Top 50 Parenting Blogs Worth Following

Don’t worry, parents – you’re not alone! All mom and dads have occasionally felt lost, confused and downright overwhelmed. But no matter what parenting issues you face, help is out there.

Finding the right parenting blog is like making a new, trusted and wise friend. Parenting blogs can provide expert advice or simply brighten your day with a laugh. But with so many options online, how do you know what blogs are worth your time?

We’ve scoured the internet from top to bottom to find the 50 best parenting blogs for 2019. From the serious to the silly and everything in-between, you’re sure to find more than a few favorites on our ultimate list. Find a quiet spot away from the kids (if you can) and get ready to read:

We’ve organized our blog recommendations into the following categories:

  • Blogs written by individuals
  • Blogs written by organizations
  • Blogs which focus on a niche topic

Ready to find a great blog? Here are the top 50 blogs you’ll want to check and add to your RSS feed!

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Parenting Blogs Written by Individuals

These are the most popular type of blogs. People from around the world write personalized blogs. They typically focus on their parenting adventures.

Blogs written by an individual are often very relatable. Authors will chronicle their daily parenting ups and downs. These types of blogs are a good choice when parenting has you feeling alone and overwhelmed. Reading about other parents can help create a sense of community.

1. Mom on the Side

Affectionately known as “MOTS,” Mom on the Side is filled with practical advice, inspiring stories and lots of laughs. It’s created by Lisa, a mother of five-year-old twins, a 12-year-old son and 16-year-old daughter.

She frequently uses her own life as an example to discuss general parenting topics. For example, she has an entire section dedicated to twins. Popular articles there include 5 Things I Realized in 5 Years Raising Twins and What to do When One Twin Gets Invited to a Party.

Aside from parenting articles, her site also features recipes and entertainment recommendations. Recipes are organized by meal type. The entertainment section is interesting because Lisa writes the reviews herself, so they end up having a fun personal touch.

Overall, Moms of the Side is a hip and savvy blog with great pop culture awareness. Lisa is an entertaining writer who produces new content at a brisk pace. It’s also a great source for twin-related articles.

2. Janet Lansbury

Janet’s route to blogging is one-of-a-kind. As a teen, she found success early in life as a model and TV star. However, she eventually left the fast-paced Hollywood lifestyle for marriage and motherhood.

A complete parenting novice, Janet felt overwhelmed following the birth of her first child. She discovered the childcare philosophies of Magda Gerber. After learning more about this unique method of child care, Janet eventually became a certified instructor.

Today, she publishes about three blogs each month related to the Magda Gerber childcare method. It emphasizes respecting the child, listening to his or her needs and allowing them to make their own fun at times.

Janet writes each blog in a personal, friendly style. She augments her blogs with occasional videos and podcasts, too.

3. Dad and Buried

Parenting blogs are overwhelmingly geared toward moms. Dad and Buried is a great blog from a guy’s perspective. Funny and insightful, it’s great reading for dads – and moms.

Author Mike Julianelle is a forty-something Brooklyn dad who chronicles life with his two sons, The Hammer and Detective Munch (he gives them pseudonyms for the blog). And he’s not afraid to tell the bad with the good.

Top posts include “Ten Ways Having a Toddler is Like Being in Prison” and “10 Reasons Why I Hate My Son.” Although he’s very much a humor writer, his columns are also surprisingly heart-warming. It’s no surprise why his blog grows in popularity every year, expanding to guest columns for major publications and a podcast.

4. Joani’s Parenting Tip of the Day

Joani Geltman has been blogging since 2010. Although the site originally started with short, daily tips she now posts longer pieces at least once a week. Her articles focus on advice and stories for parents of young teens. She often draws on real-life examples using her own (unnamed) teen children.

Joani’s not afraid to shy away from controversy. She covers teen suicide, pornography and other serious issues which can be difficult for parents to approach. Articles focus on explaining the issues as completely and fairly as possible. Then she offers a variety of potential solutions and additional resources.

She’s the author of several books including A Survival Guide to Parenting Teens. Although her blog appears rather dated, and new pieces can appear on an uneven schedule, the content is always well-researched, informative and engaging. It’s a treat reading a blog where the expert is funny and personable.

5. Gentle and Attachment Parenting by Sarah Ockwell-Smith

Sarah Ockwell-Smith is a U.K.-based blogger known for her “Attachment” or “Gentle” Parenting techniques. It’s a parenting technique which focuses on the child’s feelings with minimal restrictions on behavior. Sarah writes her blog in the same style as her many books including Gentle Potty Training, Gentle Eating, Gentle Sleep and more.

Attachment Parenting (Sarah’s preferred term) is backed by established science. She holds an honors degree in Psychology along with a five-year career in Pharmaceutical Research and Development. Her expertise extends to pediatric first aid, perinatal psychology, birth trauma and more.

But her blogs are far from dry and academic. She writes in a friendly, easy-to-understand style. Plus, she’s relatable. Many of her blogs posts mention her three sons and daughter. She publishes one or two posts each month. Although her publishing schedule is sparse, each blog is long and detailed.

