The Best Baby Doll Accessories to Buy in 2019

Best Baby Doll AccessoriesYour child already has a baby doll, but they’ve probably already communicated to you that they need more. Without the right baby doll accessories, you’ll have to make another investment into a brand new doll soon enough.

In this article, we’ll walk you through a bunch of the best baby doll accessories so that you can make smaller purchases to prevent the need for another big one. With luck, your child will love the accessories on this list, and you’ll give them a gift that they can enjoy for a long time.

Our #1 Choice
You & Me 69928 30 Piece Baby Doll Care Accessories in Bag
Our #2 Choice
Toysmith My Sweet Baby Magic Baby Bottles
Our #3 Choice
Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Doll Feeding and Changing Accessories Set...
You & Me 69928 30 Piece Baby Doll Care Accessories in Bag
Toysmith My Sweet Baby Magic Baby Bottles
Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Doll Feeding and Changing Accessories Set...
Our #1 Choice
You & Me 69928 30 Piece Baby Doll Care Accessories in Bag
You & Me 69928 30 Piece Baby Doll Care Accessories in Bag
Our #2 Choice
Toysmith My Sweet Baby Magic Baby Bottles
Toysmith My Sweet Baby Magic Baby Bottles
Our #3 Choice
Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Doll Feeding and Changing Accessories Set...
Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Doll Feeding and Changing Accessories Set...

Circle number 1 Top Pick

30 Piece Baby Doll Care Accessories in Bag

The 30 Piece Baby Doll Care Accessories in Bag is a great accessory kit to purchase specifically because it has so many different options for your child to play with.


  • Contains apparel
  • Contains lotion bottles & mirror
  • Also includes carrying pouch


  • Many of the items are similar
  • Expensive

This baby doll accessory kit is a great choice for the first purchase alongside your child’s baby doll. Though many of the accessories in the kit are very similar – you’ll find about six different lotion bottles – your child will be sure to enjoy the sheer variety of accessories in the kit.

In the kit, there is a mirror, bottles, clothes, combs, a bib, and more. All of the items in the kit are colored in pleasant pink or purple hues which make them perfect for your little girl.

Should your child enjoy playing games with food, the kit also has a small meal set. Your child can practice feeding the baby doll with a fork and spoon, but if they want a knife, they’ll need to look elsewhere.

Circle number2

Toysmith My Sweet Baby Magic Baby Bottles

The Toysmith My Sweet Baby Magic Baby Bottles are essential accessories for your child’s baby doll. With the help of these bottles, your child can pretend to feed their baby doll in colorful style.


  • Multiple bottles
  • Vibrant colors
  • Easy to open the packaging


  • Can’t disburse liquids
  • Caps may be choking hazard

These bottles may not be magic, but they’re great additions to your child’s baby doll accessory collection. Your child will love the bright yellow and pink color of the bottles, and they’ll also enjoy the lifelike feel of the material.

Importantly, your child shouldn’t be using these bottles themselves. Though the bottles are likely safe and nontoxic, the caps may be a choking hazard for children under a certain age. The other drawback to these bottles is that they’re tough to use to play creatively.

Circle number3

Melissa & Doug Doll Feeding and Changing Accessories

A great set of accessories for your child’s baby doll. With these accessories, your child can enjoy the real responsibilities of parenting in a safe setting.


  • Changing station accessories
  • Feeding accessories
  • Multiple potential uses for certain toys


  • Made from flimsy plastic

These changing station and feeding accessories are great for your child’s baby doll because they help them learn about the challenges of parenting. Your children can change their baby doll, feed it baby food, and clean up afterward – all while having fun.

The only real drawback to this accessory kit is that the individual components are somewhat low quality. Because there are so many of them, your child probably won’t wear out any individual toy, but you may find that the paint chips or scratches easily.

It’s important to prevent your child from trying to use any of the items in this accessory kit to feed or change themselves. The toys aren’t food safe even if they won’t cause injury.

Likewise, while the bib and diaper from the kit are made from real fabric, you definitely shouldn’t be using them with any real children because they’re not intended for that purpose.

Circle number4

XADP Baby Doll Carrier Backpack Doll Accessories With Storage

Yet another accessory kit which your child will love because of its convenient carrying container and the treasure trove of accessories. Unlike other baby doll accessories, you may need to make sure that this kit is compatible with the doll your child has before purchasing it.


  • Cute carrying case
  • Several different accessory options
  • Lightweight
  • Easy on your child’s back


  • May not be compatible with all baby dolls
  • May not be that useful in backpack format

Your child loves to take their toys everywhere, so why not get them an accessory which helps them to truck their baby doll around? Thanks to this accessory kit’s convenient backpack container, you can let your child carry their doll along with a few core accessories no matter where they go.

In fact, your child could even this this accessory kit’s backpack to carry around things which aren’t toys. Though the loops on the outside make it optimized for use with a baby doll, you could easily place other things into them.

