The Best Shopkins Toys (2022) – Top 8 Picks

Shopkins Toys Reviews

The Shopkins universe is an expansive line of toys that uses everyday objects as its inspiration.

These miniatures up the cuteness factor by taking everyday grocery, health and beauty, or household items and adding an adorable face and personality.

If you have a child under the age of 12 (and maybe even over that age), you’re probably familiar with Shopkins. Pursuing a Shopkins collection is all part of the fun, and kids can create whole worlds with these adorable miniatures.

Searching for the perfect Shopkins gift and don’t know where to start? Helping a child build a collection and need some new inspiration? Our list of best Shopkins toys is the perfect place to start. Plus, we’ll answer some questions about the Shopkins company and who these toys are best for. Let’s take a look.

The Best Shopkins Toys 2022 – Our Top Picks

Before we get into the company or FAQs, let’s get right to the good part. These Shopkins toys are fun, make great gifts, and offer something for every kid. Without further ado, here are the new Shopkins toys for 2022 that we’re most excited about.

Best Choice to Get Started – Shopkins Megapack Season 10


  • The chance for limited edition Shopkins
  • Includes 24 different collectible pieces
  • Best for kids looking to jumpstart a collection


  • No playset included
  • May not include limited edition pieces

Celebrate many years of Shopkins seasons with this mega pack featuring some of the newest Shopkins pieces available. Megapacks are great for kids just starting a collection or getting into a new season of Shopkins.

This pack features 12 Shopkins in 12 mini-packs (miniature versions of real, store packaging — collectible themselves!) plus the chance to score limited edition, rare Shopkins. The pack is fun to open and offers a variety of Shopkins types.

Best Petkins Character Playset – Shopkins Happy Places Happyville High School Set


  • Includes a playset
  • Every set comes with a limited edition doll
  • Works with expansion packs and other Shopkins characters


  • Bigger investment
  • No classic Shopkins characters

The Happyville High School playset includes both Shopkins characters and dolls in this fun, school-themed set. It includes “Petkins” characters, a variation of Shopkins in fun animal designs that use everyday household or classroom objects.

Your child gets a classroom, science lab, and cafeteria to play with plus an exclusive Rainbow Kate Cheerleader figure. The pieces are interchangeable with others from the Shopkins universe and work with expansion packs to build entire worlds.

Best for Younger Children – Shopkins Cutie Cars Drive Through Diner


  • The miniature playset is easy to store
  • Includes an exclusive Cutie Car
  • Has moving parts


  • Only comes with one character
  • Elevator platform comes off easily

The Cutie Cars collection is another aspect of the Shopkins universe focused on tiny, adorable car characters. These are more appropriate for younger children because they pose less of a choking hazard (still not toddler approved). The Drive-Through Diner set is a fun playset for Cutie Cars.

The playset comes with one exclusive Cutie Car and one mini Shopkins character. It features a spinning drive through, an elevator, and a sky deck. It may be more suitable for children who already have a collection of cutie cars, but it may also work with some other miniature car types.

Best All-Inclusive Playset – Shopkins Shoppies Shopville Supermall


  • Large enough for multiple children to play with
  • Includes a working elevator and smartphone holder for “movies”
  • Comes with four exclusive Shopkins to unpack


  • Will take up a lot of space
  • Doesn’t include any Shopkins Dolls

If a child has an extensive collection of Shopkins already, a big playset could be the best option. This one features multiple levels of scenes plus four exclusive Shopkins to unpack. It’s bright and fun and offers a big impact.

The Shopkins mall includes a working elevator plus three floors. Your child can play with scenes like a music store and cinema (with a smartphone holder for real movies), clothing shop and beauty parlor, and a large food court at the bottom. It’s one of the largest Shopkins playsets available and will take up a bit of space.

Best for Older Children – Shopkins Lil’ Secrets Locket – So Sweet Candy Shop


  • A chance for rare miniature Shopkins
  • Smallest playset available
  • Includes both a teeny doll and mini Shopkins figure


  • Tiny pieces get lost easily
  • Not every locket has an ultra-rare Shopkin.

Shopkins lockets push the boundaries of miniature toys by shrinking the playset down into a hand-sized playset. This option, the So Sweet Candy Shop, is a perfect example. It features a bright playset with one Teeny Shoppie doll and one mystery miniature Shopkin.

It has two secret hiding spots and the chance to collect an ultra-rare Shopkin in glitter, pearl, fluffy, or metallic finish. The lockets come with a map and secret code to unlock the locket and reveal the hidden world inside.