6. Advanced Psychology by Dr. Tali Shenfield

Dr. Shenfield holds a Ph.D. in Psychology and is the Clinical Director of Advanced Psychology Services in Ontario. Although most of her work involves meeting with patients personally, she does find the time to publish fairly detailed blogs posts about twice each month.

Blogs are written for a general audience. Dr. Shenfield explains complicated concepts clearly, helping parents understand behavioral problems from a psychological perspective. Most articles focus on school-age children and teens.

Dr. Shenfield is a great resource for a few different subjects which aren’t covered very well by other parenting blogs. You can find helpful information on:

  • Gifted children
  • Adopted children
  • Childhood anxiety and depression

The blog is a helpful starting point when trying to learn about issues related to feelings, social development and behavioral development.

7. Look What Mom Found… and Dad, Too!

Husband-and-wife team Melinda and Rob have created a fun, active blog which chronicles their adventures as parents. Part of their appeal is their lack of expertise. They describe their parenting wins, fails and everything in-between.

Blogs focus on crafts, recipes and other things kids and parents can make with their hands. They also provide impartial product reviews for toys, tools and other common household products. For example, they’ve reviewed handheld gaming devices, vacuums, leaf blowers and more.

The blog was created in 2008. Most of the content is written by Melinda, although Rob chimes in from time to time for a fatherly perspective. Both authors write in a fun, friendly style which treats the reader like a member of the family.

8. Mad Mommy

Does parenting ever drive you crazy? The Mad Mommy gets it. Her lighthearted, hilarious blog chronicles her life as a parent in Minnesota.

She offers posts on just about everything. Sections on the site include:

  • Parenting
  • Health
  • Travel
  • Getting Crafty

The Parenting section is updated every few days. The 2019 section is already packed with new posts with more on the way.

The Mad Mommy writes with heart and humor. Recent posts include How to do Keto as a Busy Mom and 5 Important Things to Look for in a Babysitter. It’s a great combination of useful info and laughs.

9. Mum’s the Boss

Mom’s the boss of every family. Written by Debbie O’Conner, Mum’s the Boss details her daily adventures as a mom of two. Debbie’s draws extensively on her life including her struggles in the past few years involving menopause, her husband’s redundancy and her experiences as a caretaker for her elderly parents.

Debbie began her blog in 2002 during her first pregnancy. The early days focused on the balance between working while raising a young child. However, after a few years, Debbie drifted away from regular blogging to care for her parents.

In 2018, Debbie returning to blogging. Her children now grown, Debbie focuses less on day-to-day parenting tips. Instead, she writes about health, happiness, and fulfillment. Recent posts include:

  • Finding the Path to True Happiness
  • 10 Benefits of a Whole Food Diet
  • Eight Tips for Getting Things Done

Debbie’s only recently returned to blogging, so there’s a limited supply of new articles. However, her original blog was great, and her recent offering is shaping up to be even better.

10. Redhead Mom

Formerly The Mommy Files, Redhead Mom features the musing of a, well, redhead mom. Shannon Gurnee and her husband Frank have four sons and two daughters. She jokes that her family is a real-life Brady Bunch!

The blog features a mix of material such as gift guides, recipes, health care ideas, travel info and more. More than focusing just on parenting, the blog posts cover family issues such as finding the right type of insurance and how to protect your family on the internet.

Product reviews are another major component of the Redhead Mom blog. Shannon is a National Brand Ambassador for numerous companies. You’ll find reviews and deals for products and services related to parenting, health, travel, fashion, tech and more.

11. Your Modern Family

Your Modern Family covers families as they are, not necessarily how we want them to be. It’s a look at the sometimes messy and often chaotic realities many parents experience each day. Written by Becky Mansfield, the blog draws on her own experiences raising her three sons and one daughter.

The blog covers parenting, marriage, health, travel and more. Money-saving tips are featured prominently throughout the blog. Becky is also the author of You Can be a Stay-at-Home Mom on One Income. She also offers a free 30-Day Money Saving Challenge.

The blog is a great option for when you want to read the honest opinions of a mom who is likely leading a similar life to many other parents. She’s honest, engaging and relatable.

12. Alpha Mom

Here’s a little secret about motherhood: Being a mom doesn’t always come naturally. Many women struggle to connect with not only their newborn but also with other moms. Author Isabel Kallman has created a site where new moms can meet and share stories.

Alpha Mom is a funny, wry look at motherhood’s imperfections. It covers pregnancy, parenting, family fun and more. All-time popular posts include:

  • Are My Children Jerks?
  • Should I Forgive (or Just Forget) My Terrible In-Laws?
  • Elf on the Shelf: Holiday Games or Holiday Lies?

Alpha Moms is a great blog if you’re looking to join a group of smart, funny moms. They’re supportive and non-judgmental. It’s not just a blog; it’s a community.

13. Forever Green Mom

Creator Kim Croisant took an unusual route to blogging. In 2010, tragedy struck her family. She was left caring for Brody, her youngest grandchild. Kim and her husband went from an empty nest to raising a nine-year-old.