While the backpack’s color and size make it easy to transport, just remember to keep track of the things inside if your child takes them out to play while on the move so that you won’t lose them.

Not all baby dolls or accessories will fit into the carrying pack, however. You should do a quick measurement of your child’s baby doll to make sure that its dimensions will fit cleanly into the pack or else the entire functionality of the carrier won’t be useful.

Circle number5

Set of 12 Handmade Baby Doll Clothes Dress Outfits

This set is the perfect gift for a child who loves to dress up their baby doll in all manner of different outfits. While you’ll need to verify that the clothes will fit your child’s baby doll before purchasing, most baby dolls won’t have an issue with a bulky or tight fit.


  • Many colorful clothing options
  • Clothing for all occasions
  • Clothing is durable


  • May not fit all baby dolls

Why purchase accessories for your child’s doll piecemeal when you could purchase 12 different sets of clothing all at once? The clothes in this pack range from casual wear to bathing suits an even an umbrella.

Each of the pieces of clothing is vibrant and easy to put onto a baby doll. While there isn’t much potential for creative play with these clothes, your child will appreciate the chance to make their baby doll dressed to the nines no matter where it goes.

Luckily, with this set of clothes, you don’t have to worry about any choking hazards or potentially harmful chemical byproducts. In fact, the little umbrella is even waterproof, though your child will find it hard to shelter themselves or their baby doll from much rain thanks to its small size.

Remember that your child shouldn’t be the one wearing this clothing. While it’s perfectly safe, the fabrics are a bit scratchy, and they aren’t designed for use with real children.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I expect these baby doll accessories to last?
Most of the baby doll accessories should last your child at least a year of continuous play. Depending on how enthusiastic your child is about the toy, you may get more or less mileage.

What age are these products recommended for?

Between 7 and 12 years of age. You should probably refrain from giving these accessories to children under age 7 because they may pose choking hazards. Likewise, older children are unlikely to find these accessories compelling enough to warrant a purchase.

How do I tell if I’m getting a good price for these toys?

Check multiple sellers and see if the prices are similar to each other. If the prices of one seller are much higher than those of the others, you shouldn’t buy from them.

Are these products safe for my child?

Toys sold in the US are subject to certain standards, but the only way to be sure is to check on consumer protection websites to see if there have been any reports of issues for each toy. If there aren’t any reports regarding the individual accessories you’re thinking of purchasing, there are other steps to take.

Most of these accessories are created with plastic. Because they’re made from plastic, the toys have a chance of containing damaging chemicals like BPA. BPA makes plastics more flexible, but it’s also harmful to children.

You should figure out if the accessories that your child is playing with contain BPA. If you find a toy which contains BPA, you should replace it with a BPA-free alternative.

How do I know if my child will like these accessories?

Ask them what they want and see if you can find a product similar to what they request. If you’d like to have the gift be a surprise, read the reviews posted by other parents.

Often, the best proof comes from your child’s friends. If your child’s friends have a certain accessory, the chances are good that your child will want to have it too. Make sure that you’re crafty when it comes to disguising how you knew that your child wanted the accessory.

Will these accessories be compatible with the specific baby doll which my child has?

Probably, but the only way to know for sure is to read what other parents have said. Most of the baby doll accessories are roughly the same size, and few require to be directly compatible for your child to play with them anyway.

What should I be looking for when I purchase a baby doll accessory for my child?

You should be looking for build quality and the potential for creative play. Not all accessories are created equal; many are poorly constructed and will crumble when your child starts to play with them. Likewise, not all accessories are as easy to creatively play with as others.

Your child will enjoy an accessory which she can use with her other toys more than an accessory which is only possible to play with in conjunction with her baby doll.

Creative play is essential because it helps your child to build their brain starting early. Creativity is essential for problem solving, and play is one the ways that children start to explore their identity as a thinker and as a human being.

How do I make sure my child is playing with these accessories correctly?

Make sure that your child is playing with the accessories safely, and they’re playing with them correctly. There’s no single “correct” way to play with these accessories. If you think your child would enjoy playing with them a bit more if they did something different, you may want to suggest it.

Once again, if your child finds a unique way to play with an accessory that you don’t think is within the spirit of the toy, you should congratulate your child’s creativity.

Be on the lookout for evidence of behavioral issues that may express themselves through your child’s play, however. Children may play in stereotyped ways or show an undue amount of organizational behavior when playing, which should tip you off to autism spectrum disorders or potentially obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Wrapping It Up

Now that you know everything there is to know about the best baby doll accessories, it’s time to think about what your child likes the most so that you can find them the perfect accessory or accessory package.

Any accessories you purchase will add a huge amount to the lifetime play value of a baby doll. You’ll be providing your child with a new source of joy and creative play. You’ll also be protecting your wallet against having to buy new toys in the future sooner than you’d have to otherwise.

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