The Best Toys for 10 Year Old Boys in 2018

Best Toys for 10 year old boys

Your 10-year-old boy is now on the cusp of adolescence. Puberty is just around the corner, and it won’t be long until you have a preteen and then a teenager living in the room where your sweet baby used to live. He is becoming increasingly independent. So, when his birthday rolls around, what are you supposed to get for him?

T-Rex 3D Walking Wooden Puzzle

This project poses difficulties for younger children, but your 10-year-old will have a good time working his way through the instructions to build the dinosaur.


  • 3D puzzles are a huge jump from regular puzzles in terms of difficulty and engagement.
  • Finished product serves as a reward for his hard work.
  • In a time when your child might be withdrawing from family engagement, this project provides a chance for bonding.
  • Puzzle moves and walks around, activated by sound.


  • Children may need some adult assistance to complete.
  • Dinosaur doesn’t have great balance and falls over when walking sometimes.

Your 10-year-old should be well-versed in detailed projects and instructions by now. With his skills and patience further developed, he’ll enjoy constructing this fragile and more complicated 3D T-Rex wooden model project. And if he’s into dinosaurs, even better! He’ll be even more thrilled to see his hard work come to life as it moves.

Flybar Velocity Pro Pogo Stick

Whether he’s practicing on his own, getting help from dad, or sharing it with his friends, any 10-year-old will love the challenge and excitement of trying this new form of movement.


  • Lightweight design makes it easy to transport and use.
  • Available in different sizes for different weights and ages.
  • Gives kids a unique way to get exercise and go outside.
  • Setting goals with the pogo stick leads to excitement in achievements and dedication to get better.


  • Pogo sticks are definitely a little difficult for beginners.

At this point, your child has figured out what sports he likes and has already practiced enough to get better. His physical strength is at the best it’s ever been. At this age, he’s also susceptible to be over-exposed to the TV and even video games. The Pro Pogo Stick gives him a new challenge to conquer and gets him moving.

Air Hogs RC Helix Stunt Quadcopter

This well-designed toy is awesome for kids who have grown out of their smaller remote-controlled vehicles and are looking upgrade their skills.


  • High quality product—very durable—from a trusted brand in remote-control vehicles.
  • Works best outdoors.
  • Comes with a charger for continuous fun.


  • Does not operate well on windy days.
  • Not recommended for indoor use.
  • May be difficult for beginners to control.

A major step up from remote-control cars, 10-year-old boys will love the new challenge of a remote-controlled vehicle that flies. The Air Hogs Stunt Quadcopter is an exciting toy that lets him have control of how high, how fast, and what tricks the copter does. It provides hours of fun, and your child will learn new tricks along the way while spending time outside.

Electronic Snap Circuits

With tons of diverse hobbies and skills, 10-year-old boys love to learn how things work.


  • Simply and easily explains and demonstrates real electric circuits.
  • Instructions are detailed and easy to follow.
  • Teaches useful skills to kids that will last a lifetime.
  • Comes with a free carrying bag.
  • Great gift for kids who love LEGOs and science.
  • Excellent bonding opportunity for kids and parents, grandparents, etc.


  • Only comes with one board, meaning each project has to be taken apart to do a new one.

The Electronic Snap Circuits kit lets your child build over 300 projects with electricity. This set teaches them how to build a radio, a doorbell, and burglar alarm, and much more. If your kid likes to figure things out and is always tinkering with objects or taking things apart, this set is an awesome option.

This unique gift will make your 10-year-old feel like a genius when he discovers he’s able to build circuits that give real results. Not only is he having fun, but he’s learning genuine skills that may help him later in life. This is also excellent for parents involved in the electrical industry who want to pass on some of their skills and knowledge.

Alex Toys Artist Studio Essential Drawing Set

The Alex Artist Studio Essential Drawing Set is a great gift to encourage further development of his artistic capabilities.


  • The set comes in a beautiful and practical wooden carrying case.
  • It comes complete with all traditional mediums, including sketch sticks, charcoal, and pencils.
  • The set includes sketch pads.
  • Comes with a total of 58 quality pieces.


  • Some types of pencils prove difficult to be sharpened.

You may have noticed by now that your growing boy is developing a strong interest in art and drawing. By this point, he may have even gotten pretty good from doodling in notebooks or on homework.

As a budding artist, your 10-year-old will fall in love with the professional-like tools and equipment this set provides. With so many options, this set will not go to waste if your young boy loves to draw. Broaden his artistic knowledge by letting him explore various medium and create new masterpieces. This toy gives him all the tools he needs to learn and explore different tools.

Big Letter Bananagrams

Bananagrams is a great way for your son, grandson, nephew, etc. to learn and have fun with his family and friends.