But Kim and her new family turned tragedy into triumph by sharing her story. Her first blog was created so extended family can stay updated. However, the blog quickly grew in popularity. Kim blogged for years under the name Mommie.

As Brody grew, the focus of the blog shifted away from child care towards healthy family eating. In 2016, she rebranded her blog Forever Green Mom. Today the focus is on organic foods, vitamins, supplements, and other healthy family eating.

She posts both guides and recipes. Popular guides include Top 4 Tips to Boost Your Immune System and How to Clean Your Home After Your Kids Were Sick. Recipes include Cast Iron Cooking, Gluten-Free Dishes and more. She posts a variety of content weekly. Plus, readers comment frequently.

14. Beth Woolsey

This blog started as Five Kids is a Lot of Kids, a blog about large families. Creator Beth Woolsey detailed the incredible story of how she and her husband adopted a child from Vietnam, adopted two more from Guatemala and then were surprised with biological twins.

As the children grew, the focus shifted away from their daily adventures. Instead, Beth writes about a wider range of topics including:

  • Adoption
  • Faith
  • Depression
  • Food

The main draw here is Beth’s hilarious and honest take on life. She posts new content every few days, still writing every piece herself. The site has grown over the years but still retains the personal charms of its early days.

15. Moments a Day

Parenting can feel overwhelming. Moments a Day offers a calming step away from the daily stresses with a focus on the larger picture. Site founder Chelsea Lee Smith combines her real-life parenting struggles with a strong academic background in Counseling and Communications. The result is a blog which is both entertaining and fun but also well-researched and informative.

Chelsea Lee Smith is an American living in Australia. She holds a bachelor’s in Communications and Women’s Studies along with a Diploma of Counseling. She’s also a certified Full-Circle Learning educator.

Her blog focuses on finding and using teachable moments to help foster empathy in growing kids. She describes techniques to help children de-stress and focus. Additionally, her blog features a variety of activities, journals and other ways to interact.

16. Extremely Good Parenting with Kara Carrero

Extremely Good Parenting has the resources of a large site but with the relatable, funny voice of a blog written by an individual. The author, Kara Carrero, brings a wonderfully wry tone to common parenting pitfalls. As she says, some days the best parenting you can do is simply putting dinner on the table.

Parenting is hard, and this blog is all about celebrating the small victories. Her blog offers funny but well-researched info on pregnancy, toddlers, teens, and more. She also includes a variety of healthy and easy-to-make recipes.

Kara’s a former high school teacher who worked closely with teens and pre-teens. She blogs from Boston where she’s a stay-at-home mom to two daughters and a son, all teens or pre-teens.

She shares stories about her naïve over-confidence during her first pregnancy, and how parenting has been a roller coaster of good and bad. She’s not afraid to talk about subjects other bloggers avoid, like how playing with her kids can feel boring.

Always honest and fun, Extremely Good Parenting has a surprising depth of research behind the laughs.

17. GlobeTrotting Mama

Explore the world with the Davis family! Globetrotting mama Heather Greenwood Davis chronicles her adventures as she travels the world with her husband and two pre-teen sons. So far, they’ve been to six continents, 29 countries, and counting.

Heather left behind a journalism career for a new life as a travel writer. Aside from writing for her blog, she’s also a Contributing Editor for National Geographic Traveler magazine and an advisor for the Family Travel Association.

New content varies as the family doesn’t travel all the time. The blog can slow down when they’re at home. But once they hit the road, the blog is a lively account of their travels. It’s also packed with pictures. Check it out if you’re interested in traveling with your family or simply want to enjoy the adventures from home.

Parenting Blogs Featuring Food

Because you can’t feed your kids grilled cheese sandwiches for every meal. Blogs are a great resource for recipes, nutrition info, and other food-related topics. Get ideas for quick, easy and healthy meals.

Pictures have extra importance in a foodie blog. A few shots of the finished food are fine, but what you really want is detailed pictures of each step in the recipe. Here are a few parenting blogs with a fun food focus:

18. Jenn’s Blah Blog

Jenn’s Blah Blog is all about food – and lots of it. You’ll find detailed recipes for desserts, meals, and other tasty treats.

It’s a feast for the eyes, too. Blogger Jenn is an accomplished photographer. Each step of every recipe features large, clear pictures. You’ll be able to follow along with ease.

Other articles on the site cover various parenting topics. They’re part of a larger network of mom bloggers. However, nothing on the network particularly stands out. You’ll find better quality elsewhere on our list. The recipes are the real prize here.

Aside from being an accomplished cook and photographer, Jenn is a mother of four living with her husband in New Mexico.

19. Lunchbox Dad

Oklahoma City dad Beau is here to make lunchtime fun. Each week he posts something related to lunches for kids. He’ll share recipes, nutrition tips, funny pictures and more.

His ideas are simple and clever. For example, he’ll show you how to turn bread, cheese, and carrots into a LEGO movie character. Each recipe includes clear photographs.

