, it has the performance of more expensive pogo sticks. Should she enjoy it, there’s no reason why she couldn’t learn more complex tricks on this toy.

Circle number7

Playz Edible Candy Food Science Chemistry Kit


  • Excellent for girls who love baking or science
  • Great way to build technical abilities
  • Creates sugary treats


  • May be difficult for girls who aren’t technically inclined

Girls need science education, but they also need to have fun — and that’s where this Playz Edible Candy Food Science Chemistry Kit comes in. With this kit, your girl will gain the ability to make tasty treats like crystals using the careful process of science.

Your girl will learn about the scientific method, a few practical methods in chemistry, and the joy of following instructions carefully to get the desired result. For girls who love similar activities like baking, cooking, or chemistry, this kit is a delicious combination of everything that they’re looking for.

You’ll probably find that the treats made by the kit err on the side of being sweet, but don’t worry. There aren’t enough materials in the kit to give anyone cavities. The kit is made with safe ingredients, so you won’t need to supervise your daughter when she uses the kit.

Circle number8

IQ Builder Arts And Crafts For Girls


  • Helps with multiple areas of development
  • Create beautiful animals and buildings
  • Puzzles provide enduring challenge


  • Assembly may take a long time for some girls

Building and painting beautiful animals, structures, and statues will be a given when your young girl picks up this arts and crafts kit. In the kit, there are a handful of activities which blur the lines between puzzles and art projects.

The point of the kit is that your girl will spend time assembling the puzzles, then they’ll spend more time decorating their newly constructed object. This means that this kit pushes children to use multiple aspects of their intellect, all while having fun.

The only thing this kit doesn’t have is an opportunity for active play. Everything else from problem-solving to artistry is included, which means that the kit has a very broad appeal regardless of your girl’s specific tastes.

Circle number9

Crayola Light-up Tracing Pad


  • Inspires creative doodling
  • Can be used for many sketches
  • Includes 12 pencils


  • Can’t save the best creations

For girls who love to create art, this Crayola Light-up Tracing Pad is an excellent gift. The tracing pad lights up as your child draws on it, giving a backlight that brings out the details in total splendor.

12 different colored pencils are included with the tracing pad, along with a handful of stencils and ideas for drawings. Your girl will spend hours perfecting her sketches, adding detail which will make her creations into a beautiful watercolor-like piece of art.

The only problem with this tracing pad is that your girl won’t be able to save any of her creations. This means that it can be hard to part with a particularly pretty sketch.

You may be able to give your girl a helping hand by taking a picture of her favorite creative works but grabbing the beauty from the backlight might be difficult as well.

Circle number10

Playz Fragrance Perfume Making Science Kit


  • Great exposure to complex chemistry topics
  • Develops technical and science abilities


  • May not produce designer-quality perfume

Science means that your girl can create beautiful scents of her design using this Playz Fragrance science kit. While it isn’t a typical science toy, the “magic” of organic chemistry makes it possible for your girl to create unique aromas like in real perfume.

Your girl won’t walk away from using this kit with a background in aromatic chemistry, she will certainly enjoy the process of following instructions to create something she couldn’t make with any other toy.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Will I Know if a Toy is Suitable for Her?

Every child is different, which is why it’s important to keep her in mind when you are looking at potential gifts. One product might be ideal for most ten-year-olds, but for her, it may be too advanced or too simplistic, depending on her she has developed. Each child develops at a different rate and knowing where her mind is at and what she likes currently is vital.

With that being said, toy manufacturers spend millions of dollars each year to test their toys and research the market. What this means is that they have a reasonably good idea of what the majority of ten-year-old girls want from a toy and where their head is at. If in doubt, it’s usually okay to err on the side of picking a highly recommended and favorite toy from a reputable brand.

If you have an idea about the kinds of toys that she currently has, you might be able to look for products that can add to her current selection or one that might complement it. If she loves making jewelry, then you might consider getting her a kit to make clothes or another jewelry set so that she can expand her selection.

What Kinds of Toys do 10 Year Old Girls Like?

While every girl is different, there is indeed a significant overlap of what most ten-year-old female will enjoy. The vast majority still enjoy fairly gender neutral outdoors activities like riding bikes, enjoying a pogo stick or playing with water guns. But they’re getting closer to puberty, and the differences between boys and girls will become more pronounced.

At this stage ten-year-old girls tend to become more feminine in their desires, opting for makeup, beauty products or cooking products. Truthfully, they tend to follow in their mother’s steps and emulate her behavior.

Therefore, toys which help her to explore this are great. Plus, at this age, she is becoming more independent and enjoying greater freedom, which is why outdoor or group toys to enjoy with her girlfriends are a tremendous choice.

Should I Pay Attention to the Recommended Age Ranges for Toys?

The age ranges on toys are fairly accurate, but you shouldn’t feel restricted by them. Girls develop at different rates, and some of the children in her class will be far more mature than others, while some may be many years behind. Knowing her and what she likes is far more important than looking at an age range on a product.

However, those ranges tend to be well researched so that they fit the masses quite well. If you are at all worried about whether the toy is ideal for a child of this age, try and find toys where her age is right in the middle of the age range. For example; a toy that is for children between eight and twelve is highly likely to be a great fit, while one for nine to ten-year-olds is riskier.

Treating these age ranges as a guide rather than a rule is always helpful because you know her far better than an anonymous brand researcher. If you think that she’ll love it, don’t hesitate, trust your instincts and get her a toy that matches her personality and desires.

How Do I Know if a Toy is Safe?

The toy industry is heavily regulated in the United States, and products will include labels and safety warnings on the packaging to explain whether the toy is safe or what you should be wary of. On online stores, you can normally find these details in the product descriptions or by looking at the photos of the box.

Looking for seals of approval from associations or government bodies is a great start, while safety equipment should be certified safe by the CPSC or Snell. Any art supplies usually are regulated by the ASTM and should always be deemed to be non-toxic, especially if they are going to be used on any clothing or jewelry.

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