  • Larger, clearer letters make it easy for kids to hold, see, and read.
  • Promotes intensive thinking in spelling and words.
  • The game can be played with several players for maximum fun.
  • Larger letters are also good for grandparents so that they can enjoy quality time with their grandchildren.


  • May be difficult for those who have trouble with spelling and reading.

Get the whole family together with this gift. Growing boys will love that they’re able to keep up with older siblings and parents, and their knowledge of words, spelling, and reading will improve every time they play—especially if they get a little help from the older ones!

Now that your growing boy has developed his skills in reading and writing, his world is open to a wider variety of games and activities.

Best Toys for 10 Year Old Boys FAQ

While they are still figuring out life—what they like and don’t like—it’s very possible that you’ve noticed certain hobbies start to stand out from others in your 10-year-old boy. At this point, it’s important to recognize the things they love and the things they’re good at. It is possible that what they focus on now will continue further in their life, and possibly their career.

What Do 10 Year Old Boys Like?

10-year-old boys are very active and love to be doing things—as they should. They should really be active for at least 1 hour each day. They are also growing in curiosity, meaning they’ll probably be asking a lot of questions. Their creativity may also develop further, and they’ll start to aim that at their desired hobbies.

He also loves his friends. While he definitely still needs his parents, his friendships with classmates and teammates will be growing stronger and stronger. He will most likely experience peer pressure, and he might start to be okay with girls again.

Since his social skills are ever developing, you may start to see a decrease in activities like fantasy play and make-believe. At this point, his loyalties to his friends, teams, and clubs will become more important. He’ll be leaving make-believe behind for good and will focus on the real things in his life.

Unfortunately, being a 10-year-old means that puberty isn’t too far off. Your growing boy may already start to see signs of this through mood swings and sensitivity. He may not get along with you at all times, and he may be more conscious of what other people think of him.

What Types of Toys Are Developmentally Appropriate for 10 Year Old Boys?

At the age of 10, it is usually best to pay attention to his specific likes and needs than to look for general ones. As his personality develops, he may not like things that he used to. He may think his old toys are too babyish, and he’ll want to play with whatever his closest friends play with. He will also develop his own personal hobbies that he likes to do on his own. He may enjoy sports with his friends, but maybe when he’s alone in his room, he likes to work on his sketching skills.

Some good toy ideas for 10-year-olds include:

  • Outdoor Equipment
  • Sports
  • Electronics and Video Games
  • Card and Board Games
  • Hobby-Centered Kits and Activities
  • Books
  • Group and Social Games
  • Movies

While your boy will probably maintain a closer relationship with his guy friends, don’t be surprised if he seems more open to befriending girls. With puberty right around the corner, those friendships may soon develop further.

He is physically getting stronger every day and improving his skills in sports. Since his skills are getting better, he’ll likely become more competitive. It’s important to instill a sense of good sportsmanship at this age.

Key developmental milestones around this age are:

  • Physical development: He has good control of both gross and fine motor skills. He is more coordinated and has increased strength, endurance, and balance. He has better hand-eye coordination and can focus on heightening basic skills, like athletics. Sufficient amounts of physical and outdoor activity are important during this time to maintain healthy lifestyles and weights.
  • Speech development: With almost adult-level skills, your 10-year-old will be able to thoroughly communicate with you on an understanding level. He can comprehend your complex sentence and work through tougher words while forming his own intelligent responses and ideas.

Your child has been able to grasp more complex ideas for some time now, and now he’s starting to weed them out and master ones of his choice. Pay close attention to him to see what his specific needs and passions are.

What Toys Are Safe for 10 Year Old Boys?

In a world of peer pressure, there are bound to be dangers that come with raising a 10-year-old boy. He’s strong and capable of doing things on his own now, but it may be easy for him to become arrogant or to think he can do whatever his friends do, even if he’s never tried. It’s important to discuss these dangers with your child and make sure he knows he can say no whenever he feels unsafe or unprepared.

While your growing 10-year-old inevitably becomes more active, it’s important to make sure you’re buying the best quality and safest equipment and athletic items for him. Make sure all bikes are safety approved and that he’s wearing a helmet.

Check reviews on skateboards and stay in the know on all his sporting equipment. It might be cheaper to use hand-me-downs but be sure that they’re in working condition. You may want to buy your child a new bike, but make sure he’s getting the right size, weight, and style for his size and age. In the same way, sporting equipment should always fit properly.

A Final Word

As your little boy grows up and hits his double-digits, it can be tough to keep up. The best thing to do is communicate with him and pay attention. He’ll do a pretty good job of letting you know what he wants, and in the meantime, you’ll do a good job of getting him what he needs.

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