Beau has a full-time job beyond blogging. Making lunches quickly is important to him, as it is to most working parents. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend extra time to make healthy, cool-looking lunches your kids will love.

20. Picklebums

Meet the Picklebums. They’re a family of six living on ten acres of farmland in rural Australia. Site creator and mom Kate has been blogging about her family’s adventures since 2005. She’s been blogging longer than most on our list and has tons of reading material available with no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Kate and her husband have four kids including young twins. While she mentions her family fairly often, they’re actually not a major focus of the blog. Instead, the site is all about fun activities and healthy recipes for the reader to enjoy.

The site shines with creative ideas for arts and crafts. She explains how to make and play with puppets, podcasts, painting and more. Kate’s games favor old-fashioned paper and imagination over screens and technology.

As expected from a family living on a farm, the Picklebums excel at healthy cooking. Kate posts a variety of recipes for quick and easy family meals. She posts about one recipe a month, but a large archive is also available.

Parenting Blogs Written by Organizations

Many parenting and health organizations publish blogs. While not as personal as a blog written by an individual, blogs written by an organization typically focus on providing accurate, up-to-date information.

Most of these blogs are written for a non-expert audience. They avoid jargon and other technical terms. However, you can also find a smaller section of parenting blogs written for an academic audience. An excess of academic language can sometimes be hard to wade through at times, but they’re still worth a look if they relate to specific topics which interest you.

21. Child Care Aware of America

Child Care Aware of America is a national organization dedicated to improving the lives of children in the U.S. They advocate for research, accessibility, and affordability as related to children. CCAA works with over 400 state and local agencies.

They also maintain a robust and active blog section on their site. New blogs post about every two days. They cover a wide variety of topics related to national and state education news. They don’t have much about child care, but it is an up-to-date look at the larger world of child development organizations.

22. Today’s Parent Blog

Take some tips from our friends up North. Today’s Parent is a blog created by Canada’s national parenting magazine. It covers a wide range of parenting-related topics including health, education and the latest products.

Today’s Parent is a bit trendier than most other parenting blogs. Their posts reflect pop culture and current events. For example, topics recently covered include:

  • The New 2019 Barbie Fashionistas are More Diverse than Ever
  • Meghan Markle’s Nursery Will Be Bougie Enough for a Royal Baby
  • 26 Celebrities Who are Helping Normalize Breastfeeding

Today’s Parent will appeal to younger parents who are interested in trends, celebrities, and pop culture. However, the articles are also packed with useful info. New posts appear several times a day.

23. The Science of Parenting

Created by the University of Iowa, the Science of Parenting blog covers the latest research in parenting techniques, childhood development, and similar trends. But this isn’t a dry, academic journal. It’s written for today’s busy parents. Posts are informative, engaging and fun.

Their motto is “current research + a dose of reality = parenting success.” The blog is divided into four main sections:

  • Everyday Parenting
  • Parenting in Challenging Moments
  • Parenting Trends Blog
  • Parenting Research

A team of three Human Sciences Specialists publishes a new post at least once a week. Aside from blog posts, the site also hosts longer parenting guides. Plus, because of its connection to the University of Iowa, the information in the blogs is trustworthy and accurate.

24. The New York Times Well Family Blog

The New York Times has a robust blog section dedicated to parenting and family life. They divide their blog into two separate sections:

  • Ties which focuses on dating and relationship tips for parents
  • The Checkup which focuses on childhood health and medical issues

New blogs are posted every few days. As you’d expect from the New York Times, the quality of the articles is high. They’re well-written, informative and focus on current trends. Popular articles include The Value of Childhood Crushes and How to Help Teens Weather Their Emotional Storms.

The section has a huge archive of articles including multiple links to news stories. However, the New York Times does place a monthly article limit for non-subscribers. You might want to only click on stories which interest you.

25. Aha! Parenting

Aha! Parenting is a fairly large site with an active blog section. It focuses on practical, easy-to-implement solutions for a variety of common parenting problems. Their goal is creating “A-ha” moments where parents gain sudden flashes of problem-solving insight.

At the heart of the site is founder Dr. Laura Markham. She’s a parenting expert with frequent appearances in The Wall Street Journal, Real Simple, Men’s Health and more. Her weekly email reaches over 130,000 parents.

Dr. Markham doesn’t write the blog posts herself, but she does review them. The quality of the posts is very high. They cover conflict resolution, child development and much more.

Plus, this is one of the most active blogs on our list. New posts are published every few days. Each post is engaging and packed with info.

26. Fatherly

Dads blog, too! Fatherly is a massive site dedicated to all that dads do. They have a large staff of writers creating a wealth of content each day. The topics covered include finances, relationships, culture and more.

Father’s goal is two-fold. They offer information for fathers raising sons, either with someone or alone. The site also publishes a variety of material to help navigate fatherhood, from making sound financial decisions for your family to household repair how-to and more.

You don’t have to be a dad to enjoy this blog. Although it’s certainly father-centric, moms and others will also like the informative, engaging content.