Best Small Space Playset – Shopkins Lil Secrets Multilevel Playset


  • Doesn’t take up much space but offers a full playset
  • Comes with a tiny doll and miniature Shopkin
  • Locks to help keep up with tiny toys


  • Locking mechanism won’t protect younger children
  • Ultra-small toys are easy to lose

The Shopkins tiny universe is an excellent way for older children to have full playsets with minimal storage space. This multilevel play space features teeny tiny Shopkins in an unfolding set. Scenes include a supermarket, fashion boutique, and an ice cream truck.

The kit locks up so you can keep track of all the tiny toys or prevent younger children from getting into the playset (the lock isn’t secure, so don’t rely on this exclusively for safety). The set is part of the collectible Lil’ Secrets universe and can connect to other collections.

Best for Storage – Shopkins Real Littles Cutie-O’s Mini Mega Mart


  • Full grocery store playset
  • Includes exclusive Shopkins
  • Both playset and storage capability


  • Only includes two Shopkins figures (plus two packaging containers)
  • Not very exciting without a collection of Shopkins

Some Shopkins playsets include storage for your child’s collection. The Real Littles sets take real-life products from grocery store shelves and make them into Shopkins characters. This playset includes space to store 60 characters, making it both fun and functional.

It comes with two exclusive mini-packs and two exclusive Shopkins. Play areas feature a checkout counter, frozen section, and pantry, plus other grocery store staples. They combine well with original Shopkins.

Best Themed Playset – Shopkins Plane Playset


  • Offers some storage capability
  • Comes with exclusive Shopkins
  • Doesn’t take up much space


  • No dolls included
  • Some pieces are difficult to operate (best for older children)

This Shopkins playset offers a bit of storage along with three exclusive Shopkins toys. It includes a simple interior with two suitcases and a trolley cart. It doesn’t come with a doll, but children with a big collection could enjoy changing out what Shopkins are traveling.

The set holds three Shoppies, includes an overhead storage compartment, and closes up completely to hold a few Shopkins toys. Children may need help opening and closing the suitcases.

The History of Shopkins

Shopkins began in 2014 when Moose Toys began exploring collectibles geared towards girls after the success of their Trash Pack collectibles. Each year, the company releases a new line of Shopkins, and over the years, the brand has expanded to include cars, household items, dolls, and a variety of playsets.

Original Shopkins are based on grocery related items, and each one has a distinct personality and name. They’re divided based on the degree of rarity – think common, special edition, or ultra-rare – with each pack offering surprise Shopkins. Children won’t know what’s in the package until they open each one.

This toy line was part of the style of toys that made “blind bags” so popular in the United States and around the world. Children can build their collections, trade duplicates, and mark off Shopkins acquired using the handy “shopping list” that comes in each package.

Shopkins are much too small for younger children, presenting a choking hazard, so the toys are geared to children between the ages of five and 15, although teens and adults of all ages have gotten into the action.

Are Shopkins Safe?

Shopkins are designed for older children and can be a choking hazard for children under the age of five. Be sure that you follow the manufacturer’s age restrictions closely so that you don’t risk endangering your younger children.

If you have an older child collecting Shopkins and a younger child in the mix, close supervision could be one option. Another is to invest in larger Shopkins styles, such as the Cutie Cars, until both children are old enough to play with the Shopkins sets.

Moose Toys claims that the plastic and paints used for the Shopkins universe are nontoxic, but many counterfeit products exist. Be sure you’re purchasing only authentic Shopkins or your risk toxic paint chips and plastics.

How Many Shopkins Are There?

Shopkins has released thousands of Shopkins throughout 12 seasons. These little collectibles have plenty to offer children as they move through the collection seasons, and each year, something new comes to the stage.

It can be challenging to collect all of the season’s offerings because of the blind bag nature of the packaging. However, if your child belongs to a community of children who are also collecting, trading duplicate items could be a way to complete a collection.

Final Thoughts

The popularity of Shopkins toys shows no signs of slowing down. As Shopkins enters into yet another season, there’s more to collect, explore, and trade. Older children will love the direction Shopkins has taken from fun collectibles to an expansive universe that includes cars, household objects, and even dolls.

All of our top picks are excellent for your child’s collection, and there’s even one for younger siblings who can’t get into the action just yet for safety reasons but don’t want to feel left out. Once you begin your collection, it’s tough to stop with so many options. They’re adorable, always fun, and always something new.

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