27. Scary Mommy

Scary Mommy has grown from an online baby book to an internet powerhouse. It was created in 2008 by Jill Smokler. The focus was small. She only planned to chronicle life as a young stay-at-home mom.

However, the site quickly grew in popularity. Jill’s winning combination of humor, common sense and openness proved to be a hit among readers. She wasn’t afraid to write about “taboo” topics such as parenting insecurities and fails.

Scary Mommy has undergone some big changes recently. In 2015, media company Some Spider bought Scary Mommy. They increased the writing staff and expanded the site. Unfortunately, Jill left Scary Mommy in 2018.

But the site is still going strong. It features sections on Pregnancy, Kids, News, Beauty and more. There’s also a Confessional section where readers can anonymously post their fears and secrets. Although the site went from a personal blog to a much larger entity, the strong sense of community among the readers remains.

28. Daily Mom

Daily Mom is a large, professionally-produced parenting magazine. New content is published every day. Posts are written for women and men. While most are about parenting, there’s also a nice selection of articles about relationships, family, travel, health and more.

Daily Mom is more like an online magazine than a traditional blog. They use a team of writers to create a large volume of new content daily. It doesn’t have the home-spun feel of smaller blogs, but it’s still a fun, enjoyable read.

Plus, the site has tons of high-quality photos. It’s great if you like looking at the latest fashions and home furnishings. Daily Mom is also worth a look if you like Pinterest’s format.

29. Toddler Approved

Looking to get crafty? Toddler Approved is a massive crafting resource for parents. The site features a variety of crafting projects suitable for kids of practically any age. Four categories of projects are available:

  • Babies (birth to 14 months)
  • Toddlers (14 months to three years)
  • Preschoolers (three to five years)
  • Kindergarteners (five and up)

All activities include modifications for older kids. Projects require adult supervision. Aside from craft projects, the site also has guides for collecting and storing crafting supplies. They also offer workshops for families in San Francisco’s Bay Area.

Site founder Kristina is a retired National Board-Certified teacher and curriculum specialist. She’s also the mom to an eight-year-old, six-year-old, four-year-old and 11-month-old. All craft projects are the site aren’t just educational, real kids have also approved them!

30. The Good Man Project

Raising boys today is tough. The Good Man Project helps provide direction. This blog and site focus on increasing empathy and decreasing toxic masculinity. It’s a great resource for fathers raising kids or any parents raising boys.

Tom Matlack founded the project in 2009. What started as a series of web videos has grown into a social movement. Over three million people visit the site each month. New content is published constantly, and a wealth of existing material is also available to read and view.

Practically no topic is off-limits. Categories include Sex and Relationships, Dads and Families, Gender, Ethics and more. Much of the content is suitable for pre-teens and teens to read on their own. Adults will also find plenty of content about parenting featuring expert, well-researched advice.

31. MomStart

Listed by Axis PR as one of the top 50 mommy bloggers of 2010, MomStart has grown immensely over the years without losing its personal charms. Louise Bishop founded the site. She’s a mom of two living in the Seattle area.

Along with her team, Louise posts new content several times a day. She focuses on a lot of kid-friendly products like movies and fun gifts for around the house. MomStart also has a lot of contests. Readers can win tasty treats and other free goodies.

While there’s not a ton of longer advice pieces here, MomStart is a fun, easy read which helps you stay up-to-date on the latest cool toys and parenting gear.

32. Kids in the House

This site is huge! It boasts the largest parenting video library in the world. You’ll find over 8,000 professionally-produced videos. They feature pediatricians, educators, parents and even a few celebrities.

Over a dozen staff writers create and publish new blog posts daily. Practically every topic related to child care is covered including travel, food, health and more. Articles are informative and engaging.

Kids in the House is a great site if you’re looking for a ton of content. However, the sheer size of the place does create an impersonal feel at times. It’s definitely a different type of site compared to blogs written by a single individual.

33. Mommy Poppins

The blog’s theme is a bit confusing. Named after famous British nanny Mary Poppins, the Mommy Poppins blog is all about U.S. cities. But despite the odd name choice, the blog itself is packed with info on events in every major American city. No matter where in the U.S. you’re traveling, Mommy Poppins can help you find fun activities your kids are sure to enjoy.

Versatile search options let you quickly and easily find the fun. You can search by children’s age, geographic region, type of event and more. Plus, the site creates travel guides and other resources.

It’s a great resource for parents planning a trip within the U.S. Create a road trip your kids are sure to love. New content including up-to-date info on state-specific events is published daily.

34. Bundoo

Ever wish you could have a doctor on-call whenever you needed? While that’s usually not possible, Bundoo attempts to be the next-best option. This large, comprehensive site features information from pediatricians and other childcare experts.

All content is thoroughly researched. But you don’t need a medical degree to read it. The blogs are written in plain, jargon-free English with clear instructions. Examples of recent posts include:

  • Do Infant Walkers Help Babies Learn to Walk (and Are They Safe?)
  • Best Swaddles for Your Baby
  • Maternity Clothes Every Mom Can Love

Aside from informational content, the blog also features product reviews from their partner Baby List. New content is published about once a week.

35. Newborns Planet

Newborns Planet is created by moms, for moms. Every writer on the team is a parent herself. The site is filled with advice, product reviews, and other parenting tips.

The big draw is the site’s impartiality. Their reviews are designed to inform the reader, not persuade him or her to make a purchase. If a product doesn’t deliver on its promises, Newborns Planet isn’t afraid to say so.

The site is geared towards young, first-time mothers. For example, they review diapers, pacifiers, and other common baby needs. Not only do the reviews recommend the best products but they also educate the reader about the basics.

36. Families Go!

Just because you have kids doesn’t mean your traveling days are over. Families Go is packed with info on how to travel with babies, toddlers, younger kids, and teens. Topics covered include:

  • Proper packing when traveling with kids
  • Kid-friendly vacation spots
  • How to find lodging and accommodations
  • How to keep kids happy and entertained during long trips

Eileen Gunn founded the site. Originally, topics focused on the travel adventures of Eileen, her husband, Rich, and their kids. They chronicled their vacation experiences with blogs, photos, and videos.

Over the years, the focus of the blog has changed slightly. A dedicated team of writers allows the site to cover a wider range of locations. Every article about a destination is written by someone who has personally been there.

Posts cover specific places such as Disney World and Belize as well as general topics such as famous hotels and winter vacation ideas. New content is available every few days.

37. Gay Parents to Be

Comprehensive only begins to describe this site. It’s a large network of blogs and articles by medical, legal and community activists on practically every issue related to gay parenting.

Blogs are long and informative. Recent popular posts include:

  • 7 Myths of LGBTQ Parenting
  • Path to LGBTQ Fatherhood
  • Hot Fun in the Summertime

It’s a nice mix of useful information with some more carefree posts thrown in for fun. Blogs are detailed and informative but aren’t published too often. New ones appear about every two weeks. However, the site also has a variety of other resources and reading material beyond its blog page.

It’s a great starting point for practically any issue related to gay parenting.

38. Rookie Moms

Don’t want a ton of reading material? Rookie Moms is all about bold, colorful photos. Check out the latest baby gear including clothes, strollers and more.

They also have short, fact-filled articles covering general parenting topics such as pregnancy and early child care. New material is published daily.

Rookie Moms is all about #MOMLIFE. While we’re not sure if they invented this hashtag, it’s used throughout their site and marketing efforts.

Niche Topic Parenting Blogs

Most parenting blogs focus on general topics, but you can also a wide selection of smaller blogs dedicated to narrow topics. For example, you can find blogs about raising deaf children, adopted children and countless other unique situations. You can find a blog for practically any parenting situation no matter how seemingly obscure.

39. Mom and Dad are Fighting

Parenting isn’t always easy. Mom and Dad are Fighting is an honest look at the numerous hardships parents face when raising kids. Topics focus on the entire family unit and the impact each relationship has on a child.

Popular posts include:

  • The Division of Labor in Raising Kids Sucks. Does Divorce Make It Better?
  • My Kids are Picky Eaters. Should I Be Ashamed?
  • Why are Teenage Boys So Obsessed with the Friend Zone?
  • My Daughter is Starting to Notice My Mom’s Abusive Behavior

Gabriel Roth, Rebecca Lavoie, and Carvell Wallace create most of the blogs. Each brings an informed perspective based on their real experience raising kids. Along with the blogs, the site also features a variety of lively podcasts.

Although the subjects are serious, both blogs and podcasts approach the material in a fun, friendly way. New material is published about once a month, but there are years of existing material available for new audiences.

40. ADDitude

Experts estimate that roughly five percent of children are affected by ADHD. While the condition certainly causes challenges, help, and resources are available. ADDitude is a large site which features blog posts, essays, and diaries about managing ADHA.

The intended audience is two-fold. First, the blogs are written for parents with children who have ADHA. But an equally large section has been created for adults with ADHD who have children of their own. It’s a robust resource for the unique challenges faced by parents with ADHD.

The blog page is nicknamed the No Judgement Zone. Authors and readers ask questions, voice frustrations and otherwise express their views. Readers contribute all blog posts. The post quality can vary significantly by the author, but the posts cover an impressive range of topics.

41. Bloom: Parenting for Kids with Disabilities

Raising children with disabilities certainly presents unique challenges. Since 2009, Bloom has published info to help parents of disabled kids. Articles feature the latest research, tips for daily care and more. Aside from how to care for kids, the blog also focuses on the struggles faced by parents.

Bloom’s diverse collection of authors includes experts, advocates, parents, and even kids. The blog connects to the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital. Parenting experts review the info for accuracy before publication.

New posts appear a few times each week. Aside from blogs, the site also provides access to many disability-related resources.

42. Multilingual Parenting

Children can begin learning a second language as early as the age of one. Whether you’re a bilingual household or hope to teach your child a second language, Multilingual Parenting is a great resource.

The site and blog section focus on the challenges associated with raising bilingual children. All-time popular posts on the site include:

  • 12 Things Parents Raising Bilingual Children Need to Know
  • 4 Reasons Why Your Bilingual Child Answers in the “Wrong” Language
  • 5 Habits for Parents Raising Bilingual Children

A team of seven experts with backgrounds in child development, multiculturalism, language skills, and other related skills writes all the content. Recent blog posts are sparse, but hundreds of existing blogs and videos are still available.

43. Free Range Kids

Allowing kids to run around outside unsupervised is not without controversy. This blog tackles the issue directly. Site creator Lenore promotes and defends the free-range child lifestyle.

In 2008, Lenore and her husband allowed their nine-year-old son to ride the subway by himself. It was a short trip which had been carefully planned in advance. After successfully navigating the New York subway system alone, her son was filled with pride and confidence. Lenore wrote about the adventure in a short blog post.

The post quickly took off. Within two days of posting the blog, Lenore faced a gigantic backlash and was dubbed “America’s Worst Mom.” She appeared on the Today Show, NPR, MSNBC and Fox News.

Today, her blog focuses on a wide range of free-range issues. She covers safety issues, laws, childhood development and more. She publishes new content almost every day, although some of these posts are short news stories.

44. Pregnant Chicken

Pregnancy isn’t easy. Pregnant Chicken keeps it very real with brutally honest, and brutally hilarious, info every pregnant couple will want to know. The blog was created in 2004 by Amy Morrison.

Amy is a former creative director at an advertising agency. She created Pregnant Chicken while pregnant for the first time. Today, she lives in Toronto with her husband, their two sons and two cats.

Her posts cover just about everything related to pregnancy. Popular blogs include:

  • Best Pregnancy and Baby Products for 2019
  • 60 Cool Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy
  • Baby Shower Games That Don’t Suck

As the site grew in popularity, Amy hired a few other writers. It actually works out pretty well. The extra writers allow for increased post frequency. But the staff is still small enough, so the articles maintain the tone readers love. Pregnancy Chicken is funny, unapologetic and not afraid to tell it like it is.

45. The Artful Parent

Art and creativity play a vital role in healthy childhood development. But if you’re not artistic yourself, finding crafts for your kids can be difficult. The Artful Parent is here to help. Creator Jean Van’t Hul has packed her blog with kid-friendly arts and crafts.

The site is divided into three main sections:

Arts and Crafts Activities features over 500 things to do with paint, pencils, crayons, clay and more. Both beginner lessons for younger kids and more complex tasks for older kids are available.

Creative Gift Ideas for Kids helps you find the perfect gift for a young artist. Jean personally reviews a wide range of toys, games, and supplies. Aside from art supplies, reviews also cover music gear.

The Kids Art Spot is a second site which connects to The Artful Parent. It’s an on-going series of video art lessons taught by Jean. You do need to create an account to view the videos.

The Artful Parent has a wealth of existing content, with new blog content posted about once a week (although videos and additional content are also posted frequently). Plus, the site has a separate section for parents. You can learn fun and effective ways to introduce art to your child’s life.

46. KellyMom

KellyMom is one of the internet’s top resources for breastfeeding and lactation information. Site creator Kelly Bonyata isn’t just a mother of three. She’s also an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant.

Articles don’t have publication dates, but new ones appear about once a week. The vast majority of posts relate to breastfeeding in some way. Recent articles include “Breastfeeding and Marijuana” and “Importance of Responsive Feeding.”

The site also has sections devoted to Pregnancy, Health, Nutrition, and other topics. While all posts are informative and well-written, the main appeal of the site is the content related to breastfeeding.

47. Enjoying the Small Things

Kelle Hampton created her blog in 2007. At first, it was a lighthearted blog which focused on her daily life as a new mom. But in 2010 Kelle’s life changed dramatically with the arrival of her second daughter Nella, who had a surprise diagnosis of Down syndrome.

Kelle’s blog abruptly changed its focus. You can find a wealth of resources and articles related to raising a child with special needs. Her posts detail her struggles and successes as she learned to navigate a completely new world. However, her blog is also much more.

Kelle never forgets the importance of having fun. Check out for Woman Crush Wednesdays for empowered inspiration. She also posts a variety of easy-to-make original recipes.

She’s a strong and entertaining writer Aside from the blog, Kelle also wrote Bloom, a New York Times bestselling memoir about raising Nella.

48. Denver Parent

With a wider appeal than you may think, Denver Parent creates a lot of high-quality content related to all aspects of parenting. They have articles on health, fitness, childhood development and more which will appeal to parents no matter where they live.

Of course, you’ll get the most from this blog if you live in the Denver area. Local events, including outdoor activities, are featured throughout the site.

If you don’t live in the Denver area, check your local city for similar resources. Most local government will post a schedule of free events. Not only are local events fun, but they also help kids develop a sense of community.

49. Caffeine and Fairy Dust by Maz

As the name suggests, this blog covers both the stress and magic of parenting. Mother of two Maz has been writing about kids for years – and now there’s a third on the way. She’s a great resource for up-to-date pregnancy info because she’ll be pregnant until the middle of 2019.

The family lives in Cape Town, South Africa. But the blog is relatable to parents around the world. Maz isn’t afraid to admit her fears and failures. She writes in an honest, engaging style packed with wry humor.

Aside from pregnancy and parenting, Maz is also a fashionista. She reviews makeup, beauty products, and clothing. All reviews consider price, durability and other parenting concerns. Her reviews seem honest and impartial, likely because she’s not a paid sponsor of any brand.

50. Have Baby, Will Travel

Traveling with a baby doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Have Baby, Will Travel has everything you need to know about taking your baby on a plane, road trip or other travel adventure. It’s a completely one-stop resource dedicated to:

  • Hassle-free and efficient packing
  • How to fly with a baby
  • Selecting the right gear
  • Where to go

They also dedicate entire sections to Disney World/Land and cruises. Articles are packed with detail and updated frequently. The level of detail covered is impressive.

Founder Corinne McDermott started her blog for herself. She wanted to take a family vacation before her material leave ended. But when searching online, she found a lack of valuable resources. So, she decided to create her own.

Have Baby, Will Travel launched in 2007, making it one of the oldest blogs on our list. It’s the best resource for baby travel information by far.

More About Parenting Blogs

Types of Parenting Blogs

The sheer number of parenting blogs available online is both a minus and a plus. With so many options, finding blogs you’re interested in can be a challenge. But, with a bit of work, you can zero on a blog which you’ll find entertaining, informative and suitable for your parenting needs. No matter what aspect of parenting you want to read about, a relevant blog is out there somewhere.

Before searching, start by figuring out your wants. Are you looking for general interest topics or something more specific? Many blogs cover a wide range of topics will others focus on more narrow subject matter.

Also, what type of writing do you enjoy? Blogs can be highly personal where the author details their parenting adventures. Typically, blogs written by a single person will be humorous and relatable, although the author might not have any academic credentials related to parenting.

Another type of blog emphasizes in-depth research. These blogs are often connected to an organization such as a health center or university. Sites of this type will typically use multiple authors. While a writing staff typically increases posting frequency, large blogs do tend to lose their personal feel.

Can I Trust the Information Found on Parenting Blogs?

We have lots of faith in the authors of the blogs listed above. But never blindly trust anything you read online. Always check with relevant experts such as your child’s doctor. Also, check with your doctor before using any homeopathic cures.

Be wary of any parenting advice which seems extreme or out-of-the-ordinary. Experimenting

with different parenting techniques and styles is usually fine. But avoid any strategies which emphasize punishment or seem unusually harsh.

A great parenting blogger will admit when they don’t know something or have messed up in some way. You can learn a lot from the mistakes of others! Some of the most informative blogs also feature the funniest parenting fails.

Do I Have to Comment on a Blog I’ve Read?

You certainly don’t have to. If you want to read a blog and move onto the next, that’s great. Never feel as if you have to leave a comment or create an account to access a site.

However, if you do like a blog, consider sending a short, supportive message. Blogging, like parenting, can be lonely. A small note of encouragement can go a long way.

Plus, many blogs have a thriving community in the comments section. By posting regularly, you can make friends with parents who have similar interests and concerns.

However, you should always practice proper internet safety. Never give out your real name or identifying information to someone you’ve only met online.

Are Parenting Blogs Free?

Almost all parenting blogs are free. Be wary about any blog which requires a subscription or access fee. Most of the information can probably be found elsewhere online.

The only exception to this is for certain types of academic articles. Fortunately, most parents don’t need access to this specialized info.

Feel free to donate to blogs you enjoy. While larger blogs from organization typically have financial banking, most blogs written by individuals don’t make a dime. A small donation helps the blogger pay for expenses and continue writing more blogs.

Can I Start My Own Blog?

Absolutely! If you’re interested in creating your own parenting blog, first you’ll want to check out what’s out there. The blogs listed above each do many things right. All successful blogs have a few key elements:

  • Regular updates
  • Accurate information
  • Engaging, entertaining writing

Plus, all successful bloggers are completely honest, even when the truth isn’t very flattering. You don’t have to be a childcare expert or professional comedian to write a blog. You just have to be yourself. Other parents are likely to relate.

How Often Should a Blog be Updated?

There’s no hard and fast rule. If the blog provides information, frequent updates aren’t always needed as long as the earlier material is accurate and available.

If the blog follows the author’s family, frequent updates are usually much more fun. Of course, you don’t need to know what’s going on in the blogger’s family at all times. But blogs which don’t update regularly are often forgotten about quickly.

Final Thoughts

All of the blogs on our list are active, entertaining and sure to delight. Parenting can certainly feel lonely at times, but blogs allow moms and dads to reach out and connect. No matter what parenting issues you’re struggling with – and we all struggle now and again – blogs can help you find information and peace of mind.

Brett Gordon

Brett is the brains behind The Toy Report. Having clocked tons of time in toys research and online resource development, today, he’s dedicated to making The Toy Report a trusted space in the world of toy reviews and recommendations.